Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.) 1975-1977, December 09, 1975, Image 5

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TH K TUMBLEWEED Leprechauns? Did you know the Carroll College Campus has “Leprechauns” hiding in its nooks and crannies? Did you know that these Leprechauns are responsible for cleaning up after 600 or so “Ogres” that unbeknownst to humans reside somewhere in the area of Carroll College? (Ogres are mythical creatures that litter profusively). And with the Leprechauns in Ireland people don’t acknowledge the little people who so painstakingly clean and scrub each day so the students who reside in the residence halls will not notice the residue left by the filthy “ogres”. The “Leprechauns” are no other than the maintenance crew of Carroll College. Oh, you’re probably saying why they’re nothing more than that department of people who don’t realize how good they’ve got. But they’re a bit more than that. For who’re the “orges”? Why, that’s you my friend. That is all inclusive, administration, faculty, and most importantly, students. It means the guy who threw an empty sixer out of the window, the girls who throws her worn out nylons out the window, the faculty member who gets angry at someone parking in his place and so to alleviate his anger blocks in four cars with his car after which he locks his car carefully and mysteriously disappears for half a day. (Maintance is responsible for the parking around Carroll). And then there’s the administrator who wants 400 chairs in the basement of the commons at 10:00 a.m. and 300 chairs in the P.E. center at 12:30 p.m. (there are only 500 chairs on campus to be used for setups) which means movement of around 700 of these chairs since there aren’t enough to go around. Well that’s their job you say. Bull shit I say. Why don’t some people around this campus get some common decency and respect and acknowledge the impossible job maintance does? The Maintanence Department is responsible for cleaning up, tearing down, building, and moving half of Carroll College on an instant’s notice. And yet people are continually knocking the job they do and the attitude they do it with. Why don’t people realize the magnitude of running a campus of our size and stop looking at their situation as if it were the universe and rather at their problem as a minor part of a larger universe. There are seven large buildings on campus and with a very conservative estimate, 600 rooms. Try and imagine heating these rooms with radiator (boiler) power, with all the assorted problems of old pipes and radiators. Then the average student or administrator complains when the temperature varies one or two degrees from 72 degrees F. Has anyone noticed in the classrooms how clean the blackboards are in the morning, or how clean his or her hall floor is after maintanence makes its sweep? Leprechuns? No! Maintanence? Yes! The point of this editorial is that people sometimes take too much for granted. People have no right to portray them as crying, sniveling dullards who couldn’t do a job right if they were paid, (though for the pay they get I don’t know why maintanence works at all). I realize this is a single cry in the dark, but I hope it makes you think, for this article was written without maintanence’s knowledge or approval and is based entirely upon my experiences and perceptions of the problem. So the next time you drop a candy wrapper on your hall floor, just wait; one of the “Leprechauns” will be along shortly to clean up after the “ogres”. Frank Leeds Album Reviews BY DAVE PRICE In view of the recent Ozark Mountain Daredevil’s concert, I decided to review their latest album, The Car Over the Lake Album. This album is more than likely the Ozark’s best yet. The first album with “If you Wanna Get to Heaven” on it was nice; “Jackie Blue” was off the second and that album was nice too. The only problem was that these two singles were probably the worst cuts off their respective albums. I don’t know what is going to be the single off this new album because there aren’t any bad enough to put on AM radio. The Daredevils have grown tremendously since “It’ll Shine When It Shines” and that’s our good fortune. “Leatherwood” would be my choice for a single so if A & M Records reads this, take note. It has a deep country flavor with fine back-up harmonies led by guitarist Randle Chowning and some very solid percussion courtesy of Larry Lee. Side 1 of this album is more country than Side 2 but it seems to me that these boys are open to anything. They certainly can play