The Raider Reporter (Winifred, MT) 1966-1987, April 15, 1987, Image 3

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--~i- t '.• plotting · my + t n I sh i ng 1 i ne wh i J e• 1 istening to Samantha Fox and Cinderella. <I can't say much for the looks of the Cinderella . boys, but Samantha is a definate- 9.5+.) I have nearly written myself to sleep, so I have to stop. If you have managed to read this entire thing, I commend you on a difficult mission completed; also, if you cared about anything I have said, I thank you. With that, I hereby declare this editdrial complete, intact, finished, and any other suitable synonyms. (Quite a catchy last I ine, wouldn't you say?) {;;_,') ,; ;_; :. I ,;- · '.i The reason why I I i ke Play Day is because we don't have to do any school work, But it is. I rKe a regular day of school. Al I we do is just i..1atch the little Kids run for ribbons. Some of the students don't have to help with the events. They just wash cars or clean them OU t, \ { L ' tt·-~: 1 r . .J--:-1. / : - As Jamie wrote about the pop being banned, I am going to write about candy bars being banned during classes. I think that we should be able to eat candy bars during school • The teachers get to eat during school classes so I think that if we don't get to eat during classes, I don't think that teachers should. · , _l. A~ ~ \ , ' 1., ' ,) 1 ./ \ \ J ,..., On the last day of school we work hard all day picking garbage up. Then we go down to the park and ha v e a picnic. After the picnic w e used to have a water ~ight. We did thi.s be , ::0.u-: . e the pool wasn't open and we wanted to coc,i ,:,ff. wonder if it wi I I be banned this y ear also? It's not just a few older Kids that want to do it El)ER Y ONE t•Ja . n ts to do it. . ~~ f@p The-~uote was - Jnce a ' prestigous act of stupidity, but now people are abusing \the meaning of quote. \ In the beginning there was a few select idiots who quoted, but now everybody does it. The original quote, \forking your food\ and classics l i Ke \string ti es\ are Jong gone. Now t~ere are made-up ones _ ar~ ones that are just · _. plain stupid I iKe, \dehydrated water just add water\ that do \the meaning of quote injustice. There are so many ~tupid quotes now that jre is a quote contes : t:o try and find . ' -lginal quotes, In conc ' , . ~i on I think that people should Know that being• quoted is not suppose to be an honor but rather a put down. So those of you who quote on purpose should stop trying to act stupid and try acting in te I I i gent. /.): -~ - <-<-'.. 7'*& 2.,-, 1 Recently I read an article in U.i. News about AIDS and who is re,al Jy at risk. Ther · e are mi 11 ic,ns of n,:irmal, every-day 1 ife, people wond~ring if they should make the move to be tested for AIDS. \AIDS a Time of Te,sting\ the article, says that one out of every four adu I t\s surve y ed in a pol I , worries about getting AIDS. fee I that more people should be con~idering the fact that they can get this disease because there is more than one way to get it. A bl odd transfusion is just one of the many ways. The article says that besides the highest risk groups- homosexuals and drug ~ abusers, couples planning to have a baby should both be tested for AIDS. I think that is a really good idea because earlier in the year, I read another article about AIDS and it said that doctors have made several studies and reccomend that both members of a couple should definately be tested. I also think that if a person gets tested and he · / she is carrying the AIDS virus but doesn ' t have AIDS, the carrier should tell his/her spouse. A lot page 3

The Raider Reporter (Winifred, MT), 15 April 1987, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.