Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.) 1975-1977, September 16, 1975, Image 7

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THE TUMBLEWEED Tuesday, Sept, 16, 1975 page 7 j National re Protection Association Ci] The Public Service Council, Inc. S ç MOST BURN VICTIMS WHO FELL ASLEEP WHILE SMOKING IN BED WERE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT THEY WOULDN'T FALL ASLEEP WHILE SMOKINGIN BED. For vour free Home Fire Check List, send a self-addressed envelope to PAC Dept National Fire Protection Assn. 470 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02210 COLLEGE CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE N eeded to s e l l Brand Name S t e r e o Com p onents to S t u d e n t s a t lo w e s t p r i c e s . Hi C o m m ission, NO In v e s t m e n t r e q u i r e d . S e r i o u s I n q u i r i e s ONLY 1 FAD COMPONENTS, INC, 20 P a s s a i c A v e . F a i r f i e l d , New J e r s e y 07006 JERRY DIAMOND 2 0 1 - 2 2 7 - 6 8 1 4 BOOKSAND SUCH THE SEAS AND OCEANS, C.F. Hickling & Peter Lancaster Brown, MacMillan, N.Y., 249 p., $5.95, cloth. LIFE IN THE OCEANS, Joseph Lucas and Pamela Critch, Dutton, N.Y., 216 p., $7.95, cloth. THE FASCINATING WORLD OF THE SEA: Circling the Globe for the WUd Seashell, Elva D. Sheets, Crown, N.Y., 248 p., $14.95, cloth. SHELLS: An Illustrated Guide to a Timeless and Fascinating World, Mary Saul, Doubleday, N.Y., 192 p., $14.95. If you believe both the evolutionists and the futurists, then you know that our heritage does indeed lie in the seas of the world . . . . and our future just might! It took hundreds of millions of years to produce the life that now inhabits the seas — eons of time in which that developing, evolving, and diversifying life reached a state of adjustment and balance with its water surroundings. And, jet. though man has sailed over the surface of the oceans for thousands of years, has explored nearly all the land areas of the world, and has even set foot on our satellite, the moon, we still know pathetically little about our potentially richest and yet most alien en­ vironment. The mysteries of the sea and its dark terrors are slowly being shed bit by research bit, but the inexorable onslaughts on its environment may find many of its precious secrets gone before we even begin the race in earnest to discover them. The former two volumes competently lay out for the non-scientist what little we yet know about the oceans and their life. THE SEAS AND OCEANS is a well-illustrated, pocket-sized encyclopedia of the nature of the seas and man’s role in them. LIFE IN THE OCEANS zeros in on man’s use — and misuse — of the seas — as a source of food reservoir of minerals and vehicle to other parts of the world. The latter two books. SHELLS and THE FASCINATING WORLD OF THE SEA are both lavishly illustrated guides to the strange animals of the sea known as mollusks and to their marvelous shells. Where SHELLS covers the evolution of these remarkable creatures more thoroughly, FASCINATING WORLD provides a more comprehensive look at their biology. Either would be appropriate gifts for the novice collector. D.G.H. COLLEGE STUDENTS POETRY ANTHOLOGY The NATIONAL POETRY PRESS announces its SPRING COMPETITION The closing date for the submission of manuscripts by College Students is November 5th ANY STUDENT attending either junior or senior college is eligible to submit his verse. There is no limitation as to form or theme. Shorter works are pre­ ferred by the Board of Judges, because of space limitations. Each poem must be TYPED or PRINTED on a separate sheet, and must bear the NAME and HOME ADDRESS of the student, and t h e COLLEGE ADDRESS a s w e l l . MANUSCRIPTS should be sent to the OFFICE OF THE PRESS NATIONAL POETRY PRESS 3210 Selby Avenue Los AngeleSf C a l i f . 90034 W e l c o m e . . . . a n d G o o d L u c k . TO \ T h e T u m b l e w e e d \ We are looking forward to working with We ur§e the cooperation of the student the Tumbleweed staff in the production of body of Carroll and the Helena merchants Carroll's news publication. ma^e this a tong-lasting information media for all concerned. T h e B o u / d e r M o n i t o r P r i n t i n g f t P u b l i s h i n g

Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.), 16 Sept. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Tumbleweed/1975-09-16/ed-1/seq-7/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.