The Retort (Billings, Mont.) 1955-2014, September 18, 2013, Image 1

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747 Up with Peoples presents Music Dane* Up with People Wotici Tour Education Sing Original Intimation& STUDENT LEGAL SERVICES AND YOU The Retort THE VOICE OF MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY BILLINGS September 18th, 2013 Vo1.90, Issue 2 MSUB IS UP WITH PEOPLE! OPINION P7 NO EXCUSE WEAR A CONDOM e STUDENT POLL Do you approve the change from city- brew to starbucks? VOTE @ , INDEX News 3 Campus Life 4 Opinion 6 Feature 9 Culture 10 Sports 12 Outdoors 14 City College 16 By ASHLEE TWIFORD 0 peeing with a quote that boasts a sentiment of learning in lieu of, \the definition of insanity: trying the same thing but expecting different results,\ when talking about improving university culture seems appropriate. It seems to hold merit to say that the \university has problems. Change them,\ but so far it unsurprisingly By TABBY MAUST W hile it cannot be said of all children, we simply cannot deny that that all the ever evolving technology that we include in our lives means that some children enjoying their screen time more than anything else. With By CHEYNE JONES CJ hances are, if you've watched anything relating to NFL football over the course of the last 6 months, you've heard the term \read-option\ used more times than you ever wanted to hear anything. If you are familiar with football, college more than professional, you're likely very familiar with the option offense. For those of you who can't tell the hasn't been enough. As a collective, Montana State University Billings seems to understand that there are issues at hand but isn't aware of the basic entanglement that they are dealing with. Saying \when in doubt try, try again\ isn't good enough, because before MSUB can make any improvement on its issues, there needs to be consensus in multiple areas. See MSUB, p9 iPads in the classroom, a TV around every corner, and children as young as two and three able to play on a smartphone, it may not be a had idea to encourage children to enjoy all the great outdoors that our beautiful state has to offer. The question is how? See BOOKS, p14 difference between a read- option left and a bootleg left, have no fear! I'm here to help. Let's start with the basics; what is the option offense? As hard as it is to believe, the option offense is a style of play that gives the offense options. That is, the option forces a defender to make a decision and the quarterback is then charged with ensuring that the defender makes the wrong decision. See OPTION, p12 By ASHLEE TWIFORD D uring the MSU Billings welcome week a new group of people were walking the halls and sidewalks of campus, but it wasn't By PATRICIA HAMPTON S rodents may not be aware of all the services offered to them by MSU Billings. Student Legal Services, an operation run through the office of the Associated just the freshman. They represented 20 different countries from around the world. They came to provide the area with an experience in culture, diversity, and community involvement. Billings and Students of Montana State University Billings (ASMSUB) is available to all students enrolled in seven or more credits. Students enrolled in seven or more credits pay an activity fee of $42.50 each semester, which is then distributed Billings could definitely use a large dose of culture, diversity, and community involvement. Up With People didn't disappoint. It brought something others might not have seen before. by ASMSUB. These fees fund programs and activities for students to attend. They also fund Student Legal Services and provide a salary to the attorney retained for students. See LEGAL, p5 MSU BILLINGS CULTURE STUCK IN TRAFFIC MSUBH I I NGS BOOKS, A GATEWAY TO THE OUTDOORS FOR KIDS THE READ OPTION EXPLAINED 3220 Henesta Friendly, fun co-workers Great work environment Advancement opportunities Flexible schedules Competitive pay On-the-job training Dr . DQ Grill & Chill 1045 Grand Ave. ..-1-4 ,, t......omoom«. wilt+ a 'miss .• COOTS+ ■ sisal Ofact• t . 4 rks of MI t. . MI% i`,S1.% 4 msu See PEOPLE, p10

The Retort (Billings, Mont.), 18 Sept. 2013, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.