The Prospector (Helena, Mont.) 1916-2015, November 02, 2007, Image 4

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Page 4 What kind of trouble did Carroll students get into last month? Have you ever wondered what really goes on at Carroll? Nothing boring or stale, just the nitty-gritty, down and dirty details o f campus life. Wonder no more because now you can be in the loop! Listed below are all o f the incidents reported at Carroll. The funny, the shocking, even the, what the heck?! So enjoy; but remember: this could be you! 10/01 Alcohol Incident in Guad -9:20pm 10/03 Fire Alarm went off in Borro- 2:06am 10/04 Student taken to Hospital from Guad Hall-7:50pm 10/06 Alcohol Incident in Trinity Hall- 12:04 am 10/06 Alcohol Incident in Trinity Hall- 12:45 am 10/07 Student Illness response in Trinity hall-12:55am 10/09 Car reported to have been broken into, St. Charles lot 10/09 Car reported to have been broken into, St. Charles lot 10/10 Broken car window reported, Trinity lot 10/11 Students trespassing on PE Center roof 10/11 Student taken to hospital from Guad-8:50pm 10/14 Vandalism reported, Old North 10/18 Female student peeing outside of St. Charles hall, disruptive behavior - 1:25 am 10/17 Equipment missing from the music lab 10/19 Alcohol Incident in Guad-10:55pm 10/21 American Flag reported missing from campus flag pole Battle for Homecoming King Critical 11 Months Before Election appearing on the tops of those not too distant moun­ tains, and candidates are getting an early start on next year’s election. That’s right folks, only 11 more months until you get to decide who going to be the next Homecoming King and Queen. Shocked? Exas­ perated? Curious as to what spurred public interest this early in the season? You need not worry, for this sort of thing seems to happen every election year; the general popula­ tion has had enough of the current leader and can’t wait to see who his replacement will be. It’s a process called “testing the waters.” Before the actual election process (the high school caucuses, the televised debates, the bed-racing), candidates throw their names out into the mainstream media to alert potential voters that they are in fact running for King or Queen. During this process, the candidates will make appearances at high schools all around the Western United States, try­ ing to get their names out to the potential Carroll fresh­ man. One thing that stands out about this election is the variety of candidates gird­ ing themselves for office. Some of the heavy hitting candidates for Homecoming King include such names as Ross VanBrunt, the decorated hunting veteran; Taylor Lyon (a.k.a. Tex), the relatively unknown candi­ date until this year; and Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts.Other lesser known candidates in­ clude George Lund, the former Homecoming Prince turned stage actor (A Funny Thing Hap­ pened on the Way to the Forum), who only recently announced his bid for the spot of Homecoming King. The general feeling around campus is that the current adminis­ tration has led us down a slippery slope, and that Homecoming King Kevin Jam needs to be replaced. “Well, I’ve had a good run as King,” said Jam in a one-on-one interview. “I guess there’s nothing I can do but yield to the Democratic process. Eleven months from now, I’ll have to graciously step aside for the incoming King and relin­ quish the power I’ve grown so ac­ customed to wielding. I just hope the history books are forgiving to a man who tried his best.” “Bummer for me,” he quickly added. The important thing to remem­ ber now is that the election is not a popularity contest. All potential voters need to get to know their candidates as best they can before they grant him Executive Power over the entire campus. A group of well informed voters can never make a bad decision, because we need to remember, whomever we elect is there for a whole year. PHOTO BY LINDSEY HOWARD Senior Kevin Jam currently holds the title of Homecoming King. Satirical column B R I A N G E E R We want YOU to write for The Prospector! Students of all years and majors are encouraged to contribute. Please contact Kelsey by sending an email to prospector Frittati Nnvemher 9 9M17 Vallimi! Q1 Nn 9

The Prospector (Helena, Mont.), 02 Nov. 2007, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.