anything from a fifties-flavored “Thin Ice” to mellow, mellow “Whip­ poorwill” . There is energy squared on this album. Success apparently won’t ruin this band if they can keep their minds on their music instead of getting into the hype professional groups seem to fall into. A song called “If I Only Knew” sounds too much like “Jackie Blue” and will probably be the one that has the hell played out of it on the radio station, but don’t let that discour­ age you. The whole album is extremely good in every aspect and is worthy of serious consider­ ation for anyone’s collection. On a scale from one to ten, one being struck in a car with your Aunt Mildred for three days in a snowstorm without skis or beers, and ten being stuck in a car with your 2nd cousin Susie for three days with 6 cases of beer (who cares about skis now?), this album rates an 8.0 for musical quality and 8.5 for recording quality. Speaking of quality (and quan­ tity in young Susie’s case), there is a new album on the shelves that everyone will buy for the wrong reasons. “Rock of the Westies” is an excellent album by that cute liT ol’ Elton John. The guy drives me nuts. “Mad­ man Across the Water” has always been my favorite album he did, and it would be hard for me to say which other one I despised. I don’t really care how many pairs of glasses the guy owns, or how many rings he has, or how outlandish he can make himself look, he is a talented man. “Rock” will be bought by some people just because E . J . did it. A perfect case in point is “Caribou”. It sold like reds and was the biggest folly on the buying public I have ever heard. Music? I doubt it. Fun? Yeah, it flew pretty good. What I mean is this; when you buy the album, if you buy the album, sit back and listen to The Elton John Band, not some little guy dressed in peacock feathers. Ray Cooper, Tuesday, Dec. !), 1975 - Page 5 S p e e c h - D e b a t e T e a m C o m p e t e s a t P o w e l l Carroll College Debaters Peggy Tadej and Henry Leake prepare to take on Northwest Community College Debaters Don Cox and Gene Smith during the Trapper Speech Hendizvous. (photo by Joe Locurto, NWCC) On the weekend of Nov. 14-l5th, the Northwest Community Col­ lege at Powell, Wyoming hosted its fifth annual Trapper Speech Rendezvous. 130 students attended from eleven schools, including Carroll. Dan McGowan placed second in Persuasive Speaking for Carroll. Members of the Carroll team who competed were: Peggy Tadej, Henry Leake, Eileen Kelly, Mark Lamour, Sharon Mitchell, .Ann Manion, and Dan McGowan. one of the percussionists is simply a wizard and Caleb Quaye deserves some recognition for some very precise guitar work on songs like \Yell Help, Wednes­ day Night, Ugly.” Sure E.J. is a talented pianist and composer extrodinare, but let’s not forget about those guys behind him making him the star that he is. Old Friends Dept.: Quicksilver Messenger Service has a brand- new album out after disbanding about 3 or 4 years ago. “Solid Silver” is the name of the album and it is good to hear them again. Their music has not changed in style that much so it might seem kind of out of place here now, but for all you who remember “Shady Grove” and “ Happy Trails”, this is a keeper deluxe. John Fogerty is with us again and the album he has put together surpasses anything he has ever done and anything Creedence ever did forthat matter. It is an album of rock ‘n’ roll without any frills. He plays all the instru­ ments you hear and does a really nice job on them all. A fine accomplishment for a recording studio and even a finer achieve­ ment for John Fogerty. Take a listen. FREQUENT CAUSES OF FIRE Most frequent causes of building fires are, in this order: electri­ cal; smoking and matches; heating and cooking equipment; children and matches; open flames and sparks; incendiary or suspicious actions; flammable liquids; lightning; chimneys and flues; and spontaneous ignition. Faulty and misused electrical installations and equipment, which lead the list, are responsi­ ble for nearly 150 thousand fires each year. Dan McGowan receives his trophy for second place in Persuasive Speaking at the Trapper Speech Rendezvous hosted by Northwest Community College in Powell, Wyo. 442-4750 - Collect You can use blackboard chalk to mend nail holes in plaster walls. Just drive the piece int>- the hole and cut off flush with the wall.

Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.), 09 Dec. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Tumbleweed/1975-12-09/ed-1/seq-5/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.