Wescolite (Dillon, Mont) 1949-2009, November 01, 2001, Image 3

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Wescolite - November 1, 2001 Page 3 CHI A L P H A R E T R E A T By Maryanne Davis Silve The Bible speaks o f a time w h e n p e o p le w ill rush to and fro andknowledge w ill increase. Many w o u ld agree- that descrip­ tion fitsour time- so aptly called ‘the inform ation age’ . M ost o f us feel like a pebble caught under the tire o f a o ver­ loaded semi o n a gravel road. Squeezed beyond our limits, w e seek escape, one w a y o r another. Some party, some e x ercise, some just hang out, ignoring deadlines. T w o students at Western, Cory and his w ife Jackalynn Snow, havemade their respite a yearly (, trip to the Chi A lpha Retreat near Challis Idaho. Here they shake o f f the burdens and pressures o f the everyday w o rld. Students w ill attend the retreat o n O c tober 19th and 20th this year. This non-denomina- tional gathering is held just minutes out o f Challis w h ich is also near Salmon, Idaho at the MountainTop Retreat Center. Cory has been to the retreat the last three years. H e says, “Usually 20 to 35 kids g o from Western. Th e y have lots o f music, game show activities, football, basketball, h iking and hopefully, THE SUB “ A hidden treasure to most students at UMW.....” By: Travis Kirby And Jason Wedel The S.U.B. (student union building) is a hidden treasure to most students at UMW. L ocated on the south side o f campus near the administrative building, the S.U.B. has many different activities available to students.These activities include ping-pong, billiards, air hockey and television v iew in g on com fortable sofas.The S.U.B. is also hom e o f KDWG, the campus radio station.There are tw o floors in the S.U.B. and most o f the activities are located dow n ­ stairs. The top story consists o f the campus bookstore and the famous “ Stageline Pizza” . Stageline pizza is a great place to grab a bite to eat fo r lunch or a snack hetw e e n classes. T h e dining area itself is decorated w ith action photographs o f UM W student ath­ letes. T h e S.U.B. is the essence o f school spirit and a great place to relax from classes. horseback riding this year. And the food is g reat!” Betw een jobs and classes, the Snows have not had a day o f f sincethe semester b egan so they are looking forward to a much- deservedrest. Jackalynn says, “W e get to know p e o p le in a different way, plus w e love the outdoor experience.” Approxim a tely 75 to 120 students from four universities attend. They travel from Boise State, Idaho State and South Idaho, as w e ll as Western. Cory says, “The retreat is a good w a y to escape the pressure, plus it is a lot o f fun. It is refresh­ ing to get away and be w ith God. The experience energizes us and helps us g e t through the semes­ ter.” Metlen cont. mirror,” Spry said. W ith 52 room s at the Metlen, there are many places for the ghosts to roam. According to the Beaverhead County History Book, Dave M etlen built the M etlen in 1891. It was a place that featured nightly fine dining for the elite o f Dillon. . An old r ifle hangs o v e r the fireplace and near that a large picture o f a c o w b o y on horse­ back, racing across the plains trying to outrun a tornado in the background. It is hard not to be pulled in by the history o f the old building and im agine all the characters w h o must have lived and p a rtied there. W h e n you w a lk up to the front door, a H a llow e e n w itch beckons you to com e in as she dangles from the second flo o r balcony, her black cape and stringy, gray hair blow in g in the wind. The green and pink ribbons o f neon lights give a dim glow, making her appear e v e n m ore real. The tem p tation is there-m ak­ ing you want to w a lk through those solid old w o o d e n doors .. w h e re many a cowboy, sheep- herder, miner, railroad man and just the locals have passed over the last hundred years, leaving their mark and truly some, leaving their ghost behind. N e w P r o f e s s o r J a n e l l e H a n d l o s By Joe Regan She is a recent graduate o f W estern w h e r e she came to school a fter her m o ve from Missoula. Here, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a m inor in Health, fottow e d by attending Grad. School in Bozeman. A side from teaching PE and Health, she is also an assistant a thletic trainer. In 2000, she got her National A thletic Trainer’s A ssociation certification. Ironic she teaches peop le older than her, as she is only 22- years old. She is also married to a name that is fam iliar o n campus, Keith Handlos, the defensive line coach fo r Bulldog football. H e r goals include; perusing a doctorate, and to some day be the head trainer at a small s chool much like Western. So, w h y did she c h o o s e to teach, here? W ell; she says she loves the small cam­ pus atm osphere w ith all the great people. Also, she likes to w o rk w ith small groups o f students so she can really know the peop le she teaches. W h a t better c o llege than Western? Janelle has a fe w hobbies that are mainly com p rised o f playing sports and staying active. Staying active doesn’t seem to be much o f a problem fo r her, aside from all the tim e she spends at school, she also travels w ith the w o m e n ’s Basketball and Volleyball teams g ivin g assistance w h e rever she can.

Wescolite (Dillon, Mont), 01 Nov. 2001, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Wescolite/2001-11-01/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.