Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.) 1975-2007, January 16, 1975, Image 1

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SIGNING the ESCO Contract at Portland, Oregon December 19, 1974 is left to right; Doug MacGowan; ESCO Plant Engineer, Jock Kimberly; ESCO Attorney, Nick Collinns; ESCO Executive Vice-President, Manufacturing, Joe Red Thunder; Vice -Chairman, Fort Peck Tribes, Bill Clark; ESCO Plant Manager, Jeff Davis; ESCO President, Caleb Shields; Executive Director, Fort Peck Planning District, Chuck Haney; ESCO Executive Vice -President.# 6 ...ars— _.M. -: , zi= 701.11111Pr 741\frONIV prkt ,. I iti II I , 4 1 - 4 I 11 11% Wiridt i i r 6 Min PECK L NEWSPAPER N 1 1.111b FIRE PECK MIAOW PION?. • AM 1 ) VILUME6 Pilli M BER 1 - ` 4 ' JANUARY 16,1q75 THE WOTANIN HAS BEEN GIVEN A NEW LEASE ON LIFE BY THE FORT PECK TRIBAL EXECUTIVE BOARD. WE HAVE BEEN FUNDED ON A TRIAL BASIS FOR THREE MONTHS. OUR NEW OFFICE IS LOCATED IN THE OLD FT. PECK HOUSING AUTHORITY BUILDING SOUTH OF THE HIGH SCHOOL IN POPLAR. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SURVIVE PAST THE NEXT THREE MONTHS. WE WELCOME ANY ARTICLES, PICTURES, DRAWINGS, POEMS, CARTOONS, ETC. IF THERE IS ANYTHING HAP- PENING IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, GIVE US A CALL AT 768-5241 OR PAS THE WORD ON TO US. • TRIBES WILL BLOCK CAS PIPELINE TO GET DISTRIBUTION POINT ON RESERVATION A planned 1,619 mile natural gas line can only be laid over 56 miles of the projected route if the Artic Gas Company doesn't meet tribal demands. Tribal Chairman Norman Hollow stated that the Tribes are currently negotia- ting with Alaskan Artic Gas Pipeline Co. for a distribution point on the Fort Peck Reservation. Right -of -Way for the pipeline on Indian Trust Lands will be denied if Artie Gas does not agree to a distribution point. The current natural gas line serving the reservation enters from the west side of the reservation and ends at Wolf Point. A branch line continues west from Wolf Point but ends at Poplar. At the present time, Hollow stated, the branch Tine barely meets the non-commercial de- mand for natural gas. He considered a natural gas distribution point on the reservation critical to reservation in- 'Iv.st.r 4 ° 1 -ae , relonTen't. Also. al . s.T . 2ftrya- tion communities east of Poplar are without natural gas service. The pipeline will extend from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska through Canada to a point on the Saskatchewan -Montana border near Monchy, Saskatchewan. From Monchy, Sask., the pipeline will enter Valley County and cross the reservation diagon- ally. It will eventually cross another nine states and end in Delmont, Pennsyl- vania. Arctic Gas will need 100 feet of right of way for the 48\ pipe. The pipe will be buried under 3 ft. of earth and Artie Gas will be responsible for recla- mation. When the actual construction begins on the reservation, Hollow stated, there will be a large number of employment possibilities for tribal members working on the pipeline. However, this is depen- dent on the Tribes and Artie Gas reach- ing an agreement.# TRIBES SIGN CONTRACt / POPLAR, MONTANA - Tribal Chairmc Norman Hollow has announced that an a- greement was signed between Esco Corp. and Fort Peck Manufacturing Company 19, 1974. Esco Corp., based in Portland, Oregon, will provide Fort Peck Manufac- turing with rough products which will then be finished, inspected and tested by the Manufacturing Company. Fort Peck Manufacturing Company is a 10°6 tribally owned company. The Board of Directors for this company inclade Tribal Chairman Norman Hollow, Executive Board members Stanley Yellow Robe and Joe Day, Ft. Peck Planning District Di- rector Caleb Shields and Chief Planner Rodney Miller. The Tribal Executive Board and the Fort Peck Planning District have been .in negotiations with the Esco Corporation for the past eleven months before final- izing the agreement. Production is expected to begin May 1, 1975 and will be located in the Tri- bal Industrial Park south of Poplar. 16,000 Sq. ft. industrial buildii.g a- waits the installation of approximately $600,000 worth of equipment and machin- ery owned by the Esco Corporation. Thir- ty-three employees are planned for in the first year of operation.# (See related story inside) IN THIS ISSUE... MONTANA'S OWN DICK SHOUP ON THE INDIAN PROBLEM , A NEW YEAR'S MESSAGE FROM THE TRIBAL CHAIRMAN A PICTORIAL REVIEW OF DAYS GONE BY • • : TRIBAL HEALTH DIRECTOR ROBERT DUMONT :• ' TRIBAL HEALTH DIRECTOR HIRED:: On January 2, the Tribal Executive Board officially hired Robert V. Dumont, Jr. as Tribal Health Director. Set up under contract from the Indian Health Service, the Tribal Health Office is now being set up to coordinate the tribal health programs currently under contract from IHS and other agencies. This office is the first of its kind in the Aberdeen and Portland areas of the Indian Health Service. Dumont, 34, is from Wolf Point. He was educated in the Wolf Point School system. He has attended the University of Colorado, University of Montana where he received his B.A. degree, and Harvard University, where he received an Ed.M. (Master's Degree -Education) in Human Development. Prior to this posi- tion, he was located in Chicago acf. culty member with Native Americon 7 ' tional 4T - t 4 ,2 ... r:: ,. Atrm.

Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.), 16 Jan. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/WotaninWowapi/1975-01-16/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.