Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.) 1975-1977, November 25, 1975, Image 3

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THE TUMBLEWEED Movie Review ¡H ere 'S NoTifiNG BY GREG SCHWAB P E R S O N A L Who could ever think of putting « , « y AMJ) <§CHLE S I N G E R John Wayne, and all of his brash, U^LD I J _ n Z w rough ways with the tender, ^ 0 (jO f u R THE, sophisticated Katherine Hep- n . «u ifliT / A I burn? Well, someone did, and it °C THE CATiriUGN ... was for the benefit of all. For in q . i ,r ^ rV\7 “ Rooster Cogburn” and “ The <yAnL W11H Lady” these two legendary movie figures finally meet. This is the first movie that Mr. Wayne and Miss Hepburn have made together and all I can say is, “ Why didn’t they get together 20 years ago?” We would have been blessed with some great movies. John Wayne, recreates his academy award-winning role of Rooseer Cogburn (“ True Grit” ) in this Hal Wallis Production. Though most of his scenes lacked the dynamics and excitement of great scenes his previous movies had, his use of dialogue is better developed and more believable. It was evident that Mr. Wayne’s age hampered some of his gusto, but the spitfire still could be seen. Katherine Hepburn was delight­ ful as the Gospel sprouting evangelist, Eula Goodknight. Though, like John Wayne, her age was quite noticable, it still was the same “ Katy” that we have seen in so many other movies. Her grace, flair and class were as great as ever; she didn't let us down. This Universal film had a fine supporting cast ranging from McCoy, portrayed equisitely by Strogher Martin, and Richard Ramacejli who played Wolf, the young Indian boy; to Rick Jordan who did a fine job in his role of Hank, the “ Badguy.” Some of the critism for this movie is deserving of the director Stuart miliar. A few of the scenes, (the rapids scene, e.g.) were not as exciting or fulfilling as they should have been. With such a talented cast, “ dead” scenes are inexcusable. Another distinguished name was found among the credits, for Miss Hepburn’s clothes were designed by the award-winning designer Edith Head. Though this film is not all that it could have been, it is still worthwhile to view just to see two “ greats” get together. Wayne and Hepburn, who would have believed it? GREG SCHWAB Tuesday, Nov. 25, 1975 - Page 3 ... tor purely political , seasons i ROSI ALSO ask foR Y our , resignation .. ..AW...NoW PONT CRY, BETTY.' QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS N o ti ce FREE - Aranda Marga Medita- Classes. For more information call 443-6467. ROOM FOR RENT in a Victorian Helena home. Meals available. Call Janet Sperry, 443-2749. F r o m t h e ASCC How much does each student pay per year toward’s men’s Intercollegiate Athletics? In 1972 there was a student referendum on the level of student funding for Intercollegiate Athletics at Carroll College. By a large majority vote, the referendum set the mandatory athletic fee for each full-time student at $22.00 per semester. This mandatory athletic fee is part of the $37 General Activity Fee collected each semester. So each full-time students pays $44.00 a year in fees towards Men’s Intercollegiate Athletics. Why did they go, and who was selected to go to the academic Conference in Logan, Utah? Three delegates were sent from the Carroll College student body to the Academic Conference so we could get new ideas in academics on what other schools are doing. Things such as student evaluations of Courses and Faculty, Academic Advising, ets, were discussed. The Three students selected to go were one from the Executive Committee, one from one of the present academic committees, and one student who was younger and interested in academic policy (that way we don’t have our “ resource” people all graduate this year). One of the original members selected to go was unable to attend at the last moment, so a substitute attended. Jack McLean, Tana Meeds, and Doug Diehl were the final three to attend the conference. Who select the speakers for the Walsh Lecture Series? The speakers for the Walsh Lecture Series are selected mainly by the Executive Committee of the ASCC--or the ASCC officers. If you have any ideas at all for speakers for the coming year, we’re starting to compile a list of possibilities now--so give them to any ASCC Officer. l)o you get credit for being an ASCC Officer? No. Some schools do give credit for being an officer in student government, but Carroll College never has. Officers are paid which is considered enough. Who puts the Calendar together? How do you get events put on it for next semester? The Organizational Vice-President, Kim Babcock does most of the work on the calendar, and you should contact her before the end of this semester if you want an event published on it. The Dean of Students Office and the ASCC Office share the cost of publishing the calendar. Female Counselor? In Dennis Wiedmann’s Intro, to Poli, Sci. class, a committee has taken a survey on career, placement and personal counseling. The survey indicates an urgent need to create a position for a female counselor. It seems very unusual that this action was not taken sooner since the freshmen enrollment this year is 213 women and 195 men. Last year there were also more women than men in the freshman class. It seems that the administration has overlooked the fact that women may have psychological problems about which they cannot talk to men. Or maybe the administration feels women are superior and don’t have problems that require counsel? If this is so then this college is much further along in feminism than I am. I do realize that there are financial problems involved with firing new personnel but one solution might be to have a woman who could teach and counsel. The committee invites you to respond to this question, either through the TUMBLEWEED or directly to Henry Leake (a member of the committee). STUDENT QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Mark an X in column 1 for the services that you think the Counseling and Placement Office at Carroll College now provides. 2. Mark an X in column 2 for the 6 services that you think are the most important services that can be provided at the present time. (YOU CAN USE CHOICES FROM GROUP 1 IF YOU FEEL THAT THEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT). lì MOST BURN VICTIMS WHO FELL ASLEEP WHILE SMOKING IN BED WERE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT THEY WOULDN'T FALL ASLEEP WHILE SMOKING IN BED. National Fire Protection Association 53 The Public Service Council, Inc. IL J Group 1 Group 2 A. ( 53) (192) 2 Individual psychological counseling provided by a female counselor. B. (193) (166) 6 Individual psychological counseling provided by a male counselor. C. ( 74) (188) 3 Individual career counseling provided by a female counselor. D. (212) (185) 5 Individual career counseling provided by a male counselor. E. ( 54) ( 85) Group career counseling provided by a female counselor. F. ( 92) ( 76) Group career counseling provided by a male counselor. G. ( 21) ( 58) Group psychological counseling provided by a female counselor. H. ( 65) ( 66) Group psychological counseling provided by a male counselor. I. (103) ( 83) Acquisition of cooperative education positions. J. (191) (239) 1 Placement of individuals in jobs following the completion of college. K. (111) (106) Group testing for graduate school entrance. Re: Law, Medical or any other necessary test. L. ( 44) ( 92) Career Day in conjunction with community leaders. M. (107) (188) 3 Aptitude and interest tests in conjunction with For your free Home Fire Check List, send a self-addressed envelope to PAC Dept. National Fire Protection Assn. 470 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02210 vocational counseling. 3. If you feel the college should provide a service not listed, please list below: 4. Have you now or would you use the counseling office if they provided the services you desired? Yes (278) No (22) Committee To Advance The Career, Placement and Person Counseling Henry R. Leake

Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.), 25 Nov. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Tumbleweed/1975-11-25/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.