The Rimrock Echo (Billings, Mont.) 1930-1943, October 23, 1934, Image 4

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4 THE RIMROCK ECHO Attendance Compared Montana's two major institutions of higher learning, the State Uni- versity and the State College, have shown a substantial increase in en- rollment this year. The four small- er institutions have shown a marked decrease in their enrollment. The net enrollment for all the units of the Greater University shows an advance from 3,588 in 1933 to 3,839 for the first month of the current year, an increase of 251 students. The following is a tabulated re- port of the enrollment in all units. School 1933 1934 Gain State University 1,365 1,685 320 State College 950 1,065 115 Loss Normal College 366 333 33 Havre 312 272 40 School of Mines 235 301 34 E. M. N. S 360 310 50 Donna Pefley, a post graduate student and a former editor of the Rimrock Echo, and Sally Warner, December '33, and a former Student Council member, are attending the F. E. R. A. nursery training school at Bozeman. Rosemary Sampsel, a 1933-34 student, is also attending the school. The students receive one month of training in the technique of a nursery school. They will then be assigned to work in the fifteen nurs- eries which are to be established in the larger towns of the state. (Continued from Page 1) and 22 honey locust. Shrubs re- ceived include 20 staghorn sumach; 3 cutleaf sumach; 1 wigelia; 12 elder berry; 9 waahoo; 15 honey- suckles; 24 lilacs; 36 ash leaf spi- raea; 52 buck thorns and 36 roses of different varieties. Flowers re- ceived consist of 1500 irises of about 45 different varieties; 1000 tulip bulbs; 45 mammoth tiger lily bulbs; 100 native lilies; 85 peony plants; 55 oriental poppies; 15 del- phiniums; 65 shasta daisies; 65 fall asters; and 65 fall daisies. Besides this there are over a thou- sand plants, consisting of Scotch hairbell, achilleas, feverdew, veron- ica, primroses, plantain lilies, sweet rocket, gaillardia, anchusa, a very remarkable collection of violets, sweet sicily, boneset, almost 100 sweet williams, and statice. The Normal School also has 300 blue spruce, 300 Norway spruce, 100 Scotch pine, 175 mogul pine, 225 Douglas fir, and a few lodge- pole pine, all planted this fall. Three hundred elm trees have been growing on the Normal School grounds for the past few years. The new plants and trees are being planted in nursery stock rows. The work is being done by Normal School boys as an F. E. R. A. proj- ect. After the new building is fin- ished the plants and trees will be transplanted to proper places on the campus. Arvilla Terrell is quite a busy person these days. Besides attend- ing Normal School and teaching her own pupils, she is giving piano lessons to Normal School students. She has eighteen beginners. About one-fourth of the people in the U. S. are in school either as pupils or teachers. Name Type of School Post Office December 1933 Graduate Olive Croy—Primary—Huntley March 1934 Graduates Eva Boucher—Rural—Roundup Margaret Colness—'Rural—Hilger Art Guthrie—Rural—Weldon Gertrude Henke—Rural—Billings Edith Maxwell—Rural—Lewistown Marcella Mitchell—Rural—Nibbe Lois Naylor—Rural—St. Xavier Clem Owens—Rural—Columbus Bonnie Richardson-Rural-Reed Pt. William Ross—Rural—Rexford Josephine Strawn- Ungraded room—Sidney Helen Utterback—Primary—Sidney Dora Wheeler—Rural—Winnett Mary Belle Williams-Rural-Silesia June 1934 Graduates Bernice Anderson-Primary-Buffalo Verna Anderson—Rural—Union Agnes Arestad—Primary—Westby Hazel Ashley—Rural--'Coalwood Helen Balock—Rural—Absher Muriel Boehmer—Rural—Pine Hill Doris Bokovoy—Rural—Carter Marie Borberg- Primary Grades—Shiloh,Billings Donna Briese—Primary—Crane Hazel Buitenveld—Rural—Ekalaka DeLorman Burk—Rural—Poplar Margaret Butka—Rural—Lane Arlis Cassity—Rural—Custer Margaret Darnell—Rural—Fergus Juanita Davis-Junior High-Poison Joan Durant—Rural—Big Horn June Ehler—Rural—Harlowton Christie Fatur—Rural—Uebra Ruth Freed—Rural—Lewistown Mary Gebhardt—Rural—Watkins Lydia Gossen—Rural—Vida Mabel Grafel—Rural--Broadview Joanna Hansen-Rur.-Sw. Grass Co. Ida Hendrickson—Rural—Polson Jessie Hodges—Primary—Baker Mabel Huether- Intermediate Grades—Geraldine Maude Kincaid— Intermediate Grades-Froid Jane LaMunyan-Rur.-Colum. Falls Margaret Lamers—Rural—Ryegate Rosalind Landon-Rural-St. Xavier Mamie Larson—Rural—Olof Helen Lewis—Intermed.--Turner Virginia Lofgren—Rural—Shepherd Dorothy McDonald—Rural—Acton Gilman McDonald-Jr. High-Conrad Dorothy McFatridge—Rural—Acton Marjorie Nelson—Rural—Albion Vivian Nierenberg—Rural—Conrad Velarie Oas-Upper Grades-Carlyle Agnes Olson—Rural—Livingston Bernice Oosterbeek- Lower Grades—Lodge Grass Helen Pace—Rural—Redstone Harriet Page—Rural—Glendive Ardith Palmerlee—Rural—Lambert Lillian Penner—Rural—Volt Noel Rigby-Up. Grades-Broadview Ruth Robertson—Rural—Roberts Charles Robinson—Rural—Belmont Carol Rose—Primary—St. Regis Kathryn Rosenbaum-Rural-Larslan Mathias Schaff—Rural—Watkins Louise Sederholm-Rural-Winifred Carl Shogren—Rural—McTwiggan William Sirrine—Rural—'Hardin Eva Stewart—Rural—Fairview Kathryn Swanbro—Rural—Carlyle Olga Swanson—Town—Beaverton Rosella Toays—Rural—Wolf Point Jean Todd—Third Grade—Poplar Minnie Tressl—Rural—Roundup James Vance—Rural—Marsh Elda Watkins-3d & 4th Gr.