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Campus Life camPus.rnsubretĀ°r\rg MSUB ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT, APRIL 19 candy and prizes. The Student Activities Board of MSU Billings are again organizing the event. About 6,000 brightly colored and candy-filled plastic eggs will be scattered across the university lawn near McMullen Hall and on Peaks to Plains Park for the search. The Easter Bunny will be present at this event and free cookies and hot chocolate will be provided in the Student Union Building atrium. STUDENT PROFILE: OUTGOING VICE PRESIDENT MARY OWEN By MSU Billings News Services W ith Easter less than two weeks away and spring finally ready to take hold, it's the perfect time for an Easter egg hunt. Montana State University Billings will hold its 24th annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19 at 10:30 a.m. Children ages 10 and under are invited to participate in the free Easter egg extravaganza, Shore Interview Cont. Shore chuckled as he recounted this story, saying the rest of the year was a blur but this memory was one that he would never forget. Service Sting has been recognized on many levels, the first by the MSU community and being recognized at the state- wide conference. Aside from this conference Shore traveled to Texas Tech to discuss the project and hopefully help their school make an impact on their community as MSUB is making an impact on Billings. Shore says after his term he would like to see it continue and grow. When Shore was asked about how MSUB is seen in the community and the differences between our campus connection with the community and other schools such as Bozeman and Missoula, he had some great things to say. He talked about people focusing on the fact that we are more largely a commuter campus and that although the economy partly relies on our university it does not rely on it as heavily as Bozeman and Missoula do on their universities. Our economy relies more on the energy sector, the oil sector and the health sector more than anything. As a college he thinks that we should prioritize our programs and focus on the degrees we offer. He thinks we have a great advantage with our large community of nontraditional students. \It speaks to young people that you need a degree that matters,\ said Shore of the influx of nontraditional students in recent years. He also states that it is a great thing. He thinks that as a university we should market ourselves as being the qualification center of southeastern and central Montana, by helping Montanans train for jobs. During this conversation he also talked about the fact that we expect our 18-year-old new high school graduates to have a plan and know what they are going to do with their lives. \ I didn't have a plan. I did not know what I was going to do with my life, so I took three years off.\ Shore also said that during those three years he worked and saved money for when he would return to school. He believes that we should be more careful and stop pushing students to determine a major right away because we keep pushing them for the two years of generals to pick a degree and they often don't know what they want, causing them to take more classes than needed and increasing their debt. He also said that the leadership of the university has been doing a great job going beyond our walls and making a better community relationship. He urges all students to go out and get involved. Get your hands dirty; it will improve our community relations and you will help lead the university down that path. Next Shore talked about his difficulties as president. Shore stated that he had a hard time seeing what was right in front of him and this is why he chose Mary Owen as his Vice President. \Owen sees these things and was helpful in making me see them,\ he said of his VP. Shore looked back over his four-year career of being involved in the senate and said there was really only one difficult hurdle he faced and this was in his time as a senator. One year Intervarsity submitted a proposal for funding for a trip to St. Louis for a Christian conference. Shore quickly realized how under- funded the organization was and became a proponent for increasing their funding. He felt there was discrimination taking place and began trying to influence senators to vote to increase the funding. He says it later passed and that he has never seen so many students in a meeting advocating their point on an issue. When I asked Shore about the stresses of the job and how he handled it he gave me a couple of tips. He always had Coca-Cola on hand for those overnights in the office--this is his favorite beverage. After a while he realized that he had to let stress go; he accomplished this through watching movies and sports. Shore also said his faith played a role and he knew it would get him through the difficult seasons in life. He knew as well that he had a great support system with friends and plenty of outlets for his stress. The president was pranked over this last year. He says it definitely kept him on his toes and his favorite prank was when undisclosed students placed alarm clocks in the ceiling tiles in his office and set them to go off at fifteen-minute intervals. He let them go off about three times before checking the ceiling; however, he didn't find them all so eventually he just let them all die out. To get to know the president a little bit more we asked him where his favorite spot on campus was. His answer: the University Relations office. He says he has made over three hundred visits during his time here and he just loves the atmosphere and feels comfortable there. He encourages all students to go check it out, along with the rest of McMullen and make appointments with the Chancellor and Provost. In closing, Mr. Shore said he is looking forward to his last semester at the university next fall. We wanted to know if he was taking on any projects and he replied his only project was to be a student and not get involved, which may prove to be very difficult. He also left some advice for his incoming successors President Elect Daniel Barnhart and Vice President Elect Sonja Choriki. \Constantly be yourselves. The position does not come with any glory.\ He has a large amount of confidence in the two that they will do just fine. He also left parting words for the members of senate next year. \Work hard. Use your voting power to make a difference and make sure you poll students on issues and have diligence. You are the students' voice.\ Shore is very excited to end the year and is becoming a bit nostalgic. He had to choose to push through or coast through and he chose to push. By Ashlee Twiford ith the notion of spring in the air, the semester is certainly coming to a close and preparations in Student Government are being made to change the leadership roles. Mary Owen and Ryan Shore are stepping down from the roles of Vice President and President in order to hand the baton to the new candidates. Owen only has positive things to say about her experience at MSUB and with Student Government. Owen grew up in the tiny town of Hammond, Montana, and came to MSUB on an athletics scholarship. She claims that this institution was an easy choice. At MSUB Owen had the opportunity to attend school at an affordable rate and continue her athletic career. She said, \Every year my reassurance in my choice to come here has grown.\ If any person embodies the culture of the student experience at MSUB it's certainly this lady, who can hold a position in government, a place on the track team, and still pursue a double major. Owen isn't quite ready to graduate though; she has a couple more classes and a semester of student teaching before she can claim her degrees in Math and Physical Health Education. However, Owen's lack of readiness is strictly on paper. She is excited and anxious to take the next steps toward her desired career. Owen hopes to show kids how important health and physical activity are for everyone's well-being. Math might seem completely incongruous with the desire to be active, but she wants kids to appreciate the value that comes from that as well. Someday, in what Owen calls the late, late future, she hopes to study and teach bio- mechanics at the university level. Education defines Owen's ability to operate in all roles of student life. She said that the positive qualities admirable in a teacher are often valuable in a leader as well. Her desire to share the passions she holds really make her a valuable member of all teams, whether that be a part of a classroom, a track team, or a student government. For Owen that was the most exciting part of working with ASMSUB. While she was a representative of the students, she had the chance to share the things she is so passionate about. \The big push this year with ASMSUB was service,\ she said. \I got to share my passion for giving back and serving the community.\ While Owen may feel like she has a lot to teach, she is thankful for everything she has learned here at MSUB. \It's a tightly knit community here,\ she said, \I feel like I have made a lot of connections.\ While she isn't graduating, she is still relinquishing her responsibilities as Vice President. Her readiness to start something new definitely shines though every part of her academic experience. Through student government she has had the chance to learn about balance, time management, and become a more well- rounded person. However, she feels that she is at the tail end of what ASMSUB can do for her and she is ready to pass the experience on to the new candidates. Still, Owen feels that she will carry her leadership experiences with ASMSUB through her entire life.

The Retort (Billings, Mont.), 17 April 2014, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.