The Rimrock Echo (Billings, Mont.) 1930-1943, October 25, 1939, Image 3

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Council Organizes Officers Are Chosen; Budget Is Discussed The first meeting of the Student Council was held Thursday, October 19, at 4 p. m. in Dr. McMullen's office. The officers elected are as follows: Phil Fiske of Ryegate, pres- ident; Alice Mohn of Scobey, vice president; Polly Ryan of Billings, secretary, and Tom Madsen of Cir- cle, business manager. The council voted to let the music department handle ticket sales for the symphony orchestra, under the direction of Bohumir Kryl, which is coming November 29. The council also voted to accept the report of the social committee for this quar- ter's activities, and the necessary money was allotted. Plans for rest rooms for boys and girls respectively, were discussed. It was also decided to leave the nick- elodeon in the basement. The council will hold its weekly meetings regularly at 4:30 p. m. Thursdays. They Can't Stay Away The '39 graduates who just had to come back are Ethel Edmonds, Anne Oser, Frances Ellen Wagner, Doro- thy Schock, Gib Johnson, Jim Sals- bury, Cliff Burnett, Eleanor Ken- nedy, and Yvonne Halsey. Graduates of former years who were campus visitors last Saturday included Alene Stout and Betty Bul- lette of Ballantine, Rosalinda Richter of Worden, and Carl Shogren, Hunt- ley Project junior high school. Students Go Sightseeing The sight-seeing tour, Sunday aft- ernoon, October 15, sponsored by the Kiwanis club, under the direc- tion of E. Shadoan, acquainted 70 students of the Polytechnic and Eastern Montana State Normal School with the city and nearby points of interest. The beet sugar factory, the airport, Bill Hart's statue, the Black Otter trail, and several outstanding gardens of the city were visitde. The cars were furnished by Lewis A. Williams, Ernest Malloy, the Rev. L. 0. White, Frank Connelly, Jack Maguire, Robert Loaney, Charles Behner, George McKay, Charles McBee, John Keefe and Harry N. Stuber. M. E. A. Members Are Luncheon Guests Fifteen members of the M. E. A. attended the meeting of the Midland Empire Elementary Teachers associ- ation at the Commercial club Satur- day noon, October 21. The luncheon menu included mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken, peas, vegetable salad, rolls, coffee and apple pie. Mr. A. L. Hamilton, president of the association, acted as toastmaster and introduced the speakers. Mrs. Harlan Stuart, wife of the dean of the school of technology at the Bil- lings Polytechnic institute, gave an illustrated lecture on the life and customs of the Philippine islands. Mr. Abbott spoke briefly on the work of the M. E. A. and on the conventions to be held this week. Mr. Foote spoke on the National Education week, and Orville Thomp- son, president of the student local of the M. E. A., thanked the organ- ization for the invitation extended to the normal school members. BRIDGE PARTY GIVEN Miss Marjorie Stevenson, Miss El- eanor Kennedy and Miss Anne Oser were the guests at a bridge party given Sunday, October 8 at the apartment of Misses Dorothy Davis, Dorothy Neal, Juanita Huppert and Zola Warthen at 11311/2 North Twen- ty-seventh street. RUMOR IN LONDON Actual evidence I have none, But my aunt's charwoman's sister's son Heard a policeman on his beat Say to a housemaid in Downing Street ' That he had a brother who had a friend Who knew when the war was going to end.—Readers Digest. Sophs Hold Election; Ruppel Heads Group The second year class meeting was held on Monday, October 2 for the purpose of electing officers. Those elected were: Maxine Ruppel of Bil- lings, president; Emery Ostby of Froid, vice president; Bud Humiston of Edgar, secretary. Vivian Hall and Polly Ryan of Billings, Phil Fiske of Ryegate and Tom Madsen of Circle were chosen as Student Council members. Luncheon Arrangements Taken Over by Seniors The second year class has volun- teered to take the responsibility for the monthly school luncheons, fol- lowing a precedent established last year. Until last year faculty mem- bers served as responsible chairmen on committees with the help of stu- dents. Under the present plan they are merely advisers, if needed. Permanent Chairmen in Charge The management throughout the year will be in the hands of perma- nently appointed second year