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THE TUMBLEWEED This week the Tumbleweed introduces its readers to “ What is. . .” , written by Doug Lowney. (This is not to be misconstrued so as to read “ What is Doug Lowney?” ) Tuesday, Oct. 28, 1975 - Page 3 M o r a l s V e r s u s M a t u r i t y WHAT IS. . . T a n e y C l u b The possibilities for campus involvement are numerous, to which most students will attest. Much of this busy-ness can be attributed to our many campus clubs. This week’s focus is on a club with which many of you have been involved and possibly didn’t even know it. The Taney Club affects many campus students. The name Taney Club would never give away the interests of its twenty or so members. Without explanation one would never credit this group with “ American Graffiti” or “ P ete n’ Tillie” , not to mention “ Northfield Minnesota Raid.” The Taney Club consists of those meticulous organizers and talented projectionists that have saved us all-or will save most of us-from complete boredom at some point during our Carroll experience. The Roger Brooke Taney Club, the group’s complete name, was begun in the early days of Carroll College to bring entertainment to the students. Why the club took the name it did is lost in the hallowed halls of eternity-at least this reporter could not get a reasonable explanation. Suffice to say Taney was the first Catholic Supreme Court Justice and worthy of recognition on that note alone. The present-day club is looking to the improvement of Carroll College in other little ways also. For example, if someday you happen to notice a showcase with movie ads in it down at the Commons let your mind go back to this article. Or if a Christmas ornament-making contest occurs, remember that you heard it here first, folks. President Christi Gore assures me that the movie-getters will be busy. Also look for this group after Christmas with a range of shows from “ Mary Queen of Scots” to \The Day of the Jackal” . If you want to be more than an interested observer of this organization, Christi down on Third Old of Guadalupe hall or Vice-president Joan Balcombe (443-3168) assure me that they would be happpy to hear from you. DOUG LOWNEY As a postscrip I would like to invite readers to let me know if I can answer a “ What is. . .” about Carroll College for you. If so contact the “ Tumbleweed” by phone (Ext. 275) or mail or contact me at 443-2242 or Box 167, Carroll College. S t a t l e r s o f f e r O w n I n t e r p r e t a t i o n A unique and somewhat experi­ mental project is presently being prepared by country music stars, the Statler Brothers, and their record label, Mercury Records. After seven years of research and two years of writing, the Statlers have prepared two separate albums to be entitled “ Holy Bible - Old Testament” and “ Holy Bible - New Testament.” Both albums w ill be released by M e rcury on October 10 and treated as individual pieces of product. The albums are not gospel albums in the strict sense of the word. Harold Reid, one of theStatler Brothers, said, “ These are really country albums with a gospel theme. To call these gospel would be like calling ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ a gospel album instead of an album of rock music based on some of Jesus’ activities. Fifteen of the 21 songs on the albums are written by us.” Reid pointed out, “ W e’ve gone into the human aspect of the Bible after considerable re ­ search. We may raise a few eyebrows because within the tunes we point out things like Samson’s downfall was Delilah because she was the only thing he loved more than God. Or the fact that King David sent a soldier into battle to be killed because he * - - - - - - - - - - 1 is your b a n k A L W A Y S O P E N ? Bank-Around-the-Clock is B A N K OF M O N TA N A 500 N. LAST CHANCE QULCH PHONE 442-1850 Member FDIC k», J k o f G o s p e l wanted the man’s wife. We’ve also brought it to the human level in other ways such as pointing out what happened to Abraham and asking the listener what they would do in the same situation. The point is, all the people in the Bible weren’t sacred; they had human weaknesses like you and Our research checked the facts right down to the word and the commas.” Reid expects a portion of the public to dislike what is said about some of the people in the gospel but, as the group says in the albums’ liner notes, “ W e’re asking you to join us in meeting these people. Take them off the pedestal and put them on the street. Don’t look at them with your mouth open but with your mind open.” The project resulted from fans requests for the group to do gospel music. “ We actually started out as a gospel group,” Reid said, “ but that was before we were recording. We all grew up in a religious atmosphere and go to church with our families to this day. “ We actually wrote the first tune for this project in 1967 but because of our schedules it just hasn’t been possible to get it done until now. Besides, the extensive research took up a great deal of time.” Lou Simon, Senior Vice Presi­ dent of Mercury Records said, “ Although these will be treated as two separate albums as far as marketing is concerned, we’ve made sure the connection is obvious. The first step was the cover art which is similar but not identical. Advertising etc. will involve both albums. A consi­ derable amount of support is planned by M e rcury for this incredible project.” BY BERNIE MCCARTHY R e c e n tly I was aked by a prominent member of the faculty who is also a member of the Religious Affairs committee to take some sort of sampling of the students and ask them what they felt the religious needs of the campus are. One response I received was to encourage a better man-woman relationship. This problem struck a familiar not in me, for I have heard rumblings of this problem from former and present resident staff and many other students. In the last issue of this paper, Bob McCarthy’s article “ Chicks in Charles?! also raised this probelm and perhaps put the blame on someone. He states clearly, “ The fact that we hinder men and women from interacting in a healthy, non-artificial setting must mean that we encourage such interaction elsewhere. (Or do we forbid it altogether?!).” Upper-classmen are not unfam­ ilia r with the problem s of interaction Bob talks about and for which I would like to take a stand. As I see it there is. a very serious ideal being overlooked here. The fact is that socially, we as students are encouraged to be QUESTIONS AND ANSW ERS f Q: Why are the ASCC meetings always on Thursday nights at 9:15? That’s a bad night because there are alot of classes Thurs­ day night. A: There seems to be fewer night classes on Thursday night than other nights, so we chose that night. We had the meeting, on Tuesday nights at the end of , last year, and it did not seem to work as well as Thursday night. 