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April26, 1995 T h » W i c o l e Page 3 Senate meetings filled with controversy; budget and contract renewal By Scott Ragsdale During the April 4 Student Senate meeting, the senate was asked to fund $350 for out-of- state football recruitment travel expenses. Because out-of-state students pay approximately 125% of the actual per student educational cost, the senate approved the request. The campus service club awards were discussed and partly decided upon. Terre Verde will be issued the most improved club award, and the Industrial Technology Club will be the recipient of the campus service award. Because senate members were unclear as to which clubs deserved the community service and social service awards, they decided to postpone the remaining two nominations until the clubs were given the opportunity to cite their merits to the senate at the next meeting. Senator Rodney Stout brought attention to complaints he had been receiving over side­ walk graffiti, particularly the “make love not war” statement. Evidently, a few people felt re­ pulsed and threatened by the seemingly harmless slogan. Modification of the food ser­ vice payment plan was also dis­ cussed, and an alternative plan, based on charging for meals by individual consumption, was entertained. In the Business Manager’s report at the 4/11/95 Student Senate meeting, it was announced that due to enroll­ ment increases, the student sen­ ate budget will grow from last year’s $58,000 to $65,000. On behalf of Lisa Keppner, Sabrina Snaric, and himself, Rich Snaric requested $295 to cover regis­ tration fees for a prestigious lit­ erature conference that they had submitted papers to, and were subsequently accepted. As a result, these three stu­ dents were selected to read their papers at the conference. The funds would also cover the Snaric’s registration expense at a second, in-state, literature conference held in Billings. Rec­ ognizing the nationally acknowledgeable, academic prestige for WMC to have three representatives at these confer­ ences, the Student Senate unanimously approved the re­ quest. Given the controversy over candidate qualifications in this year’s election, and the formal complaint filed as a result of this awkward situation, the Senate was compelled to acti­ vate a student court. The Sen­ ate appointed Steve Henness and Krista Wickens to serve as justices. In an effort to replace the newly appointed Elections Commissioner Paul Pownell (who resigned), Justin Lee nominated Rob Marr (who un­ officially acted as commissioner during the primary election) to fill the position. The Senate voted down the nomination be­ cause Marr’s wife was currently serving on the commission; thus constituting a conflict of inter­ est. Ryan Mayer then made a motion to appoint Robert Mckay as Elections Commissioner, and Mckay was voted into the posi­ tion. After further discussion concerning the election’s issue, Ashlee Murfitt suggested that they amend the constitution to allow the presidential candidate in question (Suzann King) to remain on the ballot. Stormy Schwindt, out of concern for the credibility of the ASWMC con­ stitution, expressed his reser­ vations in regard to changing the constitution to meet the needs of an individual. Steve Love responded, “We thought, because she [Suzann King] will have completed two semesters by the time we would serve office, that the laws would accommodate us.” Ryan Mayer then reiterated Schwindt’s con­ cerns by stating, “We can’t change the constitution, if we do it won’t mean anything.” Sen­ ate advisor Brenda Houchen suggested that they “make the [election] rules clearer; treat the disease, not the symptom.” President Justin Lee said, “Don’t blame the candidates, in fairness, let them run.” . After more debate, Lee ac­ knowledged that, “Due to time constraints, the only action that can be taken is to go to student court.” The meeting was ad­ journed until the following day wherein the justice court was mandated to respond to the re­ spective issues. Chancellor Steams began the new business agenda at the April 18 Senate meeting by addressing the ram­ pant, but false rumors that WMC’s accreditation was ques­ tionable after marginally fail­ ing to attain NCTE accredita­ tion. Dr. Stearns made it clear that WMC is fully accredited through the Northwest accredi­ tation system. Club presentations and fund­ ing requests were then given by: the Rodeo Club, Ambassa­ Student