The Western Wire (Dillon, Mont.) 2002-2004, November 25, 2002, Image 8

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Western Wire Page 2 Down to the Wire (Continued from page 1) Horoscopes Tyler Palmer ing, but plan for it instead of letting it just happen spontaneously. Tell your friends that that’s what you’re going to do, and plan a time off with them...but plan it. It’ll give you something to look forward to while you’re studying and more importantly it won’t screw up your study plans. During my college career one of the most important things I discovered about doing well during Finals was to simply take care of myself. I found out that when I did so I felt a lot better both physi­ cally and mentally, and it helped me get a lot more done with a lot less stress. First, party only during your scheduled times and take it easy. Sure, it’ll relieve the stress temporarily, but later you’re go­ ing to be pretty beat up and your mental state will suffer from it. Hang in there. Finals is only a week long. Also, get some sleep. Really. If you think that staying up late studying is doing you any good you’re wrong. You’re just not as sharp when you’re sleepy and your retention of information is lousy. Go to bed early if you can. Get some ear plugs or whatever it takes and get the kind of sleep you need to study effectively. Eat wisely. I’m pretty sure that most of you probably think this is useless advice, but it’s not. Lay off the greasy pizza and burgers and fries and try to eat healthy this week. I’m not saying go on a diet or eat nothing but salad, I just mean that bad food makes for bad energy and a bad mental state. Everybody knows that when you’re physi­ cally ill that your mental state suffers too. Imagine living off of nothing but candy for several days in a row. You’d be feeling pretty awful and your brain wouldn’t be in great shape either. It’s the same with any kind of stuff that may taste good but isn’t very healthful. Eat smart to stay smart. You’ll thank your­ self for it later on. Finally, what to do during the exams themselves. First, come prepared. Bring anything and everything with you that you’re allowed to use during the exam: notes, texts, a dictionary, calculator (don’t forget the spare battery!) or whatever. Make sure you’ve got it with you. Bring some blank paper along to scribble drafts on if that’s the nature of the exam. Also, make sure you’ve got some pens that work and some sharpened pencils. You don’t want to be walking around the halls look­ ing for a pencil sharpener when the clock is ticking down. During the exam itself, the best advice I can give is to take it easy. Exams are scheduled for two-hour slots. Two hours is a really long time, probably much longer than you think when it’s crunch time. Take your time. Don’t rush. Two hours is plenty of time to do things like write a rough draft for an essay exam and still have lots of time left to revise and finalize another draft. If it’s multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank, always go with your first notion for an answer. If you don’t, later on you’ll sec­ ond-guess yourself to death. For stuff that you don’t feel confident about, leave the spaces blank until the end and then come back to them. You’ll probably have eliminated other choices by then and so have a better chance of guessing later on. But, whatever kind of exam it is, take it easy. A person’s natural inclina­ tion is to hurry through an exam as fast as they can, either for fear that they’ll forget something if they don’t, or be­ cause they just want the damned thing to be over and done with. Don’t do it. If you know something, you won’t forget it; if you take your time you give yourself the best chance to do your best work. Slow down. If you’ve got the discipline within you to take my advice, I think you’ll set yourself up as well as you can for giving your exams your best shot. Plan ahead, get some rest, eat right and slow down during the exams and you’ll be fine. Besides, like I said earlier, Finals Week is only just one week out of your life after all. That is, until next semester. Good luck! The Western Wire Staff Is... Jonkar Arceniega Walter Dean Jeff Feenstra Chandra Hacker Tyler Palmer Kline Vorhes And: Photos by Holly Stiles Aries- It will be an adventur­ ous day for you. You will make many new friends and finally catch that break you have been looking for. Taurus- Listen to the people around you. Some of them might know what they are talk­ ing about. Be sure to tag your deer after killing i;, poaching is bad. Gemini- Today try to show off your personal side and the things that make you unique. Dye your hair, get your lover's name tattooed on your arm and show your Dad. Cancer- Today try to spend time with the people closest to you. Make sure you leave an hour for yourself for some alone time. Leo- If you're sad it might do you some good to attend a party this week. It will help you feel a lot better. That is, until you wake up the next day. Virgo- Today you will be rec­ ognized by your peers. They will see the wonderful person that they have been avoiding and come to be best pals with you. Libra- Don’t spend too much of your time making decisions. There is no reason to over ana­ lyze stuff. Just go with your gut feeling. Scorpio- Today is your day. Go down to Lucky Lil's and gamble. If you put in enough money, you just might be able to buy that new car you have been longing for. Sagittarius- The stage is set for your relationships. If you have more than one, don’t tell anyone, but congratulations. Don’t let outside influences in­ terrupt your time together. Capricorn- It is time to focus on your health. Try running some laps, doing some sit ups or even lifting a few weights. This will help you to lose some of those unwanted pounds. Aquarius- Today your non­ verbal skills will help you im­ prove your social status. Try doing some tricks in front of crowds of people to draw atten­ tion to yourself. This always works. Pisces- Back to simple things today. Take as many shortcuts as you can. That means avoid situations that seem overly com­ plex, like classes.

The Western Wire (Dillon, Mont.), 25 Nov. 2002, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.