-Wilsall Joe Weinschrott—Rural—Willard Frances Wright--Rural—Nickwall Gertrude Zepp—Rural—Rapelje Name Type of School Post Office August 1934 Graduates Virginia. Agard- Primary—Canyon Creek, Billings Ethelyn Allen—Rural—Shepherd May Birdsall—Rural—Boyd Virginia Brooks-Int'med.-St. Regis Josephine Brown—Rural—Birney Elma Chappell—Primary--Pablo Edna Cole—Rural—Stanford Evelyn Cole--Intermed.—Rapelje Cecelie Dietrich-Rural-Bloomfield Maxine Ellithorpe—Rural—Zero Mary Fitzgerald— Intermediate Grades—Broadview Don Foote—Junior High—Poison Pearl Gaustad—Rural—Absarokee Gertrude Gilbert—Rural—Billings Alice Gill—Rural—Sidney Elsie Gross—Rural—North Dakota Margaret Gustafson— Junior High—Hardin Laverne Herman—Rural—Hardin Siche Houck—Rural—Moore Gunnard Johnson— Upper Grades—Ballantine Byrl Kelly—Rural—Mill Iron Marian Kucera—Rural—Laurel Roy McClain—Rural—Knobs Margaret McConnachie- Rural—Lambert Kathleen McGrath—Rural—Billings Arthur Martin—Rural—Carlyle Joan Matthews—Rural—Harlowton Helen Murphy—Rural—Vida Wilma Spear—Primary—Forsyth Esther Sprattler—Rural—Enid Robert Stoner—Rural—Baker Annabelle Struble- Intermediate Grades—Oilmont Violet Thorson— Intermediate Grades—Joplin Ethel Wagstaff—Rural—Pineview Evelyn Wall—Rural—Roundup Edna Weast—Rural—Castagne Don Wright—Rural—Bridger Velma Nafus—Primary--Dixon Eleanor Nelson—Rural--Frazier Bertha Noe—Rural—Nye Lucille Olson—Rural—Harlowton William Olson—Rural—Plevna Jessie Pamenter—Rural—Sidney Dorothy Peck-Intermed.-Winifred Doris Randall— Upper Grades—Sun River Dorothy Randall— Lower Grades—Sun River Mildred Robertson-Rural-Carbella Carmelita Scanlon- Primary—Round Butte Martha Sekulich—Rural—Roundup Frances Simmons—Rural—Frazer Leon Nelson, June '34, is attend- ing the State University at Mis- soula this year. He is playing a trumpet in the Grizzly band. Ray Stevens, June '34, is attend- ing the State University at Mis- soula. Maybelle Erickson, '34, is a stu- dent at the State University. She is taking up social welfare work. Orton Sirrine is at present work- ing as an insurance salesman in Billings. Jack McLean is employed at the Power Motor Company in Billings. Charles Murchie, August '34, is attending the Poly this year. Fran- ces Murchie is at home to cook for her husband. James Cunningham, March '34, is a clerk at Pay N' Takit, Billings. Tickets Save Money The Student Activity fee of five dollars is assessed at the beginning of each quarter. The money is put into the student activity fund and is used for financing social and other activities in the school. The following are some of the activities financed by this fund: dances, luncheons, athletic program, Glee Club, lectures, concerts, admission to football games held in the city, and occasional movies. The fund finances the school annual and the Rimrock Echo, and for three years a student loan fund has been main- tained. This method of collecting five dollars each quarter from each indi- vidual makes activities much cheap- er for the students, as entertain- ment can be procured for a much smaller sum when contracted for in large quantities. No student could buy admission to one-half of these activities for the cost of the ticket. He who laughs last seldom gets the point anyway. -:- BITS OF WIT -:- Mr. Shunk (sternly): \When the room settles down I will begin class.\ Becklen: \Why don't you go home and sleep it off?\ Bob Stong: \Do you think kissing is unhealthy?\ June Knapp: \I couldn't say. I've never - - - \ Stong: \You've never been kissed?\ June: \I've never been sick.\ Mrs. Stuber: \I saw the sweetest, cleverest little hat down town today.\ Mr. Stuber: \Put it on; let's see how you look in it.\ Beeler: \You're one in a mil- lion.\ Letha Mead: \So are your chances.\ Every dog has his day and most young people have their nights. Sadie Oswalt: \Did anyone ever tell you how wonderful you are?\ Sam Panos: \I don't believe they ever did.\ Sadie: \Then where did you get that idea?\ Mr. Foote: \Whose arithmetic paper is this with Mae West's name on it?\ Emil Adam: \Mine sir.\ Mr. Foote: \Why did you put Mae West's name on it?\ Emil Adam: \Because I done them wrong.\ Mrs. Hawkes found six widows hiding in the basement. It is very fortunate for Mr. Hawkes that they were black widow spiders. Mr. Stuber, acting for the Bil- lings Kiwanis Club, is anxious to contact all sons, daughters, wives, brothers and sisters of Kiwanians from other clubs. If you have such a connection, please see Mr. Stuber at once. ❑ LI Directory of 1933-34 Graduates

The Rimrock Echo (Billings, Mont.), 23 Oct. 1934, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.