Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.) 1975-2007, February 13, 1975, Image 7

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< INTEREST REVIVED IN MAKAICU CHURCH Interst has been revived in the old Roverside Presbyterian Church west of Brockton. Two sisters,Ruby-Red Boy and Bessie Littlehead of Brockton, motion plans for Interest has been revived in the old Riverside Presbyterian Church west of Brockton. Two sisters, Ruby Red Boy and Bessie Littlehead of Brockton, are pro- moting plans for reconstruction of the old church. The church, built in 1917, has seen almost continous use up to 1968. The sisters, haveing attended church in Re-' verside since it was built, feel that if the church is repaired and regular ser- vices are held there, some of the old members will start going back. \The kids around Brockton are interested in going to church in the country,\ Mrs. Red Boy stated. She added that very few attend church in Brockton. Time and vandals have damaged the church extensively. Mrs. Red Boy spoke of a three year series of thefts that began in 1950 that netted theives a sterling silver communion set, a box and garbage can full of dishes and a number of kerosene lanterns. Only one year ago, someone broke into the church, cut a hole in the ceiling and removed the bell from the bell to- wer. Just this fall, she stated, the outhouse and a cast iron cookstove were stolen. The windows were stolen out of the manse also. The foundation on one side of the church has deteriorated to a point where the floor has buckled inside. The front steps have also crumbled and the windows are boarded over because of broken panes. Christmas services were held this year in the church in honor of the late Matt Black Dog's desire to have services there. The Rev. Philip Todd stated that approximately 44 members of the Red Eagle Memorial attended the services. Rev. Todd feels that if the materials and labor can be obtained, then renova- tion of the church would be a distinct possibility. This previous summer, he stated, mem- bers of the Gleyn Allyn Pres. Church from Gleyn Allyn, Illinois cleaned and replaced the roof on the manse. The pos- sibility of other church groups provid- ing help this summer for work on the church was being investigated, Rev. Todd said. This Three Point Program provides .a strategy for a nationally -coordinated attack on powerful financial and polit- ical interests, which have used the U.S. government to take advantage of Native Americans for more than a century. It will require strong committment and wide support to win against these interests. Indian rights of sovereignty, self-gov- ernment, and a decent means of living in accordance with traditions beliefs will not come easily. Without massive public pressure, the government will simply continue its present treatment of Indi- ans, a continuing shame to all, and a continuing profit source to a few. Legislative and court actions will sure- ly be necessary to accomplish the pro- gram's goals. But they will not be e- nough, if there is no organized mass support. We should not forget that in 1830, the Cherokee Nation won a decisive victory, as the Chief Justice nf the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that their Georgia reservation was their own, and they were sovereign on it. \John Mar- shall has made his decision, now let him enforce it,\ declarf.d President And- rew Jackson. Jackson had the troops then as Nixon does not --and he removed the Cherokee people under the gun. One fourth of the Nation died on the forced marches to Oklahoma --the Trail of Tears. Over -reliance on legalisms is foolish; if the law always gives way to power, Indian people must organize Indian Power.# The materials needed to repair the church include two sets of double doors, windows, cement for the foundation and steps, floor tile, plywood to repair the ceiling, a grill to keep the birds out of the bell tower and church, a wood or fuel oil stove and the help to do the repairs. The next services planned for the church will possibly be during Eacter. However, if the desires of two of the church elders are satisfied, services will be held every week.# PICTURED BELOW: Bessie Littlehead and her sister Ruby Red Boy want the Riverside Church renovated. MAKAICU CHURCH, also known aa Riverside Church. Makaiou is Sioux that translates as Taking of Land. Photo taken in front of he original Manse at Riverside in 1935. Pictured 1. to r. - Standing: Mims. Firecloud, Rebecca Cloud, Ruby Red Boy holding son Donovan, Julia Lone Warrior. Sitting: Nettie Rattling Thunder, Bessie Littlehead, Mrs. Eaglebear, Effie Young (Littlehead) holding Micky Young. - --- Photo taken in front of the original Manse at Riverside in 1935. Pictured 1. to r. - Standing: Paul Firecloud, Camille Buckles. Sitting: Micky Young, Rudolf (Wicksey) Young, Romaine Fire Moon, Violet Lone Warrior Rodreguiz, Donovan Red Boy. ,•1 • •• ••• •

Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.), 13 Feb. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/WotaninWowapi/1975-02-13/ed-1/seq-7/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.