The Monmal (Dillon, Mont.) 1906-1918, March 01, 1912, Image 14

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14 THE MONMAL carriage. The driver looks after them). Driver: Oi’ll git a foine wad out o’ this! ACT III, SCENE I. (In Bradford’s house. A maid appears at the door). Maid: There’s a gentleman to see Mrs. Carmody. Lucia : To see me ! Maid: He says he has come on business. Lucia: This is most mystifying, Stay here with me, Cecily. Let’s see what he wants. (Enter a strange, prosperous looking man). Lucia: Good afternoon. You wished to see me? Man: You are Mrs. Carmody. (Extends a package of familar looking papers). Luciia (sharply): What are you doing with those folders? Man (regarding the folders thoughfully): Oh—these? Why, I found these here somewhere, and—they interested me, so I picked them up. Are they yours? Lucia: Yes. Give them to me, please. Man* You arrived on the Rubic this morning, didn’t you? I suppose you brought these back with you—just this way? Lucia: Yes— Why? What do you mean. M an: Those folders are full of lace. Lucia: Oh—are they? Well—what of it? How do you know they are? Man: I have examined them. I ’m a deputy United States marshal. I received information that one Lucy Carmody has smuggled eight packages of lace into the United States. I found, the laces, and now it is my duty to confiscate them and place you under arrest. Lucia: You’re not—going to—arrest me! Man quietly: Yes. It will be necessary for you to go with me at once to the commissioner. Cecily, hopefully: Then there is a chance— Man: Hardly. These folders are pretty definite. Lucia: But I didn’t smuggle them! That is—I didn’t mean— I didn’t mean to sell them or anything like that, you know! Oh, what shall I do! M an: You should have thought of that before.

The Monmal (Dillon, Mont.), 01 March 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.