Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.) 1975-1977, March 16, 1976, Image 6

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Tuesday, March 16, 1976 - Page 6 Tin- tumbleweed Dog Day Afternoon: The Epitomy of America by chris mangiantini If every person in america saw dog day afternoon, there would be no more america. if every thinking person at this fine institution saw dog day afternoon there would no longer be a fine institution of carroll college, needless to say, there is still an america and still a carroll college, and government pacifies government and institutions pacify each other, and there you and i are-still sympathizing with the institution because the institution owns us, they bought us from america, it tends to keep us off the street until our minds mature enough to accept the almighty diploma which promises happiness and lots of expensive toys, of course we pay for these too, we hand over dignity and self pride and society gives us toys to keep us quiet, amused and busy little people, people who can recite textbooks word for word, and people who can tell us exactly what to think because they learned it from their professors and if it is taught in the classroom it must be right, never question the institution, if they don’t slap your hands they’ll cut them off, so you can’t write, but you scream so loud everyone hears you, so they cut your tongue out and slander your name with the blood of your truth, and when they wheel you out people whisper about how terrible you were, what a bad influence, basically a degenerate, why? because you talked, you dared to think on your own you threatened the institution and society which feeds you all the garbage, stuffs you with it until all you can see is garbage, until you become a piece of garbage, just like them, you scared them, and they laugh nervously when your name is mentioned because they know they killed you, they know it, and they pacify each other, they have to, they caught you laugh, you laugh so loud you face turns blue, they hate you because you laugh they can’t laugh that’s why they fear you. you are the utmost in fear to them, you are the snake that crawls between their feet and around their neck, threatening to strangle them with truth, they choke and tolerate the burden for a while until hunting season begins, you know-kent state-attica-jackson state-southern universty. this was hunting season, if they didn’t shoot us they’d have to shoot each other, sometimes it happens, a thinking person is allowed to teach in an institution but since he-she thinks, they are termed radical and put on unwritten probation, sometimes written, that’s why nixon got caught, they can be shot while they are on probation, or they can surrender to a compromise, hand your mind over to us, we can program it so you can keep your job and prestige, we’re doing you a favor, we don’t have to you know, and they remind you until you can’t really remember if you had a mind so you just agree, they pat you on the back and tell you what an asset you are to society, you nod your head, stare at the wall and realize you neither live nor die. hunting season is coming up again, hide your bakery lists, and declare you were brainwashed, sexually abused, beaten, and under the constant threat of death, it works every time. Rape Awareness Program Offered The Helena Rape Awareness Program is offering a 16-hour education and training session, which began March 13, for women interested in becoming involved in rape invention and education. The session will cover back­ ground and statistics of the crim e , counseling techniques used in dealing with rape victims an& procedures involved in dea! ng with law enforcement age cies and medical personnel. The program, which will run one full day and four consecutive Tuesday evenings, (See schedule beiow) will feature tours of the Helene police department and St. Peter’s Hospital, plus a question - answer session with Lewis and Clark County Atty. Tom Dowling concerning courtroom proce­ dure. Propective volunteers will be instructed in peer counseling techniques by two professional counselors from the Southwest Montana Mental Health Center. The session will be conducted by the Rape Awareness Program, an arm of the Helena Women’s Center. The rape group, com­ posed of 25 volunteer members, organized in August to help counter a growing trend in Helena area of crimes committed against women, according to Linda Whedbee, coordinator of the group. Whedbee cited recent statistics compiled by the Helena police department which document the increase. According to those statistics, the number of report­ ed, forcible rapes rose from two in 1974 to six in 1975. The statistics can be mislead­ ing, however, according to Whed­ bee. “ Some rapes and sex offenses are never reported because of the social stigma attached to victims of these crim e s ,” she said. \Though the overall crime rate decreased slightly last year, women constitute a growing class of victims in the Helena area.” The rape group is set up to receive rape