The Prospector (Helena, Mont.) 1916-2015, February 09, 2005, Image 11

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Flu reaches Carroll Campus by Anton Brennick Sta ff Writer The flu is making its presence known around the halls and class­ rooms here at Carroll College. “But, Carroll students are in luck due to the fact that the health service on campus still has ample vaccines remaining,” said Laura Pickens, the office manager for the Carroll College health service. Recent research gathered from laboratories worldwide indicates that for the past 20 years, February has marked the peak of the flu sea­ son. The flu is a very contagious respiratory illness caused by virus­ es. “There have been three con­ firmed cases of the flu here on campus,” said Pickens. “Also, faculty, staff, and stu­ dents should be aware that there has been one confirmed case of meningitis here on campus, which is also very contagious,” said Pickens. The symptoms associated with meningitis are very similar to that of the flu. For more information regarding both the flu and meningitis contact the Carroll College health service. The number to call for an appoint­ ment is 447-5441. The fee of the flu vaccination for students is $15. For further information concern­ ing the flu go to For more information regarding meningitis visit According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the single best way to pro­ tect against the flu is to get vacci­ nated. Additionally, preventative meas­ ures and precautionary steps are some of the best ways to circum­ vent the onslaught of the flu and meningitis. Some of these measures and steps include, but aren’t limited to: washing your hands frequently, resting seven to eight hours a night, exercising daily, and eating healthy fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain Vitamin C. Speaker offers new outlook on M.L.K. Sodexho is trying to make some changes by Dalisha Phillips Staff Writer Carroll College’s sociology club joined in the celebration of Martin Luther King Day by hosting a variety of activities for the Carroll community to attend including inviting Rev. Anthony Odozi, of Nigeria, to speak about the Martin Luther King Americans don’t know. Odozi’s lecture “Don’t Give Me a Sanitized Dr. King: How Would He Challenge Us Today?” offered an uncommon outlook on the Dr. King the media fails to portray and how King would address some of today’s issues. When questioned on how he thinks King would feel about the war in Iraq, Odozi said that King would be opposed to the war and if he were alive today would prob­ ably be planning one of his largest protests. The message Odozi was attempting to relay is that the Americans have a “white-washed” perception of King’s message regarding America’s foreign policy and his view on the Vietnam War. Odozi concludes that most Americans know of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech given at the Lincoln Memorial, but few know that King was planning and organizing as diligently as ever during the three years before he was assassinated, confronting the actions of the government’s partic­ ipation in Vietnam. A spirited speaker Odozi also made the point that King’s mes­ sage shouldn’t only be upheld on January 17, but that we should believe and follow King all year round. Odozi, who was born and raised in Nigeria, completed his degree in theology and studied at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Today he is the associate pastor in St. Brigid Parish, San Diego. 0 0 I\ m i s I i I i 1 I ! ! i i i i i I I i Carroll Night at Naked Words February 17 Miller’s Crossing 52 South Park Avenue 0 by Denise Kile Staff Writer Sodexho at the Carroll College cafeteria is trying to put together a student dining service committee. Manager, Mark Harrison, wel­ comes all students to participate and join him Thursday, February 17. Harrison is putting together this service committee to address comments and receive more in- depth opinion about the service in the cafeteria. Due to comment cards being too graphic, replies were are not able to be posted on the boards. Topic questions will be; what is Sodexho doing right and should continue to do, what is Sodexho doing wrong and how do the students suggest fixing it, and what would the students like to have that Sodexho is not currently providing? The student dining service com­ mittee had difficulties getting off the ground in 2004. One student did attend but unfortunately, after a few meetings stopped showing up. If no students attend Harrison will contact Luke Fortune, director of campus life, and if possible recruit people to be permanent members of the committee. This option will not be approached unless the attendance is lacking again this year. Check the boards for more information, call, or email Mark Harrison, manager, if there are any questions about the student dining service committee. Come Voice Your Opinion! Student Dining Service Committee Meeting Thursday, Feb. 17 For more information call or e-mail Mark Harrison WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY -£,-2-GQ5 ------------------------------- --------- VOLUME 88, NO. 4

The Prospector (Helena, Mont.), 09 Feb. 2005, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.