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Lang and Wiedman to discuss the Presidency Tuesday, Oct. 14, 1975 - page 4 Presidential powers and the exe­ cutive bureaucracy wll be probed by Carroll professors William Lang and Dennis Wiedmann Tues­ day, October 14. The Informal lectures will be held In the Carroll College Lower Commons at 8 p.m. They will be open to the public without charge. The two part series Is sponsored by the Helena League of Women Voters and Carroll College. Lang and Wiedmann will discuss the development andadministra- tlon of United States policy by the chief executive. They will explore the president’s foreign and dom­ estic powers, Including war and emergency powers. The future of the presidential sy­ stem and federalism are also among the topics to be covered. Some suggested theories for reln- vigoratlng the executive bureau- The following questions were asked to the newly elected Presi­ dent and Vice-President of the Freshman class, Lupe Martinez and Andy Valkenberg. We thought their outlook on the upcoming school year would be of Interest to you. Q. Now that you have been In of­ fice for close to a month, explain whet you feel your functions as Pre sident or Vice-President of the Freshman class are. Lupe- To lead the freshman class In all the activities that are expec­ ted of them. I feel the president should be a person who works for more unltlty and spirit within the class. Andy- My job Is to assist Lupe in anything she has to do. Q. Are there any plans or goals you wish to reach this year? Lupe- I would like the Freshman class to sponsor different activi­ ties such as picnics, dances, etc. for the rest of the school and our­ selves. Also to show more spirit at the games and to take part In other school activities such as this All In all to really feel and be an Important part of Carroll. Q. A re there any changes that you want to make as far as dorm rules are concerned, such as quiet hours visiting hours, the no pet law, etc? Lupe- The only complaint I have heard from the freshman are the washing machine facilities. I guess other than that everything is fine. Andy- I agree with the no pet law because pets do Impose on others rights. As far as quiet hours are concerned I Don’t think there should be any. It’s up to the peo­ ple being infringed upon to re­ quest the noise be stopped, rather than having the rule hanging over your head. I think the visitation hours are alright and should be kept as they are. Q. Should independent studies be allowed for freshman and sopho­ mores? Lupe- I feel It should be offered If they are capable and responsi­ ble enough to handle It. Andy- I think It should be per­ mitted for certain situations, and I don’t think there should be any difference between freshman and seniors as far as things like this. cracy will be presented by the pro­ fessors. In considering the present status <4 the Dresidency. Laag and Wied­ mann bring to their subject broad backgrounds In U.S. history and political science. They have al­ lowed time following their presen­ tations for comments and ques­ tions from the audience. “Helenans following the Ameri­ can Issues Forum In the Independ­ ent Record will be particularly In­ terested In these two programs on the past, present and future Im­ portance of presidential powers.” commented Eva Spaulding, presi­ dent, Helena League of Women Vo­ ters. “Current events have focused attention on the executive branch, The League and Carroll College hope this Bl-Centennial series will broaden public understanding of the American presidency,” she added. Q. How would you plan to follow this up as far as getting the rule changed? Andy- At first I would need other peoples opinions, opinions of those who knew more about this subject. Then I would bring It up at an ASCC meeting. Q. How often do the freshmen meet? Andy- As of yet there Is no set meeting time, but plans are In the making for scheduled weekly meetings. Q. Do you feel the freshman class as a whole is Involved In general activities around campus? Lupe- I feel the freshman are involved In the activities around the campus but I think more could be Involved. They should get in­ volved because It gives them a chance to get away from studying all the time.It’s something differ­ ent. Andy- “So far I really think the freshman are really doing a lot.” QUESTION FROM THE TUM­ BLEWEED TO LUPE AND ANDY, WHY AREN’T “FRESHMAN” CALLED “FRESHPERSONS?” H i g h e r E n r o l l m e n t i s O K “God, my classes are full with all the Freshman and transfers. Why did they let so many damn Fresh­ man in, anyway?” “Oh, they’ll do anything that will bring In another buck—with more students you’ve got more bucks—It’sthedamnad- mlnistration again.” More than just a few students are complaining about how large the enrollment Is this year, and Its effect on the quality of our college. It is always easy to brush the blame off on the administration, but there Is credence to their logic also. Some believe the enrollment should have been limited to the number that filled the dorms, but would that have been fair to those who applied late? You could either reject their application or accept it with the understanding that they were welcome-but hadto find their own housing. Most would prefer at least having a chance to attend Carroll-College- rather than hav­ ing the door closed in their face. Others contend that enrollment should be limited to 1200 as their classes are getting too large. True, classes are getting larger, but limiting enrollment will not guarantee them smaller classes. There is a disproportionate num­ ber of students in the natural sciences this year, and limiting the number of students would not have solved this problem, either. Nor could this Increase in natural sciences be anticipated before re­ gistration. Yes, the administration does de­ serve some criticism, but they are not as short-sighted as they seem. Reminisce to the summer before you came to Carroll and how you would have felt being rejected be­ cause of lack of dorm space or an enrollment limit and you’ll pro­ bably agree. P o e t r y C o n t e s t S l a t e d A $1500 grand prize will be awarded in the current Poetry Contest sponsored by the World of Poetry, a monthly newsletter for poets. Poems of all styles and on any subject are eligible to compete for the grand prize or for 