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The Tumbleweed, Tuesday. April 26, ¡677—3 women — it’s your move Mark Sevier Last week I happened to run into five women sitting around Guad Hall with nothing to do, while the Spring Formal was in full swing across campus in the upper commons. Our idle talk soon turned to their frustration over not being invited to the Spring Fling. Comments and questions such as “Look at all the lights on in Charles- why don’t those guys get off their duffs and ask us out?” were prevalent in the discussion, and their comments were well founded. There were many men who did not go to the formal, and there were even more women who were left out of the activities. This essay, however, will not deal with the men who did not want to go. What I want to deal with is the women who wanted to go, but did not. Our present social norms dictate it is the man’s respon­ sibility to take the initiative in asking a woman out on a date. It is a rather old system, one that has stood the test of time, but one that has one major drawback. A woman, dealing within this norm, has very little control of her own social life. If she wants to go to a dance, she has to wait to be in­ vited. If she is not invited, she sits at home, or finds something else to do that night. Finding an alternative activity for the night is not necessarily a bad thing, if she is satisfied with not going to the dance. But my experience has shown that many women, particularly on this campus, would like to be in­ cluded in formal dating to school activities. Therefore, it seems to me that a reform is needed in our unwritten-but-loudly-professed social rules. This raises the topic of women taking the initiative and asking men out. For the woman who receives an invitation to a dance, formal, dinner, etc. there does not exist the need to take the initiative to ask a male out. She is able to function in a social system that has met her needs, and this is good. It is the person who has not been invited out whose needs the system is not meeting, and it is these people who must become assertive and take action that will give them more control in their social lives. Let me suggest that it is the person who has not been in­ cluded in an event that must make the moves to be in­ cluded, because if they wait for the ‘proper’ person to in­ itiate the action, the action will never occur. Face it, women, the men in this society have it made in the shade. If they want to go to an event, they ask a girl for a date. If they don’t want to go, they don’t go. Women, on the other hand, who want to go to a dance, have to wait to be asked, and, if they don’t want to go to a dance and are asked, have to either go to the dance and fake wanting to be there,or go through the hassle of turning the person down. I am not saying that it is always easy for a man to ask a woman out, but at least he has some control over his life. Understandably, there are many concerns and ques­ tions a woman may have concerning asking a man out on a date. It is a practice that is not generally taught in the process of growing up. Questions women have asked me are “How do I (a man) feel about a woman asking me out?” or, ‘How does one ask a man out?’ or ‘What will he think about me?’ Considering myself an average male, I have very positive reactions to these questions, but I also realize that many people do not think the way I do. I am per­ sonally flattered whan a woman asks me out. Her actions indicate that I am a person she would like to spend an evening with, which in itself is an incredible boost to my ego. About asking a man out, I suggest asking him the same way a woman would like to be asked out. Men are not born with the ability to ask a woman for a date; they have to learn. In the same way, if a woman wants to ask a guy out, she not only takes the initiative of asking for a date, she also runs the risk of being turned down. You will find, however, that a rejection is not the end of the world, even though at the time it may not be a pleasant experience. Many men have experienced rejection, for whatever reasons, for many years. As for the third question, “What will he think about me?” , it depends on the man’s concept of himself. Many people are threatened by assertive people, and, if a man is threatened by assertiveness, he surely will be threatened by an invitation. It is my experience, however, that any person, man or woman, who is comfor­ table with their self concept will be comfortable being asked out by an assertive person. Assertiveness is not always easy. It is a process that must be learned, must be experienced. Being assertive introduces the risk of being rejected. However, if a woman can assert herself and ask a man out on a date, the chance of having a good time is indeed great. The woman who asks a man out on a date will probably not find herself sitting at home when she wants to be out dancing. Women, it's your move! Homosexuality is Sin I asked the editor to reprint an article I later found in U of M’s student newspaper: KAIMIN, March 9, 1977. Do not be shocked by its heading but read its content. Rev. Michael A. McGovern Recently I have been astounded by the influx of articles everywhere on homosexuality. Astounded, not that homosexuality exists, because it’s “par” for the course of sinful