The Prospector (Helena, Mont.) 1916-2015, September 29, 2004, Image 3

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C o lu m n s CO -------------- 1- T h e E a m o n a n d K a t i e S h o w : t w o f o r t h e p r i c e o f o n e Hey boys and girls, back by popular demand, since it was such a HUGE success last year we decided to start up our advice col­ umn, again. For all those of you who are new, or the ones who just don’t remember, we are Eamon Hanson and Katie Stiel, the talent­ ed, too-wise-for-our-own-good duo. Unlike our arch nemesis Dear Abby, we make an attempt to give you all solid advice with a sarcas­ tically witty bite. Now, this is where you come in, we are in a relationship, and after all, relation­ ships are a two way street. We can-’t give you advice if you don’t email us at In fact, we will be forced to make up questions like we did last year. And. let’s be serious, they were pretty lame questions. That there was Katie’s way of churching up how bad this column was last year. In actuality, we did­ n’t receive any emails, except for the ones we sent ourselves and a few sent by one friend that has entirely too much time on his hands. So for the sake of our col­ umn, please email, it’ll be good, I promise. As a side note, we are not doing this column because we think we know everything, even though we do, we are doing this so we can receive credits for the Comm. Department, not a bad deal. So there’s the deal. Just email us, anytime, any questions, Katie and I’ll be there. So there is no confusion, email us at eamonand- Once again, that email address is eamonand- Cheers, Eamon and Katie Personalize Your Dorm Room By Linsey Lindgren From Guad to Trinity, the dorm rooms are boring little white cubi­ cles. Add some character! The dorms are a home away from home without parents saying what colors, pictures, or posters, so have some fun! First off is basic room design. Don’t leave the arrangement the standard way, move the bed, move the dresser, move the desk. Putting things at angles takes up more space, but if there is room give it a try. Make the room as accessible and functional as possible for each individual need. The door is the first impression. LINSEY LINDGREN, JUNIOR, NEW “HOW TO” COLUMNIST PHOTO BY KATIE STIEL Sure, everyone has little white message boards, but what about covering the door with fabric from a craft store? Or putting “Got Milk” ads, or magazine covers all over the door? Somehow make the door an insight to what lies ahead in the room. Walls are a big display and organizational area. Posters and pictures only go so far. Guys, add in jerseys or old sports gear. Ladies, hang those old prom dress­ es or sports memorabilia up on the walls. Also, mirrors make rooms look bigger, so get creative with mirrors. Make a conversation/entertain- ment area and add a chair or couch for guests to sit. This could also be where the fridge, food storage, and TV are located. If the room allows for more furniture add it. These items, and more can be found at a local Goodwill or mission for cheap! Also think about rugs to cover the simple floor. Themed rooms are also a good way to personalize. The party room could have bottle caps all over the walls and ceiling, liquor stores have old displays that could be used. A retro room could have a disco ball, strobe lights, from the ceiling, plus a shag rug and bright colors. A sports room could have hockey goals, kid’s equipment, or a boxer’s repetition bag. Any kind of sports equipment would work. The possibilities are endless, all it takes is a little imagination! Windows are also an area not to be ignored. On a really sunny day, (possibly next spring) put a car dash protector reflector in the win­ dow of the dorm. Guaranteed to get some response! In addition add some flare to the window, go find a bunch of hanging window Garfields and stick those all over. While doing all this, keep in mind that this is the sleep center, gathering center, and study center. Make all these center around one personality (or more if there are roommates) and it will be one sweet room! Apology To all Carroll College adminis­ tration, faculty, staff, and students, During the weekend of August 20th, fliers promoting an event at Bullwhackers nightclub were dis- tributed on the Carroll campus. Unfortunately, those fliers con­ tained profane and offensive lan­ guage. I, as manager, approved the even and the marketing of the event by a third party. However, under no circumstances did I, nor would I have ever approved of such language. Ultimately, the responsibility of nightclub’s mar­ keting and image rests with me; therefore, on behalf of the entire organization and myself I offer my deepest apology. As a native Helenan, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Carroll and all that Carroll represents. I am profoundly sorry for having offended anyone who may have read or heard about the fliers. Sincerely, Bruce Bruck Manager, Bullwhackers WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 VOLUME 88, NO. 1

The Prospector (Helena, Mont.), 29 Sept. 2004, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.