49 other cash or merchandise awards. Se­ cond place is $500 Joseph Mellon, contest direc­ tor, said, “The initial response is gratifying. Even poets who ne­ ver publish are sending their work.” Each winning poem will be Included in the prestigious World of Poetry Anthology. Rules and official entry forms are available by writing to- World of Poetry, 801 Portola Dr., Dept. 211, San Francisco CA 94127. Contest deadline- November 30, 1975. TO MAKE CHERRY BRANDY 4 qts. Brandy 4 lbs. red cherries 2 lbs. black cherries 1 Qt. raspberries a few cloves a stick of cinnamon a bit of orange peel Let all ingredients stand a month, close stopped, thenbottle off, put a lump o f sugar in every bottle. L u p e a n d A n d y t a l k a b o u t T h e i r ; C l a s s THE TUMBLEWEED The Educated Woman PART n Women’s Liberation Movement. By Holly Adams This, too, is an Idea that men have “But what do women want?” That is what Is always asked of us, as If It Is expected of us, like'tidy housekeepers, to come up in five short years with the magic remedy cleanser that will wipe clean the unbelievable mess men have crea­ ted from their position of power during the past five thousand years. But we’re only beginning to grope toward some analysis that feels right. Women are changing radically with the new consciousness of the women’s revolution. Everything, from the verbal assault on the street, to a “well meant” sexist joke your male friend tells, to television commercials, to lower salaries, to song lyrics, to the pink or blue blanket they put on a newborn infant In the hospital nur­ sery — everything seems to bar­ rage our aching brains. Women are beginning to see how all-per­ vasive a thing sexism is. (Sexism the definition of and descrimlna- tion against half of the human spe­ cies by the other half.) Once star­ ted, the realizations Is impossible to stop, and it packs a daily wal­ lop. “ To deny that you are oppres­ sed is to collaborate in your op­ pression.” (SISTERHOOD IS POWERFUL by Robin Morgan) Many women feel their femininity threatened by Identifying with the This is the Everyone has heard of the Car- rolleers, many people have even seen them in concert but that doesn’t mean too much. Why do I say that? Well, first of all, you have to appreciate the Carrolleers to really enjoy them. To appre­ ciate the Carrolleers and the mu­ sic that they bring to life you have to know what It Is like to be on the Inside. Any piece of music that the Car­ rolleers do Isn’t something that is picked up and immediately sung. A tremendous amount of work must go into each song before It is pre­ sented to the public. First of all, the arrangement must be one that fits the voice ranges and vocal power that a group the size of Carrolleers can naturally produce. There Is a small amount of amplifeationus­ ed but generally the only time you will hear an amplified voice Is when someone Is singing a solo part. Secondly, and probably the most important point, is attaining pro­ per balances. The right effect can only be achieved after many long hours of trial and error. One point that I feel must be-stressedlsthat no one voice can come out over and above any other. Carrolleers is not a group of Individuals who all have solo voices but, on the contrary, a group which has peo­ ple with solo voices who are able to work together to achieve a perfect balance. Next, If the song needs move­ ment, it must be choreographed. This Is a very hard step to work out properly. Many times the movement called for in the song is almost Impossible to follow be­ cause It causes a loss of vocal quality or sound. When all the music and dancing have been learned It is then, and only then that the Carrolleers start to come up to the quality that Is necessary for the perfor­ mance that people notice. The placed on us. Women who are In­ volved 1 b the Consciousness, that I know, feel they are more fulfilled and better able to express and know REAL femininity by being aware of the possibilities of their freedom. Many myths of power and education are descriminartory against women, and very subtly sometimes. “ Women are the only oppressed people whose biologi­ cal, emotional, and social life is totally bound to that of the oppres­ sors. We must provide a place for women to be friends, exchange personal griefs, and give their sisters moral support —In short, develop group consciousness.” (¡SISTERHOOD IS POWERFUL by Robin Morgan) The poem, “No Man Is an island” by John Donne made at least one person ( a man, by the way) very angry. This man has rewritten the poem as “No Woman’s Life Is an Island.” It has enriched the meaning of Women’s Conscious­ ness. No woman’s life is an island. He shores bump the beaches of the whole world. We are all connected to her. Each women, alive free and a whole person Enriches the life of every man. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee, it tolls for me. Carrolleers process doesn’t stop there, how­ ever. There are such decisions as the proper lighting, sound, cos tumes, instrumental back-up and visual set-up to worry about be­ fore you get to see the finished product. I cannot give enough credit to the man behind the Carrolleers, Joe Munzenrider. This is the third year that I have worked with him and I really feel rewarded for the privilege. Joe, as he is called by those who love and respect him most, is truly a gifted profession­ al. As I mentionedin the first par­ agraph, the Carrolleers bring a piece of music “to life.” Without Munzenrider there would be no “life” in the music that the Car­ rolleers do, It would simply be “sung.” The next time you hear the Car- roleers perform In concert,I hope that you truly appreciate the time and effort that has gone Into that production. The greatest reward you can give us will be your ap­ plause. Vumie Barnett About 5% of the American public surveyed lied when asked If they do anything to conserve energy, according to the Federal Energy Administration (FEA). r --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- ’ Is your b a n k A L W A Y S O P E N ? Bank-Around-ihe-Clock Is BANK OF MONTANA ^ E LA44S2T f8HSi N C E ° U L C H Member FDIC

Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.), 14 Oct. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Tumbleweed/1975-10-14/ed-1/seq-7/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.