crisis calls 24 hours a day. Its service is confidefitial and free. The service is funded by small grants and private dona­ tions. In addition to assisting and supporting the rape victim by accompanying her through the law enforcement and medical systems at her request, volun­ teers working with the group provide public education through a speaker’s bureau and resources for anyone seeking information about rape. Whedbee listed the following goals set by the group: To help eliminate public prejudice against rape^ictims; to educate and instruct women in preventive tactics; to develop reliable statis­ tics on the incidence of rape in the com m u n ity; to encourage the reporting of rape, and to sensitize law enforcement, hospital and other agency personnel to the trauma that accom p a n ies the crime of rape. In addition, the group is working to expand its focus to cover critnes against children, victim compensation and wom en’s health issues. Women interested in working with the group, or those simply seeking information, are encour­ aged to attend the upcoming training session. For more de­ tails about the session, contact the Helena Women’s Center at 443-5353 or at 107 W. Lawrence. The Tuesday evening training sessions are listed below: Tuesday Evening, March 16, 7:00 p.m. On the job explanations and demonstrations of hospital procedures and tests for victims of rape. (Meet at the hospital emergency room). This will last approximately 2 hours. Tuesday evening, March 23, 7:00 p.m. Helping skills. Representa­ tives from the Southwest Mental Health Center will conduct two or three training sessions dealing with counseling techniques or helping skills. Persons attending this session and the session to be held in April 6th will be urged to actively participate in group discussion and role-playing situa­ tions. (Woman’s Center) Tuesday Evening, March 30, 7:00 p.m. County Attorney, Tom Dowling, or representatives from that office will conduct a quest- ion-answer session regarding courtroom procedures-what the rape victim can expect. (Wom­ an’s Center) Tuesday Evening, April 6, 7:00 p.m. Continuation of helping skills (see March 23) Tuesday Evening, April 13 (tentative) 7:00 p.m. Continua­ tion of helping skills. The Column Zap Patrol Hello. Cagieness. That’s what it’s all about. It doesn’t matter if you really have a gun or not, it’s how you act. If some guy wants to steal your car, just put your CENSORED in your pocket and pretend it’s a gun. If the thief persists, simply take your CENSORED out and stick it in his face. That should discourage him, eh? The whole thing is, gun laws today are CENSORED. They apply only to owners of CB radios. On the subject of CB radios, I could rant all day, but that’s in the next issue so don’t touch that dial. Have you ever been in the country enjoying the day and all that other John Denver stuff, when out of nowhere roars a 1949 Ford pickup almost knocking you flat on your billfold? The truck scratches to a semi-abrupt halt, and the first thing you spot is three 30.06 rifles strung neatly on the four post gun rack and the last (but certainly not the least) is a double barrell shotgun. After the guy mellows out his six dobermans in the back, he steps out with the hugest .44 you ever saw on his hip and says what the hell are you doin’ on my land? You had to register your Boy Scout knife and this nazi war criminal has his own army. Perhaps your experiences haven’t been as harrowing as mine, but something seems wrong. We buy a gun and they even ask you if you like Hormel chili and if you say Hormel what?, you have to start all over again, and usually never end up getting the gun because you answered the question about marihuana truthfully, while at the same time, Nazi Joe is saying “ I ’ll take the big one Harry.” and walking out with an already loaded cannon capable of blowing a man’s leg across the street. Run for it! Arm yourselves! Sharpen those Boy Scout knives and turn it up. We may still have a chance. Where did the likes of Oswald get their guns? In a pawn shop and sealed lips for an extra twenty, that’s where. Let’s encourage our friends and neighbors to register their guns or stop shooting the small animals that wander about all night. Last night there was a cat and two dogs, the night before that there was a frog, two cats, and a Pepsi can. What will it be tonight? My car? Stop all this insanity before it’s gone too far! Er, sorry, I got a little carried away. Remember: Legalize or Subsidize. Part two: The dance goes on around us in our sweet despair And no words sink in And no one dances. E l \ - - I There’s a superstition that says if you bite your tongue you will tell a lie! Friday was regarded by Norsemen as the luckiest day of the week. 90,000 people are earning college credits in the Army. 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Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.), 16 March 1976, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Tumbleweed/1976-03-16/ed-1/seq-6/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.