chair- men, who will direct the respective groups of first year students in the table setting, serving, kitchen work, and clean-up. The group observing for the month will always work on the luncheon, doing the actual work, just as the present second year stu- dents did last year. Miss Maxine Ruppel, class presi- dent, has appointed the following permanent chairmen: Sigfrid Helge- land, table setting and serving; Ei- leen Parks, kitchen; Clyde Davis, dishwashing, and Orville Thompson, clean-up. First Year Sub-Chairmen In order to make things run more smoothly, there is a first year sub- chairman working with each perma- nent chairman to relay information and orders to the group of workers. Dr. Dean, sponsor of the first year class, aids in apportioning the tasks. The serving of these all-school luncheons is a tradition of the school. To make it a success, a definite rou- tine must be followed. Each student has to work at some task when his appointed time comes, and strangely enough, students don't shirk the jobs. STUDENTS \GO WEST\ Miss Victoria Sampsel of Billings spent the early fall in Washington and touring other parts of the west coast. Others who traveled during the s u m m e r vacation were Miss Madge Petrie, a former student, now at St. Catherine's college, and Helen Essington, who motored to Washing- ton and British Columbia. Among the students who attended the San Francisco World's fair were Stanley Grayson, who hitch-hiked all of the way, Mary Worth, Eunice and Gerry Nelson, Bud Humiston, and Barbara Johnson. Mr. Bill Chase, accompanied by his sister, Miss Frances Chase, mo- tored to California on August 19, where they spent a two weeks vaca- tion at Los Angeles and the World's fair at San Francisco. Bill reports he was quite disappointed because California, far from being a semi- tropical land, was much like Nevada and other desert states. LUTHERANS ATTEND PARTY The Lutheran Students' associa- tion meeting, October 15, at the First English Lutheran church was at- tended by Kenneth Nelson, Dale Bryson, Ada Duell, Orville Thomp- son, Mildred and Eleanor Olson, Virginia Hedstrom, Mildred Loomis, Elaine Esmond, and Nellie Reukauf. A group of E. M. S. N. S. students will attend the L. S. A. convention, November 17, 18 and 19, at Bozeman. Dale Bryson was installed as vice president of the association. After a speech by Rev. Skindoly, head of the Rocky Mountain district, games were played and a lunch was served. All students who care to attend these meetings, which are held each month, will be welcome. If you can find a few spare min- utes for reading fiction, these are some of the new books you would like: Dorothy Canfield's \Seasoned Timber,\ \The Feathers\ by Allen Tate, \Tree of Liberty\ by Elizabeth Page, and \The Yearling\ by Mar- jorie Rawlings. Wednesday, October 25, 1939 THE RIMROCK ECHO Page Three Organizations of E. M. N. S. Plan Busy Quarters Work W. A. A. Sets Record The W. A. A. got off to a flying start this year with 50 new members inducted into the organization, Mon- day night, October 16. The officers of the organization are Maxine Ruppel, president; Vir- ginia Markovitch, vice president; Helen Essington, secretary; and Margaret Welton, treasurer. Make Plans for Year The club has plans for many new activities. They will furnish a rest room for the girls, making the nec- essary equipment at the regular meetings. They also plan to make athletic equipment at these meetings. The new members initiated on October 16 are: Marcia Beyer, from Whitetail; Emily Barlow, Bozeman; Peggy Barringer, Billings; Margaret Bergum, Custer; Dorothy Belcher, Cushman; Dorothy Brown, Colum- bus; Lucille Davis, Billings; Joyce Epperson, Edgar; Jane Fosgate, Bil- lings; Billy Flaherty, Willow Creek; Shirley Fuller, Billings; Doris Hogan, Billings; Vivian Hall, Billings; Helen Hammond, Hardin; lone Hehney, Laivna; Dolly Johnson, Billings; Eva Jones, Billings; Barbara Johnson, Ronan; Helen Kennedy, Billings; Marian Knutson, Lodge Grass; Irene Larsen, Sidney; Vivian Love, Boze- man; Nancy Lundberg, Billings. Katherine Madsen, Circle; Lucille Mars, Fromberg; Ea Mae Mattson, Fishtail; Vaughn Munsell, Baker; Geraldine Neuman, Reed Point; Ruth Nelson, Forsyth; Vivian Neilson, Crane; Emilie Nadler, Billings; Olga Otonichar, Belfry; Ruth Pleissner, Baker; Leona Rine, Harlowton; Mar- jorie Redman, Fromberg; Margaret