The Retort (Billings, Mont.) 1955-2014, April 17, 2014, Image 5

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INTERVIEW WITH BARNHART AND CHORIKI: NEW LEADERSHIP By Nicole Mosure Daniel Barnhart and Sonja Choriki are your President elect and Vice President Elect for this upcoming school year. I sat down with them to talk about their plans for the next year and get to know them a little bit. First I took a little time to get to know the two. Barnhart likes to ski and Choriki likes to snowboard, but despite this difference they still work together very well. Barnhart was born here in Billings, although he attended elementary school and high school in Harlowton. He decided to attend MSUB because of how affordable it was. Barnhart has been in the senate for two years and he saw running for president as another opportunity to be involved and bring important issues to the table. He also felt that with the help of his Vice President (Choriki) he has a lot of great ideas that will benefit the school. Barnhart is working on a major in political science and a minor in criminal justice. He likes to hang out in The Hive game room. His favorite spot is in the Billiards Room. He invites students to catch him for a game of pool, which he says he is always open for. Choriki was born and raised here in Billings and attended high school at Skyview. She chose MSUB because of its affordability as well, but there was something else that caught her eye. The Criminal Justice program lured Choriki to the university. She admits that she originally planned to transfer to Missoula; however, she did not because she fell in love with our school. She ran alongside Barnhart because she had been in the senate for 3 years, including being a member of the Executive Cabinet this year. She is ready to do something important, so she took the plunge and ran. Choriki is working on a major in criminal justice. Her favorite place on campus is the waterfall area in Peaks to Plains Park, where she generally hangs out during the summer and when it is warm enough in the spring and in the fall. Next we moved to what their goals are for the upcoming year in terms of their term as our campus leaders. Both agreed that the budget is a huge issue. \Budget is going to be big this year because it's a legislative year,\ Barnhart states. They are going to look at money-saving options. For instance, Barnhart is going to be telecommuting to the Board of Regents and Mass meetings this upcoming year to save money. In past years the president has had to travel to these meetings every two weeks. The hope is that this will leave a surplus of at least five hundred dollars, if not more. They have had the option of telecommuting when emergencies arose; Barnhart is sure with all the technology available that there is no reason that this is not a plausible option for every meeting. There also may be talk about raising student fees. Barnhart would like to reassure everyone that they will make sure they raise fees as little as possible. Fees were not raised this past year and that is taking a toll on the budget and making things difficult. Choriki chimed in, \We want to create a better connection between all student organizations, administration, and students.\ The duo is very keen on making sure that students are kept in the loop with all of the administration changes happening at the end of this year. They feel that with MSUB being the family it is, they want to better our already wonderful community. Barnhart would like to let everyone know that when new bills are brought to the senate next year they will be \tabling\ them in the atrium. For those of you who don't know what tabling is, they will be setting up a table in the atrium to make sure all students are informed on the issue and the senate can gain feedback so they can truly represent the students. Barnhart and Choriki closed with letting everyone know that they want to be the voice of the students and that their office doors are always open if anyone has concerns regarding anything on campus. RESEARCH CONFERENCE TAKES LA BUILDING BY STORM By Rachele Willoughby editor@msubretortorg I f you wandered through the L.A. Building between 2 and 5 pm on Friday, April 4th heading to class or just in search of a cup of coffee, you might have noticed a distinct difficulty getting around as the halls were impeded by some of the brightest minds at our university. This year's Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference showcased not just our exceptional students but their cutting edge research as well. Covering subjects from literature to lasers, the poster presentations (coupled with actual presentations in a nearby library classroom for interested parties) showcased student talent with poetry readings, tiny computers, and studies in all the sciences including chemistry, physics and public health. City College students Tanner Klein, Gunner Hanson and William Henrichs showed off the results of their experimentation in fuel production. The process attempted to use corn to purify ethanol from 90% to a fuel grade 100%. While they weren't entirely successful, the results were promising. Biology major Avery Hanson presented the research done by herself and fellow students into a key protein involved in the inborn condition Familial Dysautonomia, a deadly disease that affects the peripheral nervous system of victims. The recessive condition affects 1 in 3,700 individuals descended from Ashkenazi Jews, and the average lifespan for affected individuals is 40 years. English major Korilynn Kessler read her creative non- fiction piece about dealing with tragedy. Meanwhile, Sierra Ross, Carrie Jones, Kaitlyn Cardillo, Colin Bradford, Canon Parker and Brittany Henderson presented a reading of both published poetry and student originals. Our own sports writer, Corey Lovec, who moonlights as a chemistry major, presented his work with Dr. Stuart Snyder, which measures trace elements found in the atmosphere which use light to measure the concentration of gasses in a sample by passing a laser down a tube, a la \mad science.\ Bug enthusiast Richelle Marquess presented her research into the effect of optimal nutrition and temperature on the size of offspring in Blaberus Antrops, a very pretty type of tropical cockroach. The assumption was that females fed the optimum diet and/or kept at higher temperatures would produce larger offspring, but things didn't go as planned. The offspring of well fed mothers were more numerous instead of larger, and it turned out that the roaches couldn't take the heat. They had trouble surviving the hotter temperatures. Computer systems technology majors Scott Atkinson, Amber Shneider, Phillip Shelton, and Tracy Thormahlen presented different applications for their tiny pieces of programmable computer technology called Raspberry Pi's. Atkinson had constructed his to demonstrate its applicability in rural education settings while Shneider showcased her Pi's multi-media capabilities. Shelton used his as a web server to remotely access movies and Thormahlen filled hers with playable retro video games. ALSO FEATURED Jeremy Brooks Charity Dewing Patricia Hampton, Brittany Hendrickson Aubree Honcoop Tracilyn Jarrett Hannah Jacobsen Laura Johnson Rochelle Johnson Arthur Kestner Nathan Mundahl Hanna Lewis Lee McCaffery Micheal Feist Seth Wiseman Elizabeth Mullins Sara Ness Blanca Perez, Roxsand Reichert Nick Morgan Kolby Beadnell Nik Sinhold Justin Kostelecky Cameron McDonald Zach Tallon Tyler Mahlen Sarah Witt Jesse Jeane Harkness

The Retort (Billings, Mont.), 17 April 2014, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.