The Prospector (Helena, Mont.) 1916-2015, November 09, 2006, Image 6

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Page 6 Cline motivates math students priofile by lisa potter Although many have mis­ taken him for a college student on campus Dr. Kelly Cline, Mathe­ matics professor at Carroll College, has far more experience than that. Dr. Cline grew up in Hom­ er, Alaska, a town whose popula­ tion is roughly 10,000 people. It is located on the coast of Alaska, and is known as the “halibut fishing capital of the state”. It was in Homer that Cline began his passion for mathematics. Dr. Cline said, “Math allows us to predict how we behave. It is just amazing.” According to Dr. Cline, his interest in math began when his “fifth grade teacher did a really fun section on geometry.” Before he was able to make mathematics his profession, Dr. Cline grew up mowing lawns and also spent time doing weather read­ ings for the Forestry Service. Dr. Cline went on to re­ ceive his undergraduate degrees at the University of Eastern Oregon, located in LaGrande, OR, in both math and physics. Dr. Cline believes that math “allows us to understand so much of our universe.” With that enthusiasm set, he proceeded to get his PhD at the University of Colorado in astro­ physics. He became a professor at Carroll four years ago, straight out of graduate school. Even though Dr. Cline enjoys being a professor and shar­ ing his knowledge with students, his number one priority is being a father to his daughter, Alma Fiona, who turns one this November. His strategy for balancing “Cline” continued on page 14 Students in fear of last fall break column bv molly priddv We all know about the ru­ mor mill that runs here at Carroll High... I mean, Carroll College. I have heard it all; from break ups to break downs, news travels fast here on the hill. I have another rumor to throw out to you. I have heard some rustlings around campus that they (and we all know who “they” are) are thinking about getting rid of fall break. What could possibly be their rationale behind this insan­ ity, you may ask? One of the rumors behind the rumor is that by removing fall break, the fall semester would start later than August 21. It seemed like a reasonable idea to me. I know I have been rushed to get to Car- roll because we start school weeks before everyone else. Another reason given for axing the break is the diminish­ ing freshmen retention rate after those glorious ten days of freedom. Apparently some of these first- Some decisions feel too overwhelming to make alone. What to do in the event of an unplanned pregnancy is one of them. Understanding all your alternatives, makes you really free to choose. B ir th r igh t of Helena, Inc. 443 ' 06 ^ ^ 800 - 550-4900 Birthright of Helena is here to help, we offer free pregnancy testing, confidential assistance, and most importantly, someone to talk to. Please call us at 443*0662, or visit us at 543 N. Last Chance Gulch in the Livery Square Building, Suite 206. Birthright, a non-profit organization is always in need of volunteers and donations of maternity and baby clothes. year students go AWOL when the leash is loosened a bit. I feel that just because some freshmen enjoy home cooking more than the Rot and decide to end their Carroll career because of it is no reason to throw the rest of us off. Yes, I understand that those students probably don’t leave because of cuisine choices. But perhaps fall break is just what they need to decide whether or not Car- roll College is a proper fit for them. I have been asking random “Fall break” continued on page 14 DIAMOND 0.25 CT. SI 0 CLARITY V I G COLOR THEIR PRICE $585-00 Z l (#4343) O urs $175-0° ■ 0 . 7 0 % c t . P rin c e s s c u t w /F ree 14 k . G old M ountings THEIR PRICE $ 3 2 0 0 - 0 0 (# 5088 ) O urs $ 9 9 5 00 1.01 CT. SI 0 CLARITY . NICELY CUT APPRAISED A T $7,230-00 (#5019) O urs $2,888-00 2 . 0 5 CT. - H COLOR I d e a l c u t gf APPRAISED A T $33,000-0° (#5ioi) O urs $16,350-00 CALL FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT 449-GOLD(4653) I tems subject to prior sale . A ll diamonds are certified . O ffer good until 10/31/06 D i a m o n d I I W h o l e s a l e \ ■ ¡ ■ H i Thursday, November 9 ,2 0 0 6 Votame 9 0 , No

The Prospector (Helena, Mont.), 09 Nov. 2006, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.