Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.) 1975-2007, February 27, 1975, Image 3

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NS Wotaninwowapi Page 3 Feb. 27, 1975 be •ation ol Bi resto reser r43 the( (sodi igch 3. The 3 . Ld lik a, the 3e Man 44's i proper eno 4 sec uded i g si it. Al on eac tion o k Smit han on ed tha will b ed., th T TO iNT adopt- erativ ad Gam ice. rice h ua 1 on io esti Ind sup coyote cn or a Dck. e Triba d Triba recove s in re come th ntative ife Ser ervatio g aeria aeria 'ormatio .ocatio Lesisti furs. the U.S info nirred b the res remain i approva less can days no the sup as signe ow Feb 3 he signa r, Regio ice, th 4r 13 an • A poster like the one above will be posted on all gates leading into areas that have been set with the M -44's. An M-414 is set and baited by Game Warden Frank Smith north of Brockton. Program participant George Boyd, Jr. of Brockton looks on. A warning stake is set 25 feet from the M-44 by Tribal Gene Warden Frank Smith. There may be more than one M-hh set for each stake. W if 1 1 _As 11. 1 1_ _I AS W I' POPLAR J.O.M. NEWS 1 . ,O.M. COORDINATOR: David J. Red Fox is presently the J.O.M. Coordinator for the Poplar Johnson -O'Malley Indian Education Com- mittee. His functions are to carry out the procedures of the Johnson -O'Malley Act and expend the allocated Budget un- der the direction of the above Commit- tee. Also, cassy out the policies set forth by this Committee. The funds in this line-item is de- creased to meet the requirements in other areas within the Revised Budget. CLOTHING, TENNIS SHOES AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES: This program has been established to provide for the needy Indian children in the Poplar School District. And so far, this program has been a success, because of pending applications for assistance and over half of the funds allocated have been spent. PARTICIPATION: This Committee needs more involvement from Indian Parents and Guardians of Indian Students within the Poplar Com- munity. The Committee cordially invites all Indian Parents and Guardian of Ind- ian Students or concerned Indian or Non - Indians interested in the education of Indian Children to attend the Poplar Johnson-O'Malley Indian Education Com- mittee Meeting being held on March 4, d975, at 7:30 P.M L in the Fort Peck Tr - 'cal Building - Council Chambers. s•Ss BRIEF HISTORY: The Johnson -O'Malley Act became law on April 16, 1934, and was amended on June 4, 1936, which gave the authority to the Secretary of Interior to enter into contracts with any State or School for the education of Indian Students. Then, on August 20, 1974, revision of this Act required participation and con- trol by Indian Parents over Johnson - O'Malley Programs in their respected School Districts. !'• ^ • PARTICIPATION AND CONTROL: The role of the Indian Parents is through a formal formation of an Indian Education Committee, which would be a important step in participation of the Indian Community. The formation of an Indian Education Committee would have complete authority to approve or disapprove any proposal that would not be in the best interest of the Indian Students, in that School District. Therefore, the Indian Educa- tion Committee should participate in the development of all proposals so that they will understand fully and agree to the terms, of the proposal before it is co-signed by the Committees Chairman. COMMISIES CHAIRMAN COMMENTS: Mr. Caleb P. Shields is Chairman of the Poplar Johnson-O'Malley Indian Edu- cation Committee. Mr. Fields urges all Indian Parents in Poplar Community to attend some of the Johnson-O'Malley ses- sions that are held on the first Tuesday of each month. With your participation the committee will be able to carry out the present programs and those that are in the planning stare for the coning School sear.' The Johnson -O'Malley Indian Education Office is located in the Port P—Ss Tri- bal Building, Poplar. REVISION: J.0„.M, Budget 1 974-75 The revisions in the present budget was approved to increase various line - items to improve the present projects that exist within the Poplar School Dis- trict. The line -items are as follows: Transportation Project, Clothing, Tennis Shoes and School Supplies and Miscellan- eous. COLD -WEATIlsM BUS: Another cold weather bus was added to the present bus route for the in -town Indian Students. Also, an increase in the program funds were allocated for services to operate this additional bus. The reasons to have an additional bus was that the one bus was overcrowded and unsafe for our children that ride to and from school each school day. \ I INDIAN LEGION MEETS The Nathan Crazy Bull Legion Post 54 and Ladies Auxiliary held their regular meeting Feb. 23, 7:30 p.m. in the Con- ference Room at the BIA building. Lunch was pot luck prepared and served by the Ladies Auxiliary. March is birthday month for the Le- gion and a number of activities were planned. A Smoker, sponsored by the Legion, will be held in Wolf Point at the South Side School Gym March 16 at 2 p.m. Also, a birthday dinner will be held March 23 at 5:30 n.m. in the Tribal Building, Poplar. A business meeting and Ladies Auxiliary Installation will be held the same evening. The Ladies Auxiliary will hold a lunch sale March 6 at the Tribal Build- ing in Poplar starting at noon. Price is $1.00 a plate.# NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING Indian Parents and Guardians of Ind- ian Students or concerned Indians or Non - Indians interested in the Education of Indian children are cordially invited to attend the Poplar Johnson-O'Malley Indian Education Committee regular Monthly Meeting being held on March ), 1975, it 7:30 P.M. in the Fort Peck Tribal Build- ing.

Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.), 27 Feb. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/WotaninWowapi/1975-02-27/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.