Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.) 1975-2007, February 13, 1975, Image 3

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..mammAronwrImmwwwwm._ COMMITTEE GETS TWENTY DAY NOTICE A Souix Council held Saturday, Feb. 9, has given the Sisseton-Wahpeton ' 1 ouix Claim's Committee twenty days to com- plete the rolls. If the rolls aren't certified in this time, they will be turned over to the Bureau of Indian Af- fairs. The Council was attended by 105 peo- ple of which 98 were eligible to vote. The motion giving the Claims Committee 20 days to certify the rolls was passed by a vote of 79 for and none opposed. Tribal Chairman Norman Hollow stated that the rolls are completed and are merely waiting certification by the Committee. When the Enrollment Committee completes the roll, it is supposed to certify that to the best of its know- ledge and belief the roll contains the names of all persons entitled to be en- rolled to share in the distribution of the judgement funds. Since the Act of October 25, 1972 (36 Stat. 1168) requires that the roll be prepared by the \Assimiboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Reserva- tion,\ although the Executive Board em- powered the Committee to act in its be- half to prepare the roll, it too, has to eign the certification. However, neither the Enrollment Com- mittee nor the Executive Board has the authority to approve the roll for pay- ment. Sinoe the Secretary of the Inter- ior has trust responsibility over the funds, tha authority to approve the roll for payment rests with him. The Area Director of the Aberdeen Area office has been directed to perform the administra- tive work necessary to carry out the provisions of the Act and the approval authority has been delegated to him. Therefore, when the Committee and the Executive Board has certified the Sioux roll it has to be forwarded to the Aber- deen Area Director for review and ap- proved. After the roll is certified and sent to the Aberdeen Area Office, it will be reviewed together with all of the tribal records and the appioations and appeals by rejected applicants. It is antici- pated that it will take the Aberdeen staff some time to complete the job. \HAIRCUTS FOR A BUCK SEVENT1WW Anyone who wants a haircut the price mentioned above can Wpojoy . droppigg in at the Thrift Shjit the basement of the Tribal 'Build- ing in Poplar. Just ask for Micky (AIM) Shields, resident barber. If you can name it, Micky will out it. While your there, check out the deals in their dry goods dept.# A motion to use the \1931 Supplemen- tal Roll\ was approved by a vote of 47 for and 2 opposed. This will be used as an availavle record from which to deter- mine lineal descent from a Sisseton Sioux. The Enrollment Committee was con- cerned avout the legality of the 1931 Supplemental Roll for use as a document in establishing eligibility for evroll- ment. The 1931 Supplemental Roll was not approved for payment, not because the persons listed were not Sisseton Sioux, but because they had become members of the Fort Peck Tribes. A motion was approved to renew a con- tract for \Expert Witness\ by a vote of 67 for and 3 against. This concerns Docket 74 of the Indian Claims Commis- sion. Previously, Docket 74 had been thrown out of court twice, however, Tribal Chairman Norman Hollow stated that the Souix people will not be re- quired to pay if the case is lost. The contract is with Helen Hornbook Tanner. All the Teton Souix Tribes had approved this contract except Fort Peck. Docket 74 is for settlement of claims against 7.5 million acres of land, in- cluding the ,Black Hills, lost in the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty. There are about 60,000 Souix who will share in this -claim, bOh - Teton and Yankton Tribes. A motion was made to extend Souix Claims Committee Attorney William Howard Paynes contract. This was approved by a vote. of 63 for and none opposed. A resolution was read authorizing Lois Reddies, Edna Strauser and Carol ,Lecike to go to Aberdeen to pull the ap- peals made from Fort Peck out of the 9,900 appeals made from all over. It was .stated by Carol Lemke that Aberdeen Would not be able to get these appeals until March 15 and it would be quicker if they went and did it themselves. This motion was not seconded, the gener- al consensus being that there would be no guarantee that the per capita would be paid out right after that. A motion to reaffirm a resolution made by the Tribal Executive Board in September, 1973 was approved by a vote of 53 for and none opposed. This resol- ution calls for per capita distribution of $50,000 that was held back from the first Souix payment. The meeting was ad- journed following this motion:# I HS OPTOMERIST ARRIVES The IHS optomerist has arrived. Dr. John Demske is now seeing patients in the basement of the Wolf Point IBS Clinic. Dr. Demske will be giving priority to school age children, Headstart through grade 12. Only emergency adult cases will be seen. After all school age children are taken care of in Wolf Point, the doctor will move to Frazer, Brockton and Poplar. Adults will be seen along with children in Frazer and Brockton. Again in Poplar, the doctor will give priority to school children. Only when all the children are taken .care of will he see adults. All appointments will be on a first - come, first -served basis. The doctor has limited time on this Reservation, so if you onlyneed new frames, don't make an appointment. New frames can be ordered through the CHR office in Poplar. If you receive an appointment and can't make it, let the Public Health nurses know so they can fill it in. When making appointments, advise the nurses if there are certain days or times that you can or can't make it. To make appointments, call the Field Health office in Poplar, phone number 768-3813.# NEW MEDICAL CARE CONTRACT . LET The Indian Health Service has entered into a contractual agreement with Doctor Reitzel and the Culbertson Hospital to administer emergency medical. care ser- vice for those people living in the Fort Kipp -Blair area. The purpose of this contract is to provide a closer source for emergency medical care for those people living east of Brockton. All non -emergency med- ical care cases should still be brought to either Poplar or Wolf Point IRS Clin- ics. When hospital emergency rooms are u- tilized throughout the Ft. Peck Reserva- tion, there is a hospital and physician charge (exception would be when a 'MS physician is seen, then there would not be a physician charge). These charges are paid out of the contract medical care budget. This is also the source that pays for all the medical service which is not provided at our IRS clin- ics, such as any hospitalization or any medical specialist who provides a ser- vice. It is therefore requested that all cases that are not true emergencies should be seen at either the Poplar or Wolf Point TAS Clinics to help conserve these limited funds which are needed to pay for other medical needs. Those people living in or around Brookton, Poplar, Wolf Point, Oswego and Frazer are still expected to utilize the Poplar or Wolf Point IRS Clinics for their medical services.# Gordon Wilson Education Specialist PBS Indian Health Center BROCKTON HONOR ROLL The kollowing students were on the Honor Roll the first semester at Brock- ton Junior -Senior High School. Grade point averages are figured as follows: A=4.00, B+=3.50, B=3.00. 7th grade Charlene Cheek 3.91 Marva Young Bear 3.44 Connie Bired 3.41 Mary Nordwick 3.31 8th grade Raymond Grey Bull 3.66 Vincent Moran 3.64 Curtis Lewis 3.50 9th grade Spike Bighorn Susan Lambert 3.83 3.42 10th grade William Black Dog 3.66 11th grade Tammy Lambert 3.41 Kayleen Todd 3.41 Bryon Bauer 3.30 12th grade Irene Four Bear 3.43

Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.), 13 Feb. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/WotaninWowapi/1975-02-13/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.