Wescolite (Dillon, Mont) 1949-2009, November 01, 2001, Image 4

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Wescolite - November 1, 2001 Page 4 SPORTS LADY BULLDOG BASKETBALL By Kelly M a rshall and Bradi Choquette The Lady Bulldog basketball teams are g e tting geared up fo r another season o f hoops. The roster is strong w ith three returning starters,Alison Burlingame, Bobbi Suhr, and KarlyTait. Joining the tentative starting lineup are Leslie W ill­ iams and Jari Suhr, b o th o f - w h o m have had a great deal o f game experience from previous seasons. Vanika Dickerson and Jennifer Roberts are tw o strong transfers from Peninsula Junior C o llege in Washington that w ill join the Lady Bulldog roster. Rounding out the team is Leah Plaggem eyer and freshmen H illaryTaylor andAlyssa Matter. Carrying the honor o f team captain is lone senior A lison Burlingame. Burlingame said, “I ’m really e x c ited about the season. W e have some fun freshmen and g o o d returning players. Everyone is w o rking hard and have g o o d attitudes.” In preparing fo r the upcom ing season the Lady Bulldogs scrim­ maged the C o llege o f Southern Idaho and M iles Community College. Coach Kevin Engellant said, “The scrimmages w e n t good. I t ’s g o o d to play against som eone different. It g iv e s us a chance to find out w h a t w e need to w o r k on.” The Lady Bulldogs hit the road for their first games in Billings against Black H ill State and M inot State o n N o v e m b e r 2nd and 3rd. Their first hom e game w ill be N o v e m b e r 6th against Ricks. The Lady Bulldogs are looking at another successful season. MEN’S BASKETBALL WINS By Robert Blevin The summer is over and fall is w inding d o w ii that meanç it is tim e to start m en’s basketball. The Bulldogs m en kicked o f f their run fo r the conference title this last w e e k e n d .The m en played tw o exhibition games against o u r friends from the N o rth— Canada. T h e score was very lopsided w ith our men prevailirig.The team looked very good and is e x c iting to watch. A fter tw o m ore exhibition games, the Bulldogs kick o f f their season in Novem b e r at the Westminster tournament so com e support the DAWGS. WHAT’S CRACKIN AT KDWG? By Darrel Rocquemore KD W G or K-Dawg, also know n as “The Basement,” has really put a spark back into the UM-Westem campus. I f y o u haven’t heard, 90.9 KD W G is the prem iere place fo r a variety o f music. Th e y e v e n allow request from 7a.m.To 11a.m. seven days a w e e k . KDW G also has a m irage o f different DJ’s, all w ith different personalities and musical interest. Scotty Barrett, also know n as DJ Skeez and newest on Da Freak, had this to say about the station: “This radio station is a great oppurtunity fo r DJ’s to share their music interest w ith the listeners.” KD W G also has contests for prizes on particular nights, so tune in and try y o u r luck. The basement also has a special freestyle session on W ednesday nights from 10 p.m. to 11p.m. It features yours truly, “ Da Rock” and DJ’s Raw Digga and Skeezy. So i f you w a n t to hear g o o d music, tune in to 90.9The Dawg. FRIDAY’S GONE? By Bradi Choquette a n d Kelly Marshall Friday’s Gone? H o w Does a T h ree Day W eekend Sound to You? W estern students have some­ thing n e w to think about these . days.The question isn’t w h a t to study first or w h a t to have fo r dinner. On the contrary the ques­ tion is w h e ther or not w e want to have Friday’s cut from our school curriculum or i f w e want it to remain the same. I f schooling on Fridays ceased to exist at W estern the w e e k s schedule w o u ld go som ething like this. Monday through Thursday students w o u ld attend classes fo r one hour and fifteen minutes much like the Tuesday Thursday classes are set up now. A fter mush interview ing I was shocked at the response that I was g iven b y the students here on the W estern campus. Alia W a lton-“I think that it w o u ld be nice to have a three day w e e k e n d but there is a definite downside to having Fridays o f f as w e ll. W e are g o in g to college to prepare ourselves fo r a five day w o r k w e e k so having Fridays o f f w ill make the adjustment all that much m o re difficult fo r us.” D rew Xanthopoulos- “I like the w a y the classes are being run right now. I don’t feel that w e need an extra day o f f because it w o u ld mess up everyone’s sched­ ules and just confuse things.” Jeremy Hoscheid- “N o way. I am against the change because I don’t want to sit in class e v e ry day o f the w e e k fo r over an hour. I feel that it w o u ld mess up m y Monday and Wednesday classes.” Patrick Callaway-“! am defi­ nitely against the change fo r the reason that I don’t think that it w ill w o r k out right. A ll o f our classes w o u ld be far too com ­ pressed and there are too many night classes as it is w e don’t need any more.” N ick May- “ I am indifferent. I w o u ldn’t mind having Friday’s o f f but I definitely don’t want my classes to get any longer. It seems to m e that the change w o u ld cause less class tim e w ith the same amount o f credits so it is kind o f less fo r the students.” Dr. Mark A d d erley- “Universally it is not a g o o d idea. For those students w h o are in sports I feel that they should have the option to take classes from Monday through Thursday w ith no Friday classes, but the Friday class days option should still be open t o all students.” Casey V osen-“I definitely think that Fridays should be cut. It w o u ld make the w e e k e n d long enough to get som ething done for a change.” Dr. Jane Maddock-“I have no objection to it at all. I feel that it w o u ld be a v e r y good idea but I feel that perhaps this w a y the students c o u ld e n joy m ore w e e k ­ end fields experiences such as trips to Y e llow s tone etc.” K e ri Dahle- “I w o u ld love to have Fridays o f f because there is just not enough tim e fo r my extra curricular a ctivities as it is like play practice and the demands o f putting together a g o o d perfor­ mance. I could use the extra time.” Stephanie Shepherdson-“It _ w o u ld w o rk but I highly doubt that all o f the faculty w o u ld go for it. I know som e teachers that really love Fridays and I think they w o u ld resist having Fridays off.”

Wescolite (Dillon, Mont), 01 Nov. 2001, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Wescolite/2001-11-01/ed-1/seq-4/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.