The Prospector (Helena, Mont.) 1916-2015, March 01, 2006, Image 6

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+ The Prospector SEEING STARS FINE WITH DR. KELLY CLINE i ttiuft 4 t u i *1 & jr <« n . m ~ J *p f $ > * * I i » r w * ? ;y s i i flf-fil *'■'* '■* •>- fSI m ;! u U14»3 _ , m Hfc rÀ fÄ J J i. É I Í “I l ^ 4 i m m ■ * Above: Dr. Kelly Cline above (IR Photo). by lony ¡ones staff writer If you don't know Dr. Kelly Cline, at first glance you m ight th in k he is ju s t another s tudent here a t Carroll. B u t his young looks a re very deceiving to his intelligence. Dr. Cline is m o st infam o u s know n for his astrono­ m y lectures on the Carroll cam ­ pus. Three tim es e a ch semester, Dr. Cline baffles and am azes the ^H elena com m u n ity w ith his knowledge of A stronom y and the universe. Dr. Cline did his undergradu­ ate w o rk at E a s tern Oregon U n iversity (1994-1998) where he m ajored in Physics and M a them a tics. H e th e n attended graduate school at the U n iversity of Colorado at Boulder (1998- 2003) where he earned a Ph.D . from the D e p a r tm e n t of A strophysical and P lan e tary Sciences. His field of research involved r u n n ing s u p e rcom p u ter sim u lations to t r y and under­ stand how sunspots and other m a g n e tic phenom e n a are gener­ ated deep inside th e Sun. - So we c a n see how intelligent Dr. Cline is. So intelligent t h a t his lectures have been broadcast­ ed on the H e lena com m u n ity TV channel. W h e n asked if being on TV while lecturing, D r Cline said, \N o t at all. I love talking about astronom y ! There are so m a n y exciting new discoveries being m ade these days t h a t I am ju s t happy for the o p p o r tu n ity to share things w ith the H e lena com m u n ity.\ Dr. Cline has given over 15 astronom y lectures in the last three years. The first t h a t t h a t popped into m y head after discovering the credentials t h a t Dr. Cline has attain e d in the last 10 years, is \W h y isn't he working som e­ where he can m ake a lot more m o ney?\ \I discovered in graduate school t h a t really love teaching. U n d e rstanding m a them a tics and the sciences is so im p o r tan t these days, and I have a lot of fun teaching these subjects,\ said Cline. \W h e n I s tarted looking for a job after graduate school, Carroll College was a perfect fit, a sm all college where I could really get to know m y s tudents, in a small city in M o n tana: It is exactly w h a t I was looking for, and I am very glad t h a t I'm here!\ A n d as a college, we a re glad he is here too! D r Kline added, \B ight now, we are in the m iddle of the greatest golden age of scientific discovery t h a t the hum a n race has ever k n o w n . More discover­ ies are being m ade at a faster rate t h a n any tim e before. These scientific discoveries not only give us am a z ing new technolo­ gies, b u t th e y contribute to our view of who we a re and w h a t our place is in the universe. Science is far too im p o r tan t to be left to scientists: Everyone needs to know about current develop­ m e n ts, and so I am thrilled t h a t I can help spread the news about the latest discoveries in astrono­ my.” Dr. Cline has posted the fol­ lowing dates for upcom ing lec­ tures: * \Q u a sars and Superm assive B lack Holes\ Thursday, M arch 16, 2006, 7pm * \Exploring the Moons of Jupiter\ Thursday, April (date to be determ ined) , 2 0 0 6 , 7p.m. For more information contact the Carroll College Public Relations office. WHY CAN’T CARROll ID BE USED AROUND HELENA? by mcgan gergen intern writer If you visit another school you m a y notice som e thing th e y have t h a t we here at Carroll don't. They can use their ID cards at tons of locations around their tow n . So, why can't we? As of this sem e ster Carroll students can use their ID cards to receive discounts or special prices around tow n . So, I ask, whv did it take so long? For e x a m p le, M o n tana Tech s tu ­ dents can use th e ir s tudent ID s at 52 places around Butte! T h a t's 52 c o m p a red to our eight? W h a t's w rong w ith this picture? Tech s tudents can use their ID s at such places as their local bowling alley, r e s tau ran ts, and even retail stores! As Carroll s tudents we c a n show our ID s at the Staggering Ox, Papa J o h n s , the Brewhouse, and tlie Sugar Salon. We're also able to receive special priced tickets and passes at the G reat Divide, G randstreet T h e a tre, the M v rna Lov, and Bill R o b e rts Golf. G reat Divide lift tickets are $10 for Carroll s tudents when they're norm a lly $20 for a n all day weekend pass. We're also able to receive $4 tickets for the M y rna Loy Center, w h ich r u n at $12 for adults. Now, the M y rna Loy has offered this discount to students for a while, b u t how m a n y people actually knew t h a t? I'll say this: Carroll is p u ttin g in effort to give Carroll s tudents discounts around H e lena, b u t if other schools c a n give their s tu ­ dents 52 locations and we have eight? I w a n t to know w h a t the problem is. W h y is it so hard for us to use our ID cards? 42 5 . Park Ave. phone: 1 9 5 -1212 Free Medical/Dental School Plus $1279.00 a month! The Army’s Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) provides: 100% Tuition, Books and Fees $1279 Stipend Pay Commission as an Army Officer For m o re information about Army M edical Departm ent opportunities please call: SFC M ichael S. Lehman U.S. Arm y Health Care Team Office: (509) 484-6471 Cell: (877) 722-2316 Toll Free Em a il: michael.lehman@ W ednesday , M arch 1, 2006 VOLUME 89, NO. 5

The Prospector (Helena, Mont.), 01 March 2006, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.