Court Continued from page 1 stated adamantly that their in­ tent was not to “slide by” the elections commissions require­ ments. “I never intended to try to pull something over on any­ one,” King said. In response to the issue senator Ryan Mayer, who filed the complaint said “Suzann was ineligible to run in the primary election. The election commis­ sion missed that, somehow, and Suzann and Steve were allowed to run in the primary. The rea­ son I decided to make a formal complaint was, that the past two presidencies contained students who were ineligible to run also, and I’m tired of issues likethis PARISIAN CLEANERS 14 North Washington \Dillon’s Only Dry Cleaners\ getting swept under the carpet!” Justice Henness stated that “the bylaws have been infracted upon....[However] bylaws pro­ vide direction, but ultimately the constitution will be used for final interpretation.” For reasons of amibiguity and intent the Student Court chose to allow King and Love to run resulting in a three party elec­ tion; to provide fainess for all parties. GRAN D OPENING APRIL 2 9 T H Drawings &. Refreshm entsli *Backpacks * Sandals *Therma R e s ts *Clothing *Hicking B o o ts ^ ^ S l e e p i n g Bags Bd B mer Mes, Skis, Tours 10a. m. - 7p.m . M on. - Sat. 2 5 E. Helena 683-9292 dors, IGNU, Chearleaders, Sports Band, Jazz Band, Mucic Company, Athletic Trainers, Business Club, Baseball Club, Circle K, and the Spurs. Before deciding upon club funding al­ lotments, Justin Lee then pro­ posed his recommendations to increase all of the salaries for ASWMC positions, which in­ clude: president, vice president, business manager, secretary, activity director, intramural di­ rector, and legal services. Ending the subsequent de­ bate over the merits of increas­ ing the president’s salary from $2,000/term to $2500/term, Ryan Mayer, acting out of re­ spect for his constituents, made a motion to give no pay increase for the ASWMC office of presi­ dent. Nate Christensen offered a second to the motion, and the motion carried six votes to four. The students who favored allot­ ting higher salaries, and corre­ spondingly voted in opposition to leaving the salary as is in­ clude: Tara Eastmark, Tara Jones, Cari Beers, and Ashlee Murfitt. The Senate did approve variable pay increases for the remaining ASWMC salaried positions. However, prior to in­ creasing the legal services sal­ ary, a motion was made by Tara Eastmark to not rehire Mike Riley as legal services director, and the motion was given a sec­ ond by Cari Beers. The motion was quickly ques­ tioned by Tara Jones, which, given parliamentary procedure mandated an immediate vote. Several student senator’s vehe­ mently protested having to make a sudden, uninformed de­ cision on such an important is­ sue! ASWMC President Justin Lee refused to entertain any further discussion, and de­ manded an immediate vote by secret ballot. Senator Stormy Schwindt motioned to table the issue until the next meeting; thereby allowing members of the senate to become better in­ formed to vote on the issue. The motion failed with op­ posing votes from : Tara Eastmark, Tara Jones, Cari Beers, and Rodney Stout. The senate then, by secret ballot, voted not to rehire Mike Riley to his current position. Many senator’s were angered by the hasty and seemingly irrespon­ sible action taken by the vote, and numerous heated remarks were cast over the table. As Senator Ryan Mayer stated dur­ ing a recent interview pertain­ ing to the issue, “ It was backdoor politics initiated by a small group within the senate, and the balance of the senate was strong armed into making a decision without having enough opportunity to discuss it! Also, Justin Lee retusea to give any reasons why Mike Riley should not be rehired. I’m tired o f certain student officers and senators thinking that they are all powerful, and can sneak around behind the student’s backs! However, I believe that the newly elected officers and senators will represent students fairly.” During the remainder of the meeting, the Senate ap­ proved the various club budgets, giving the cheerleaders one of the largest funding increases. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!! See us f o r all y o u r gift giving needs! The- Bookstore 2 6 N. 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Wescolite (Dillon, Mont), 26 April 1995, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Wescolite/1995-04-26/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.