The Raider Reporter (Winifred, MT) 1966-1987, November 17, 1982, Image 2

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; I promised last week tha~ r would talk to the clothesline, but tmfor- tunely it wa~i.navailable · · t¢ interview. So we will take a look at Vrast's new addition to the family, thats right, his bouning · blue buzzsaw. It weigh~1 ton and three ounces. Its probably the quietest th- ing at the house, but the buzz saw (Icall it Howard! ) has a . long life of labor ahead of it, beeause of Don lfrast's mad obsession to cut wood. Then thiIL~ of the winter, · when m . is in his strange, but warm • house that is burning the wood that Howard so gene- rously cut and Howard:is out in the cold. WPll he (Mr. Mist should 1:P. turned- in to the ACD- The As - sociation to the Cruelty of Buzzsaws). That does . 'nt even com- pare to 'fue iDrture of what his dog goes through. His master sends him off to places around town (rnosty across the street) -to take assorted things from the yard. Then when he is finished, he ties his dog on the clothesline, so that it savagely pulls the lines out of shape, thus, torturing another thing on the property of MAST MANOR, Jri'v1a The world's tallest- hotel, measured from the street level of its main entrance to the top is the 1!-3 foot tall 10 story peachtree plaza hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, which opened in January, 1976. The $50,000,000, 1,100- room hotel was designed by architect John Portman is operated by Western- International Hotels, and owned by Portman Propert- ies. The most yawns on re- cord were ~ed by a 15- year-old girl patient in a hospital in 1888, who yawned continuously for five weeks. Nothing else is known about the case, neither name nor place, nor why she yawned or how she was stopped. The worst sneezing fit , lasted for 155 days (from January 11 to June 8, 19- 66) before it could be stopped by an electric treatment. The sufferer was 17 year-old June Clark of ~liami, Florida, who- was cured at Jackson Mer- morial Hospital, M:i,ami. An I.Q. of 150 repre- sents genius level. A fi- gure rt: 210 was set by Kim Ung-Yung of Seoul, South Korea. At the age of 4 years 8 months he perfor- med on television in To kyo and did integral cal- culus, recited poetry he composed and spoke four languages Korean, English German and Japanese. Both of his parents are uni- versity professors and strangely enough, they were both born at exactly the same time, that is, 11 a.m. on May 2h, 1934. The heaviest normal baby ever born weighed 24 pounds 4 ounces. It was a boy born on June 3, 1961, to Mrs. Saadet Cor of Ceg ham, Southern Turkey. The stoutest baby ever was probably James Weir of Scotland who weighed 112 pounds at 13 months. He measured 39 inches a- round the waist and 40 inches from head to toe. He died when 2 years old in, 1821. Recently we went around and asked the students · their favorite foods and cars, the results are lis- ted below. FOOD 1. Pizza 2. Steak 3. Shrimp 4. Hamburger 5. Chicken 6. Taco 7. Crab 8. Turkey 9. Lasagne 10. Salad ,cARS 1. Ferrari 2. Trans Am 3. Corvette 4. Firebird 5. Z-28 6. Camero 7. Porsche 8. Mustang 9. Mercedes 10. Delorean Why drink Tammie's favorite all of a sudden is orange juice? How many times the Sophmores will start all over in English? How come the school and this town are so boring? If the boys will do better in B.B. than the girls did? Why the giris like P.E. so much? If Tammie will go to the doctor for that bad neck disease she has? If Anita likes Kraig, Dean, or Mean Mike better? (Probally Mike because he's more physical in volley-- ball!!!) Why Barb, Chrissy, and Kevinwant togo to Denton? If winter will only last for a month? If Browser will be able to dunk it by the first game? If Barb chasing and the Kevin are wrong boys? How high Donnie and Nina's phone hill will be?

The Raider Reporter (Winifred, MT), 17 Nov. 1982, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.