Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.) 1975-2007, February 27, 1975, Image 10

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Wotaninwowapi Page 10 Feb. 27, 1975 IF YOU ARE STOPPED BY THE POLICE BUSTED ! IF POLICE STOP OR ARREST YOU If you are stopped or arrested by the police, you have the same legal rights whether you are guilty or innocent. Protect these rights best by using this information: IF YOU ARE ARRESTED 1. Get the badge number or name of the policeman who stopped 1. The police must give you a receipt for everything they take from you. you. 2. Find out why he has stopped YOU because you have the right 2. You do not have to give any statement to the police. You to know what crime he thinks you have committed. do not have to sign anything for anyone. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SAY OR DO ANYTHING EXCEPT 1. Give your name and address. 2. Alloy police to search you for weapons by patting the out- side of your clothing. 3. The police do not have to inform you of your Miranda rights (right to remain silent etc.) unlees they intend to ques- tion you. Anything you voluntarily say or do may be used as evidence against you in the event of a trial. DON'T RESIST ARREST EVEN IF YOU ARE INNOCENT BECAUSE RESISTING ARREST IS ITSELF A SEPARATE CRIME! AS SOON AS YOU HAVE BEEN BOOKED, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO COMPLETE AT LEAST TWO PHONE CALLS 1. One to a lawyer or other person on your behalf. 2. The other to a bail bondsman. YOU MUST BE ALLOWED TO HIRE AND SEE A LAWYER IMMEDIATELY 1. If you do not have the money to hire a lawyer, ask the po- lice or the judge to get a lawyer for you without charge. Fowe7er, you only need an attorney when you face the possi- bility of being jailed. 2. Usually, you may post bail right away, but you must be able to pay the cost of the bond. If you cannot pay the bonds- man's fee, ask the judo'e to release you from custody with- out bail on your promise to return for trial.

Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.), 27 Feb. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/WotaninWowapi/1975-02-27/ed-1/seq-10/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.