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The Wescolite Student Newspaper Tech Help Holiday Technology Buying Guide By Mark Rogstad Tis the season to shop for technology! If you’ve been good all year, maybe Santa will fill your stocking with something good. Here are products that you’ll want to put on your list. Start dropping hints to the family now to avoid the rush. Notebook Computer. Here are some guidelines to make your purchase a wise one that will last many years. • NO Celerons. The Celeron pro­ cessor is a lawn mower engine. For heavy graphics, like video, or serious gaming, choose a Pentium 4. For portability, wireless connectivity, and longer battery life, choose a Centrino chipset. AMD’s Athlon and Mobile Athlon are also fine processors. Buy the fastest one you can afford, but wait until after you’ve made other choices before bumping it up. A . 1 or .2 GHz increase doesn’t give noticeably better performance. • 512 Mb of RAM minimum. If you can spare a few extra bucks, get one 512 Mb module instead of two 256 Mb modules. That way, you can add another 512 Mb easily if you want. More RAM helps speed up a system as much as anything else and it’s fairly cheap. • The biggest hard drive you can afford. Just when you think 30 Gigs is enough, you’ll fill it up with music, pictures and other files. • DVD/CDRW. A CD/RW burner is the best way of backing up ^ O/lHieNew U2 CD?? Bert’s CDs 30 E. Bannack St. 683-9202 Shop for Christmas before you leave on break!! We’ve got 4,000 CDs in stock & we’ll order any CD you want*..it only takes 1-3 days, no extra charge. We also have the best cheapest body jewelry, incense, burners, tapestries, posters, lava lamps, etc your data and making music CDs, etc. Chances are that your new laptop won’t have an internal floppy drive. Get a DVD burner if you want, but it’s much more expensive and is mainly used for making DVD movies. Unless you plan to compete with George Lucas, don’t bother. • Wireless Networking. Intel’s Centrino technology has revolutionized wireless networking. The package runs plenty fast and includes wireless without needing an extra card. Our campus will have wireless at some point in the near future. Plus you can go to lots of places with wireless ac­ cess. I’ve surfed wirelessly at the Arby’s in Bozeman and the Duds n’ Suds laundromat. • Other Options. An SXGA screen is crisper than an XGA one, but it’s not a vital upgrade. Choose Windows XP Home unless you’re a geek that will use the added features. Choose more Video RAM if you want to do anything more intensive than word processing and surfing the Internet. Buy an extra battery if you think you’ll be away from power for more than a few hours. Get a mouse if you don’t like the trackpad. • Don’t buy software from the hardware vendor. Get it from the bookstore or from an academic reseller, like Campus Tech or Academic -LADY DAWGS- Shop the Knock About for *Silver Jeans *Hats, Scarves & Jewelry Pick up a Denim Card and save 20% on jeans I K n o c k ¿ A b o u t ¿fashion C lo ths & : ¿Accessories 4 S. Idaho, Dillon MT Phone: 406-683-4712 December 8, 2004 Superstore. • Take your notebook to the store to fit it for a case. Think of the case like clothes. Would you buy an outfit without trying it on? • Oh by the way. Macintoshes make wonderful laptops, too. Same rules apply. Go with a G4. • Paying for it. Some students may be able to include a notebook com­ puter in on their student loans. See your favorite financial aid official for details. Digital Camera. Take photos of friends, family, vacations, parties, and such and take pictures of schoolwork for your portfolio. You are working on your portfolio, aren’t you? Stay with the major brands and you’ll do fine. 3 and 4 megapixel models are now under $200. An iPod. For school? Sure! iPods help you study by drowning out any offending background noise. iPods can also be used as external hard drives. There are some great add ons that make the iPod useful in class. Belkin and Griffin Tech make voice recorder add ons that allow you to record every pre­ cious word your instructor says and convert it to an MP3 that you can listen to again and again until the content soaks in. All in one Printer/Scanner/Copier. Since space is tight, it’s nice to have all three contained in a nice svelte pack­ age. All of the printer companies make one or more models. Pick a brand name and go for it. My favorites are HP and Lexmark. USB Pen Drive. These are all the rage these days and are even consid­ ered to be jewelry by the big city techno-elites. The prices are falling faster than the price of oil is rising. Check online for the best deals. Go to my wonderful website sebt.umwestem.edu/techtips for links related to this informative article. umwtechtips@mac.com for questions and comments. I • r

Wescolite (Dillon, Mont), 08 Dec. 2004, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Wescolite/2004-12-08/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.