Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.) 1975-2007, February 27, 1975, Image 5

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Wotaninvewapi Page 5 Feb. 27, 1975 Here is my own point of view about the article of a white person wt e wrote a distasteful letter about our American Native Indian I am dissatisfied about what he or she pointed out in their feelings to- wards our people. I am truly an American Indian who is proud of my race in every way. I have pride about our Indian Heritage and Cul- tureOlo it's fullest extent. osS: 00 years since the white man first our Great country, they have de - ;mimed - us and they lied, cheated, robbed and mistreated and even went as fax as to massacre thousands of our people. In the past years and today, the white man came into our territory or reservation and started leasing all our most valuable farm and grazing lands by offering low rental payments. There are thousands and thousands of good rich fertile farm lands which the white -man cultivated and planted crops of all types. They produced large volumes of crops on these lands. They made thousands or millioms of dollars which helped him to pay all his taxes and to build up his personal income bank roll. All through winter months they enjoy life to its fUllest....with no worries. Just so their pocket books, bank accounts are overwhelmed, and they ranched on our rich grazing lands by raising large herds of cattle that bring in a big bank roll. The only thing an Indian gets for his or her land is a small rental payment that couldn't provide a family a decent meal for a month. The reasOn why every white busines- ses prosper is through our Indian trad- ing and patronizing. If it weren't for Mr. Indian their businesses wouldn't pros - per as they do now! On my opinion I believe that we will be better off if all the white people would move out of our Reservation We are not a bunch of lazy Indigne as most white people think we are. There are alot of well educated Indians among us. There are many who graduated from High School and still more have went th - \Iii college. Many of our Indian pei i: hold good paying jobs. e also have many Indian agricultural and cattlemen who compete with the white man. We can elect a group of good work- ing Indian people on our Tribal Govern- ment, who can do as good a job as any other form of working governing body. If the white man moves out we can farm our awn valuable farm lands and build our incomes to its fullest. We can raise cattle on our vast rangelands. Our Indian people are gradually liv- ing better lives than before since we have better housing conditions on the reservation. The subject of alcoholics among our Indian people, there is a number who in- dulged into it, but majority of people are not drunkards as the white man's point of view. We are not dumb or lazy as one thinks. There are many war veterans among our Indian people, these boys and men served in the U.S. Armed Forces in every major fighting front. Many of our veterans were wounded and died for a good cau.,c, many earned high awards and honors. America was once a great clean and beautiful country with no pollution un- til the whiteman came. If the person who wrote that letter about his or her feelings towards us Indians is brave enough, why didn't they sign their John Henry on the letter they wrote. 10 Signed Chief Charging Bear \`• * I am welting in response to an arti- cle published in Wotanin Wowapi's Febru- ary 13 edition. The article / as refer- ring to is the letter on alleged dis- crimination in the Wolf Point school system. MY main reason for writing this let- ter is to enlighten the person who wrote the letter, on what is going on today. This is very hard for me to say and put into words. But magte that's because I'm just an Indian! Discrimination! What is discrimina- tion? To me its just a word, but then again it has a lot of meaning to it. Isn't this the reason for all the racial problems we have/ Its easy for me to say that I WS brought up an Indian. Mainly because I was raised by my grandfather most of my life. He was probably the biggest factor in helping me think and form my actions as they are today. Now getting back to the issue. I think of myself as a person who has brown skin. Not as an Indian. because I don't feel like an Indian. To me an Ind- ian is a person who lived long ago. I think of the old people today who still use the old way as Indians. It was a beautiful life! Probably one of the best. But it also had its bad parts also. As you know!?! Times when I feel like an Indian is when I'm alone in beautiful country. Country like around Billings where its like God's country, as the saying goes. I can say all I can about it, but you have to see it to feel it. Other times when I feel like an Indian is when I'm with other Indians doing things. Sharing the good & bad. All these feelings I have are brought on probably because I want to be an Indian and yet I cannot be. Indian culture is dying today along with the old people. But it still has a chance to survive for those people who still want it to. We can retain only that of which we have been taught or can still learn more. I don't think culture, or any culture is going to see it easy in the U.S. system. But this is jut my opinion. The only time I hate being Indian is like when lets say I walk into a bar and some white guy or caucasion calls me an Indian. He calls me an Indian because he dislikes me. But what can I say? I am Indian in blood and other ways. Well I hope I got through to you and alot of other people. There's so much more I want to say, but of what I said I hope you get some good out of it. If not that, thanks for reading it. Allie G. Walking Eagle \THE RED MAN'S DESTINY\ In the midst of this \white man's way of life\ the Reservation is the spot. Where we are doomed to spend out time, in the land that God forgot. There is hardly any employment here, for many gallant American Indian braves. Out in the middle of no -where, and a thousand miles from you! But when the Pearly Gates are open and our life on earth is through. Our tears will turn to laughter----for this time the jokes an you! You white - man! For once inside of heaven, you'll hear Saint Peter yell, \Come on in, you Amer- ican Indians! You've served your time in Hell!\ Submitted with letter by Charging Bear • - • • • • :. • - . , TRIBAL GAME WARDENS Frank Smith, east end Tribal Game Warden, worked for the Tribal Police for 2 years before becoming a Game Warden. Frank, son of Dave Smith, graduated from Poplar High School. He served five years in the U.S. Air Force after graduation from high school. Prank and his wife Clairena have three children; Theresa, Virgil and Mary Francis. He has worked as Tribal Game Warden for 9 months. West end Game Warden Walter MacDonald was raised in Wiota and graduated from Glasgow High School. Walter, son of John MacDonald, served three years in the U.S. Marine Corp. He has been a Tribal Game Warden for three years. The Fort Peck Tribal Game Wardens en- force tribal, state and federal fish & game lees an this reservation. They as- sist state game wardens in planting fish and birds, and perform biological stud- ies on streams and fish ponds. They also will be managing an experimental preda- tor control program on the reservation. Both Prank and Walter have been Oyu- tized by Valley, Roosevelt, Sheridan and Daniels County Sheriffs Departments. This gives them the authority to arrest non-Indians when the situation arises. They also set up check stations dur- ing bird and general hunting season. They have been licensed by the state as Hunter Safety Instructors. The Tribal Game Warden's main duty is to protect reservation wildlife for the benefit of tribal members.# arammeammielompaseeinar almomir an Imebiamo aim mimiliaililimaga mem, Vanchon Birdsbill has been going away to school for eight years. She has achieved outstanding recognition .in her school athletics along with actively partici- pating in her Indian culture. She is 16 and is a junior at Morgan TJArh. Morgan, Utah. She is a real leader in her school and many people look up to her tecanse of her friendliness and leadership. Vanchon Is pictured above with the T_amanite Generation Group from Morgan Stake. from )eft to right. Cindy Charles, Paiute. Virginia Yazzio, Navajo, Vanchon Birdsbill, Acsiniboine-Gros Ventre, Darlene Cloud. Navajo and Curley. rava!o.# ..\\.\-•• • • --'I

Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.), 27 Feb. 1975, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/WotaninWowapi/1975-02-27/ed-1/seq-5/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.