Stuhlreiter, Libby; Lael Snellbacher, Billings; Florence Smeding, Huntley; Augusta Sveen, Twiner; Elinor Shel- hamer, Bozeman; Lillian Sloate, Bil- lings; Ellen Saunders, Columbus; Rosemary Speckeen, Laurel; Char- ,lotte Thorson, Monarch; Jean Tyson, Billings; Bertha Veland, Brockway; Heine Wight, Billings; Helen Wal- rath, Bridger; and Betty June Worst, Lavine. Dust Seasons Supper For M.E.A. Members Last Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock the members of the student M. E. A. and several faculty members met at E. M. S. N. S. and then went to the Zimmerman park picnic grounds on the rimrocks, where a picnic lunch and bonfire held the center of in- terest. The picnic lunch included weiners, cheese, buns, pickles, potato chips, ice cream, and coffee. School and popular songs were sung around the campfire after the lunch. Mr. Abbott brought his portable radio, which added to the enjoyment of the group. The committees in charge of the picnic were: entertainment, Vivian Hall and Mildred Olson; lunch, Bob Morin, Clara Leis, Myrtle McCam- mon, Ea Mae Matson, and Virginia Lanouette; grounds, Jim Watson, Thomas Madsen, and Clyde Davis. Cars were furnished by Mr. Foote, Mr. Abbott, Mr. Stuber, Dr. McMul- len, Clyde Davis, and Jean Tyson. CLUB WILL SPONSOR DANCE Mr. Manion, faculty adviser of the Service club, called the first meet- ing of this year to order on Wednes- day, October 18. Only three old members were present. Election of officers was the first order of bus- iness. The result showed Bud Humiston, president; Hank Good, vice presi- dent; Dorothy Davis, secretary; and Dorothy Neal, treasurer. Plans for the first school dance with guests on November 10, were discussed. All of the 21 members were appointed on some committee for the dance. The next regular meeting will be November 1. The regular meetings will be held every other Wednesday night during this quarter. \If your knees are knocking, kneel on them,\ says a war-time notice in a London church. Katoya Gets Talent The first meeting of the Katoya Players was held Thursday, October 5. Committees for the first school luncheon to be held Wednesday, Oc- tober 25, were appointed by the president, Vivian Hall. A member- ship committee consisting of Dorothy Davis, of Butte, chairman, Dorothy Neal of Livingston, and Helen Wal- rath of Bridger was also selected. Tryouts for Membership The second meeting was held on the regular meeting night Tuesday, October 17, at 7:30 for the purpose of hearing try-outs for new mem- bers. Try-outs were held for Thorn- ton Fuson of Belfry, Vivian Love of Bozeman, Elinor Shelhamer of Boze- man, Juanita Huppert of Livingston, Jewel Lovering of Silver Gate, Anne Mehling of Hardin, Jean Rushton of Butte, Augusta Sveen of Twiner, Betty Meredith of Forsyth, Dorothy Kimball of Savage, Geraldine Neu- mann of Reed Point, Marcia Beyer of Whitetail, Charlotte Mastin of Baker, Mary Smith of Edgar, Lola Westervelt of Big Timber, Lloyd Gering of Glendive, Martin Tucker of Livingston, Mary Worth, Roberta Rhoads, Alvin Patterson, Lorraine Schroeder, Maryann Burns, Betty McComas, Lael Snellbacher, and Anna Mae Wyn, all from Billings. At the next regular meeting, ini- tiation will be held for the success- ful candidates. The committee in charge of initiation is Ada Duell, chairman, Peggy Bent and Martha Calvert, all of Billings. A few last tryouts will be held also for those who were unable to appear on Oc- tober 17. Frosh Elect Officers The first year class meeting was held Wednesday, October 18, at 4 p. m. in room 109 for the purpose of electing officers and members of the Student Council. Dr. McMullen gave a short talk at the beginning of the meeting. Mr. Dean, sponsor of the class, was also present. The following officers were elected: President, Dale Bryson of Rosebud; vice president, Roberta Rhoads of Billings; secretary, Sue Meer of Worden, and treasurer, Roberta Kil- patrick of Hardin. Members of the Student Council elected are Alice Mohn of Scobey, Borghilde Rolseth of Libby, and Zella Barron of Bil- lings. Sketch Club Meets; Chooses Officers The Sketch club met for the first time Saturday, October 21, in room 304 under the sponsorship of Miss Hermine Roberts. Those present were Frances Holliday, Anna Mae Wyn, Barbara Ann Johnson, Mrs. Orpha Dann, and Bettye Cox. The first part of the meeting was