The Prospector (Helena, Mont.) 1916-2015, April 07, 2004, Image 7

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advice: two for the price of one ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE Eamon Hansen and Katie Stiel challenge any question you might have. Real cheap By Katie Stiel and Eamon Hansen Intern Reporters Dear Eamon and Katie, I was recently told that it is a sin if you mix the colors black and brown! why is that? will lightening really strike me if I wear a brown suit with black shoes? -Fashionably Confused Katie’s advice Mixing black and brown is like mixing water and oil. You just can’t do it. Well, you COULD but, everyone will laugh at you and then you will get an 89 on your speech when you should have got­ ten an A. Eamon’s advice I hate to inform you, lightning will strike you if you happen to stumble out of your house/dorm room wearing this hideous combo. From what I understand about weather patterns, lightning gravi­ tates towards anything or anyone unfortunate enough too attempt to pull off the unruly combination. Dear Eamon and Katie, My question is short and sweet. Why do nice guys finish last? —Questioning Being a Nice Guy Eamon’s advice The reason nice guys finish last is because they respect women enough to not always be hitting on them or making moves constantly. If you are merely concerned with the amount of play you’re getting I would suggest that maybe the nice guy route isn’t for you, but if you are hoping to get and maintain a good relationship, keep the nice guy routine going. It’ll pay off in the end. The girls around you will start to realize that they’re tired of being played and they’ll start to see the “big picture.” Good luck and remember, nice guys may lose some battles, but they’ll always win the war. Katie’s advice This question seems to be com­ ing up more and more in light of the “Average Joe” phenomenon. I don’t understand it either. I don’t think nice guys always finish last. Like Eamon said, when all things are said and done nice guys do come out on top. And if a woman can’t see you as the wonderful guy that you are, why are you wasting your time? You know, there are nice girls out there who could be thinking the same thing as you. I like nice guys, they're fun. haha. Remember, if you need any advice, email us at eamonand- katie @ yahoo, com Cheers, Eamon and Katie A thank you note to the SODEXHO By Jessica Saunders Staff Reporter Ah, the power of cheese, and the power of the people. Those of you who, like me, cried in protest at the removal of cheddar as an option in the sandwich line, understand exactly what I mean. But, thanks to Sodexho management listening to the requests of students, changes such as bringing back cheddar are more frequent than ever. Responding to the needs and wants of us college students has been a priority for Sodexho management. “We are here for students,” stated Sodexho’s general man­ ager Mark Harrison, who has been at Carroll just over a year. While the “Rot” is by no means a four-star dining estab­ lishment, it has improved greatly within the past year. Besides the cheese, other changes include more fresh fruits and vegetables in the salad bar, and new food items for vegetarians. Furthermore, thanks to student responses on a recent survey, the taco bar was brought back as a permanent offering. Some student requests, of course, have not been (and will not be) granted, like a beer spout on the pop dispenser. For those with more practi­ cal suggestions or comments, Harrison welcomes your thoughts. He suggested numerous ways that we can voice our opinions. There are comment cards, surveys twice a year and, of course, we can talk to Harrison or any member of his staff. As a student there have been times I have questioned whether or not my opinion was heard, but in this case it is not only heard, but is also wanted. So no more whining, the dining hall staff is eager for your feedback. While I struggle with certain aspects with Sodexho, like the long length of the sandwich line, I do appreciate everything Harrison and his staff are doing to improve the quality of food and service that we stu­ dents pay for. COLUMN “We are here for the students.” ROTC: contin­ ued from page 6 They also do not have to leave for war during their education. Synness said that he has received many important skills through the ROTC program. He enjoys having training during school because it changes the scenery of dull classrooms. It is important to serve our country, but it is also important to receive a college education. For those students that are try­ ing to better themselves and serve their country, why are groups like the Army National Guard pulling them away? Why shouldn’t they have the best of both worlds? Students that want to serve their country and need help on their education should join ROTC. --------- HELENA STAMP W ORKS ---- ----- & -E N G R A V IN G , LLC Manufacturen o f Rubber Stamps • Notary, Corporation & Professional Engineer Seah Custom Engraving • Lapel Badges * Name Plates * Office Signage Corporate Award & Recognition Plaques STEVE LANG Owner/Manager — — MAKING GREAT IMPRESSIONS SINCE 1905 .................... 637 Helena Avenue • P.O. Box 1250 • Helena, Montana 59624 Phone: (406) 442-7171 • Cell: (406) 439-7171 Helena Area Fax: 442-71 99 * Toll Free Fax: 1-800-733-7117 * WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 2004 NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATE RODEO ASSOCIATION Don’t miss the Helena College Rodeo! April 30-May 1 At the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds VOLUME 87, NO. 6

The Prospector (Helena, Mont.), 07 April 2004, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.