9:15 is late enough to avoid conflict with most evening classes, too. Q: Does the ASCC have any policy-m a k ing power for the whole school? Acting as a body within itself, it does not have much policy m aking power, but we have student representatives on var­ ious committees which do deter­ mine the policy for the school. These committees include athlet­ ic committee, Board of Educa­ tional Policy and Practice, Col­ lege Council, Food Board, L i­ brary Board, Religious Affairs Committee, Scholarship Commit­ tee, and Planning Committee and subcommittees. An example of this power is the recent decision of the Food Board to do away with the Sunday Buffet (except for 1 Sunday a month). They established that policy. We have influence on other policy, too. The ASCC initiated the push for Saturday M a il Service, etc. Q: Have you officers ever felt that theASCC is a useless organization? Even when you were freshman and sophomores or juniors? A: Yes, we definitely have-es- petially before the last year and a half. And maybe that is a challenge to try and make it more effective recently, but that is has SstaMiiM m 411 No. Last Chance Gulch docile for four years, passively eating dinner and going to a dance with a girl or a guy about three times a year. Even then we are expected to be respectable and “ clean cut.” This sometimes tends to be artificial because we are expected to represent a community which encourages docility most of the time rather than being ourselves in whatever situation comes up. There is, in my opinion, a very serious rift between the women’s dorm and the men’s dorm which must be remedied. Socially, it would appear to m e that at Carroll you either sit in the dorm and study or go find one girl or one guy and settle into a “ m a rriage” (by Carroll College terms) and exist in a sheltered ■ life. For the few who dare break out and meet friends from both sexes, the question of what type of reputation you are gaining, again hinders your social life, of course we could alw a y s be encouraged to develop relation­ ships “ elsewhere” (if at all). If we do this, have we accomplished a “ community” (that word we keep hearing in church)? Per­ haps all we have done is taken one section out of community to “ protect” our students morals. If we accept that, kiddies, I r o m t h e A S C C a lot m o re potential to be developed. Q: How much did Homecoming Cost? - The following is a summary of all Hom ecom ing activities: Coronation and pictures, 76.00 Lighting of the “ C” , 65.00 Dance and decorations, 750.00 Prizes for floats, 75.00 3 classes at 65.00 each 195.00 3 clubs 118.68 Total subject to change 1280.03 A special thank-you to the ' Sophomore class and their officer Dan M cCarthy, P e g g y Quinn, Karen Murray and Kim Mayes for their time and efforts on a job well done. ve got some property in Florida for sale. The question I am trying to raise in your mind, readers, is this--Is there a serious problem of inter-action between men and women on this campus and if ther is, what can we do about it? One must take into consideration that while we may talk with members of the opposite sex, is there real communication and inter-action? I personally feel that there is a serious problem brought on by a variety of factors. One, Carroll’s unnatural environment, that is, seperating men and women and actually encouraging that seper- ation as being natural. What Bob McCarthy said makes me wonder are we being encouraged to develop our relationships off campus at the Pub, Bert and Ernie’s or the backseat of your roommate’s car? Secondly, it is assumed that at midnight, “ weird” things begin to happen between a maturing young man and woman so everyone has to retreat to their neutral corner (C h a rlie and Guad) until you have had plenty of time to take a cold shower and start all over again the next day at three or noon or whenever. Almost another encouragement to take your relationship else­ w h ere, wouldn’t you say? Finally, women (in some cases) still have “ Big Sisters” in Guad which insinuates to me at least that théy need protection from the “ mad rapists” in Charlies. All of these things contribute to a poor inter-action between the men and women of Carroll College. I believe we are actually encouraged to keep our distance until a magic bell rings and we are all of a sudden ready to take on com m u n ication with the opposite sex. What we all need to do is sit down and seriously evaluate Carroll College’s social community in relattionship to the world outside the boundaries of this campus. Ihope this article has challenged a few viewpoints. If it has, please respond. i g . JL Ü p à j q p D P C T t j D D O d ? R E E D E R S A L L E Y “ 3D Q C Intimate- where else can you dine or snack liS O S f S by candlelight 'til midnight \ S l g Q e a t : : a a En tertainm en t — where else can you enjoy live mellow music - after 9, M-W; after 6 Thurs. - Sat. With Wine or Beer meals under $5 Free Parking

Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.), 28 Oct. 1976, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Tumbleweed/1976-10-28/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.