spent in electing the officers of the club, Those elected were Bettye Cox, Billings, president; Barbara Ann Johnson, Ronan, vice president; and Anna Mae Wyn, Billings, secretary- treasurer. The latter part of the meeting was spent in pastel sketching, which was done out-of-doors near the school. This year the club will meet with Miss Roberts and Mr. Manion, alter- nately. The club will continue to meet Saturdays at 2 o'clock in room 304. Their projects in the immediate future will be linoleum blocks. Any student who is interested in sketching is invited to join the club. Dues for each quarter are 25 cents. STUDENTS ACT AS §UPERS Students from the E. M. S. N. S. and from other colleges of Billings assisted as extras in the Black Hills Passion Play, which was presented at the high school auditorium on October 10, 11 and 12. The extras who took the parts of the mob, the temple guards, water girls, temple dancers, etc., were ex- cused from all classes on Wednes- day, and all of the extras who cared to see the play did so on Thursday afternoon. STUDENTS ENTERTAIN IN INFORMAL GROUPS Elizabeth Hunter and Jack Lewis were dinner guests of Betty June Worst, October 18, at 1002 North Twenty-eighth street. A chicken dinner was enjoyed Sunday afternoon, October 15, by Misses Annabel Waddell, Helen Wal- rath, and Margaret Ottman, a former student, at the home of Frances Jones, 915 North Thirtieth street. Marcia Beyer entertained Kather- ine Peterson and Ila Mae Mattson for dinner at her residence. Marie Morton, Hazel Moore, Ethel Moore and Clara Fenton entertained at their home at 12 Spruce street, Thursday evening, October 5. Guests were Dolly Johnson, Myrtle Mc- Cammon, Ruth Nelson and Roma Wilson. A theatre party at the Fox the- atre on last Saturday night included Misses Dorothy Neal, Juanita Hup- pert, Vivian Hall, Emilie Maie Nad- ler, Eleanor Kennedy, Zola Warthen, and Dorothy Davis. BIRTHDAY IS CELEBRATED At her apartment at 20 Spruce street on Sunday evening, October 15, Miss Ruth Nelson was given a surprise birthday party by a group of her friends. Those present were Myrtle McCammon, Roma Wilson, Dolly Johnson, Marie Morton, Sue Meer, Hilde Meer, and Miss Nelson. The evening was spent playing games, and refreshments were served by the hostesses. Home Lures Students At Free Week=ends Among the students who went home on the week-end of October 13 were Vivian Norris to Red Lodge; Martha Anne Howland to Roberts; Helen Hofmann to Worden; Mary Etta Whitmeyer to Park City; Myr- tle McCammon to Huntley; Margit Bergum to Custer; Ruth Nelson to Forsyth; Jean Lohomaier and Juanita Owen to Lodge Grass; Helen Trask to Ballantine; Kathryn Peterson and Ila Mae Mattson to Absarokee; Orma Helmericks to Ryegate; Betty June Worst and Marilyn Laughlin to La- vina; Margaret Wilson to Boyd; Ellen Saunders to Columbus; Jim Patek to Bridger; Bud Humiston to Edgar; and Bob Morin to Redstone. Miss Mary Worth of Billings mo- tored to Helena, October 7, where she attended the Billings - Helena high school football game. ATTEND MILES CITY GAME Miss Margaret Achamire spent the week-end of October 13 at her home in Miles City, where she attended the Billings-Miles City high school football game. Others attending the game were Mr. Henry Good of Kal- ispell and Mr. Clinton Tracy of Miles City. Miss Vivian Nielsen was the guest of Miss Rosemary Speckeen at her home in Laurel for the week-end of October 13. Misses Annabel Waddell, Victoria Sampsel and Helen Trask, all of Bil- lings, and Miss Frances Jones of Wilsall were guests of Miss Helen Walrath at her home in Bridger the past week-end. The occasion was Miss Walrath's birthday. Bud Humiston of Edgar spent Sunday, October 15, in Pony, Mon- Kenneth Nelson attended the camp of the Lutheran Student association at Camp Miles on the Cooke City road, October 21 and 22. Miss Betty June Worst will ac- company Misses Jessie and Elizabeth Hunter to their home in Klein, on the week-end of October 28. tana. Eddie Gremmer, who taught in Fallon county last year, writes that he is now principal of a village school at Heron, Montana, very near the Idaho line. Vance Bronson is spending his fourth year of teaching at Ronan, Montana. From indications he is well satisfied with his position.

The Rimrock Echo (Billings, Mont.), 25 Oct. 1939, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.