humans, but amazed at the poverty and total lack of correct and meaningful data in such articles. A person’s sexuality is not established at a later stage in life, it is established at birth. “Male and female created He.” (Genesis 1:27) The mere mention of the creation ordinance “to be fruitful and multiply” should at once give the reader understanding that men were not created for men sexually. The female was made for man for the kind of companionship and reproductive blessing. Any medical doctor would tell us the obvious intention of the two sexes. To say that ‘gays’’ should accept themselves as normal and that the emotional problems of the homosexual are letters cont. To say that someone is more “human” in practicing homosexuality is a misleading statement. In truth we may try to pursue love for all but sexuality is for the bles­ sings of marriage and marriage is for the birth of children. Rob Blotkamp cry for justice Dear Editor: For nearly twelve years a man has been confined in Montana State Prison for a crime he did not commit. We feel that it is our duty to do everything in our power to rectify this grave miscarriage of justic.e In 1965, Charles Edward Corliss was arrested on the charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping. He was tried and convicted of these charges and sentenced to life plus ten years. David Walters, his alleged partner, pled guilty and received a similiar prison term. There are a number of documents available that in­ dicate Corliss’ innocence. Among the documents are a caused by misconceptions of society, the family and the church, is just as erroneous as if I were to say “let’s eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” Even the lower animal kingdom of earth knows what normalcy in the sexes is about. If homosexuality is normal and no change is possible then so is murder, drunkenness, venereal disease, rape and drug addiction normal, and no change possible. Homosexuality is sin. Just as drunkenness, VD and murder are sin. Our society makes these all sound like sicknesses and diseases, but they are not. They are the results of rebellion against what God says not to do. Drunkenness is the sin, alcoholism is the sickness; sex­ ual permissiveness deviation, and perversion are the sins, venereal disease is the sickness. If we as a society condone homosexuality or any sin, we have become “ none the better” and have learned no les­ son from Sodom and Gomorrah, chapter 19 of Genesis. Homosexuality is an abomination to the God of the un­ iverse. He hates it. (Leviticus 18:22) I understand God’s command to love all mankind, but not once am I commanded to love the sin it commits. To the contrary, we are to minister \the truth” of God’s Word. That is to say to be a people who rebuke, reprove and instruct each other in the things of the Lord Jesus polygraph test given at the time of their arrest, a letter written by the prison chaplain to Walters’ parents with a postscript in Walters’ handwriting stating that Corliss is not guilty, and a notorized affidavit written by Walters stating that Chuck “did not have anything whatsoever to do with the robbery, kidnapping, or murder” of which he was convicted. All of these documents were written in 1965 and 1966. We have started a petition drive in Helena asking the Governor and the Board of Pardons to free Corliss. We are asking you to please take some time and read over the petition and the affidavit that accompanies it. We need your signatures. The petitions are at the General Mercantile, the Opera House, Aunt Bonnies Bookstore and the Bitterroot Folklore Center, downtown and at the Glory Hole Food Co. by the train depot. If you have any questions one of us will be available in the lower commons toward the end of this week. Thank you. Kathy Zuelke . . April Aquino Christ. To accept and love or to idly wink at sin in anyone’s life is not helping that person one bit. To the man or woman who find themselves involved in sexual activity with their same sex, understand this, that no one is better than you are or worse. We are all sinners says God. But that is not to say - lets continue in our sin. All sin, including homosexuality needs to be abandoned and brought to an end at the Cross of Christ. He (Jesus) alone is the sole power, authority and solution for all of man’s dilemmas. Like the alcoholic, you need to admit that you are one (homosexual). Not for the purposes of being accepted, but freed. And not through the agencies of sinful man but by and through a source higher than ourselves. The Person of Jesus Christ. The greatest deliverance known to man was the emancipation of three million Hebrews through the Red Sea (called Exodus). But that exodus started in the hearts of them all, when they “cried out for help because of their bondage.” They hated their situation, the loathed their position of being slaves to Pharoah. Just admitting you are homosexual is no help, hating the sin you’re involved in, is. Putting your hatred for sin and bondage you’re in, together with the power of Jesus’ Name, you'll have your own exodus as well. One of our staff writers busy digging up scandles at the state capitoi.

Tumbleweed (Helena, Mont.), 26 April 1977, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Tumbleweed/1977-04-26/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.