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10 November 3, 2004 Advice Columns A Bit of the Other Advice Girl The Wescolite Student Newspaper By Elizabeth Sivils As the deadline to turn in this article drew near, I began to sweat, I began to get nauseous, I began to panic!! Then it occurred to me, this is an advice column, what’s the worst that could happen? I could give out bad advice? Like I’ve never done that before. So, with the calm that comes with realization, I began to thumb through the notes and research I’d done over the previous week on campus fashion and where to shop in Dillon. By now, you’ve probably noticed Dillon doesn’t have any “super-sized” chain stores or vast malls filled with endless boutiques, but that’s all right. What Dillon does have is a few small unique stores where you might find something just right for you. Chances are you already have a “basic” wardrobe. The jeans and t-shirts that you wear everyday. The problem with this wardrobe is that it is exactly that, basic. Everyone owns the same things and if you stop there, you will look like everyone else. If that’s all right with you, I’m glad. Stop reading this. But, if you’re looking for something to set you apart, something that says who you are and where you’re going, I have some advice where to look in Dillon. When looking for defining clothes there is one thing you have to decide, are you willing to wear used or vintage clothes? If not, your search just got a lot harder. A few places where you can pick up new clothes in Dillon are: Quality Supply - western wear, hats, and boots Rocky Mountain Supply - outdoor wear 3D - men & women’s clothes, some shoes Blacktail Bootery - western hats & boots Sagebrush Outdoors - outdoor wear Patagonia - outdoor wear AIco - men & women’s clothes, shoes, jewelry To avoid having your new clothes and outfits look like other people’s, it may be necessary to alter them. You could dye (or tie-dye) them. Dye is available at Safeway, IGA, and Kings. You could bleach them, or splatter them with bleach for an interesting effect. You could layer them, cut them up, or multi-use them (e.g. a scarf: headband, belt, shirt, etc.). If you are on a tight budget, some new accessories can make all the difference. Unique hats, belts, belt buckles, jewelry, scarves or ban­ danas, shoes, or even a different haircut can make all the difference in defining the unique you. If however, you are willing to wear used or vintage clothes, finding your indi­ vidual style is much easier. Dillon is a relatively untapped well of unique used clothes. Some places I recommend looking are: Calamity Jane’s - new & used vintage and designer women’s clothing and shoes The Branded Beaver - vintage western wear, vintage women’s clothes & hats, men and women’s jewelry Di’s Place- used men and women’s clothes; Wednesday is “Bag Day ” The Bargain Basement - used men and women’s clothes and shoes, open on Mondays and the I s' Saturday o f the month. Located in the basement of the Catholic Church Rectory, very inexpensive The Nearly New - used men and women’s clothes, very limited inventory When buying used clothes, look for stains, as they won’t wash out. Also look for tears, especially in the armpits and the button holes. It is also fun to alter used clothes and the best part is, if you mess them up you can throw them away. You’re only out a couple bucks at most. In closing, I’d like to say, advice is abundant in your college years, some is good and some is, what’s the word, weird? You’ve gotten a lot of good advice about important things like: studying, drinking, safe sex, from knowledgeable people like: your parents, professors, RAs, doctors, or minister. As for this column, it’s a Bit of -the Other. ____ . . . ........ .. ........................................................................................... Dear Advice Girl: I have these two roommates who are crazy. It seems like almost every night they are out at the bar. Then they come home, bringing the bar back with them and party until 4 or 5 in the morning. I’m getting so sick of it. They wake me up and I’m so sleep deprived. That was fun back when we first started college, but now I ’m more focused on my studies. What can I do to make them stop? Sincerely, Sleep Deprived in Dillon Dear Deprived: First things first. Have you told your roommates that you would really appre­ ciate them keeping it down or maybe taking the party somewhere else? That’s the first step to making your life together a little more harmonious. You live there too and pay the same amount of rent that they do. They should respect you just as you should give them respect. If talking to them doesn’t seem to work, or if you don’t like having to deal with roommates being loud, maybe you should find another place to live. Sincerely, Advice Girl Dear Advice Girl: There’s this girl. She’s amazing, beautiful, kind and 100% pure of heart. At least that’s the way she seems. I have only met her once at a basketball game, but have seen her many times since then and am totally unable to talk to her. I try but all I ever do is end up following her around staring at her. Please help me Advice Lady!! I can’t live without her! Sincerely, Lost in Love Dear Lost in Love: Down boy. You sound like a stalker. Before you get the cops called on you, maybe you should try a simple hello and then walk away. Next time try “hi, how ya doing?” If you see her at a game again, maybe you could introduce yourself. Just try. I’m sure that if she’s as wonderful as you think she is, she’ll be just as glad to know you as you are to know her. And you never know, you might find the love of your life! Sincerely, Advice Girl Do you have a question that you would like to ask the Advice Girl? Then write to her at westemwire@umwestem.edu

Wescolite (Dillon, Mont), 03 Nov. 2004, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Wescolite/2004-11-03/ed-1/seq-10/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.