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The Wescolite Student Newspaper Drama Club News Gargoyles Drama Club making a comeback on campus December 8, 2004 % V n r By Dani Arps Did you know that the Drama Club, the Gar­ goyles, was the first club ever started here on Western’s campus? You may have noticed people in Main Hall running around at times, carrying armloads of makeup cases or costumes with a frantic look on their faces. That’s because the Drama program, department and club are slowly coming back to life. Two years ago, these were nearly ghosts of yester­ day. The Gargoyles had no leader, no faculty with much time to spare, and few people who had the energy to restart the club. Little did I know the impact we would later have when Judy Ulrich ap­ proached me at the end of my freshmen year and asked if I would like to be the president of the drama club. I was a little confused at first. I had never heard of a drama club on campus, and would have already been a part of it had I known there was one. Judy told me that there used to be a very active drama organiza­ tion. I knew plenty of other previous speech and drama kids from high school here on campus that would like to partici­ pate in drama activities. So we got orga­ nized, funded and after some hard work, the Gargoyles were back. The meetings are every Friday at 11 am in the Student Union Building. We’re usually on the couches in the lounge across from Stageline Pizza. We just fin­ ished up with our 2nd Annual Ten Minute Play Festival. It featured students from the play production class who took on the roles of director, prop manager, lighting manager, sound mixer, makeup and cos­ tume designer and set designer. These students put in a lot of work and time for just a 10-minute-long play. The festival went very well. There were also small concessions this year. The money the fes­ tival raised will go to the drama program seed money to help pay for entertainment “D i l l o n ’s BIG GEST little ” UM Western litem: Balloons forty Supplies Jewelry Novelties Shoes & Socks 130 S. M o n tan a Awards Engraving Ribbons Photo Gifts Promo Items 6 8 3 - 4 2 6 1 and education from outside sources throughout the years to come. We plan to offer workshops on every­ thing from makeup to costumes to pup­ pet-making. There is also an improvisa- tional acting club that meets Monday night around 8pm in the small theatre to work on performing exercises. It is so much fun to goof around and learn at the same time, and everyone interested is encouraged to attend. We always have an incredibly laid-back atmosphere, as most aspects of acting can get a little “dramatic” at times and it is good to keep a cool head. Trips to gain multicultural drama ex­ perience are also a part of the drama club. Last spring break, we spent a week in New York City watching Broadway plays and learning about the culture and how to travel while keeping costs low. It is easy to take a trip in college on a limited budget; most places have dis­ count rates for students and groups. Our group consisted of students as well as some staff members and one student’s mother. We let anyone go, as long as they either pay their own way or help with the fundraisers we have to support our trip. I went with a group of students to the Majestic Theatre on Broadway. We were lucky enough to get $20 awe­ some nosebleed tickets to Phantom of the Opera. It was the most amazing, breathtaking experience to see a play so well timed, with such perfection executed in every movement and line delivered. We came back with so much inspira­ tion to make our own performances as close to perfect as possible. There is that moment during acting that you know you’ve just nailed it. You exactly ex­ pressed and conveyed the person who you are trying to portray. It was visible in the actors we watched on Broadway. They had the confidence of actors com­ fortable in the skin of their character. I learned to appreciate the things most people take for granted. The quietness of Montana, its open sky and clean air, but universal monoculture was some­ thing I was glad to let go of for a week. Manhattan was full of drama, in the subways, on the street, and on the stage. Everyone is performing some sort of service or entertainment. Talent drips from the ceilings. Chaos is something drama thrives on, and New York City was full of it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the drama organizations here on cam­ pus. Anyone and everyone are encour­ aged to attend Gargoyles or Improv Club gatherings. We each bring unique in­ sights and experiences that shared, are an immense resource for us all to draw on. There is so much fun to be had, so come on and have some! Dani Arps and Jason Jessen , both Drama Club Members, act out a scene from \Lynette at 3am.\ This play was performed as part of the Drama Club and the play production class' presentation of the 2nd Annual Ten-minute Play Festival. (More photos on next page)

Wescolite (Dillon, Mont), 08 Dec. 2004, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Wescolite/2004-12-08/ed-1/seq-11/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.