Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.) 1975-2007, December 06, 2007, Image 12

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12 WOTANIN WOWAP1 December 6, 3•07 FORT PECK HOUSING AUTHORITY P.O. BOX POPLAR. MT 59255 PH: 406-768-3459 FAX: 406-768-5489 DECEMBER 2007 EMERGENCY/CONTACT LIST FOR WOLF POINT AND POPLAR AREAS POPLAR ON CALL/EMERGENCY LIST UNIT NAME PHONE # DATES ON CALL 02 Tommy Steele 448-2435 Nov. 26 -Dec. 2 45 Alpheus Bighorn 786-3235 December 3-9 40 Ira Darnell 768-7349 December 10-16 02 Mike Ward 768-3527 December 17-23 52 Eugene Boyd 768-7677 December 24-30 52 Venetta Eagle 768-3932 December 31 -Jan. 6 WOLF POINT ON CALIJEMERGENCY LIST LNJI NAME PHONE # DATES ON CALL 32 Oliver Reed 653-3376 November 26-Dcc. 2 35 Loren Forrest 653-2323 December 3-9 00 Raleigh Small 650-6019 December 10-16 42 Jimmy Welch 650-7803 December 17-23 22 Bennt Todd 653-2159 December 24-30 32 Oliver Reed 653-3376 December 31 -Jan. 6 MONTANA DAKOTA UTELITIES: 1-800-MDU-FAST For furance/heating problems. please call NIDU 1-800-N1Dt;-Fast - Please call the person who is on call for that week and if you cannot get a hold of them, then acll the next person. Thank you and have a safe and happy holiday season! Fort Peck Tribes Job Descriptions A(' %NC ANNOUNCEMENT #0C-01- 04: \I LACHER ASSISTANT, Head Start Program. Reservation-wide. Positions may be temporary or permanent. part-time or intermittent as determined by manage- ment. Salary: Commemorate with qualifi- cations. This announcement is used to so- licit applications from qualified candi- date. to fill all types of positions as the% may become a-% ailable. Applicants w ho applied under the pre ious Open Continu- ous Announcements I FP -0C-99-03). Must submit a new application in order to be considered. Opens: 10- lI-U1. ( loses: ( )pen continuou.. VACANC1 ANNA)! NCLNIFN . 1 e0C-01- 05: BUS DRIV1R. [lead Start Program. Reservation -wide. Positions may be tempo- rary or permanent. part-time or intermit- tent as determined by management. Salary : Commensurate with qualifications. This announcement is used to solicit applica- tions from qualified candidates to fill this position as it climes a'ailable. Opens: 10- 11-01. Closes: ( )pen continuous. VACANCY ANNOl . NCEMENT #0C-5- 01: BUS_ DRIVER. Transportation Dept.. Poplar. Montana. Positions may be tempo- rary or permanent, full-time or part-time as determined by the Program Director. This announcement is used to solicit appli- cations from qualified candidates to fill these positions as the may become avail- able. Opens: 03-03-05. Closes: Open Con- tinuous. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT WK' -06- 01: YOUTH CARE WORKER/ CORREC- TIONAL OFFICER. Branch of Correc- tions. Poplar. Montana. Positions may be temporary or permanent. part-time or in- termittent as determined by . management. This announcement isused to solicit appli- cations from qualified candidates to till these positions as they may become avail- able. Opens: 01-26-06 .. Closes: Open Con- tinuous. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT #0C-06- 02: poticE OFFICER. Branch of Law En- forcement, Poplar, Montana. Permanent Full-time. Salary: $14.00 per hour. This announcement is used to solicit applica- tions from qualified candidates to fill posi- tions as they become available. Opens: 05- 18-06. Closes: Open Continuous. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT SOX' -07- 01: TECHNICIAN (Female and Male), Spotted Bull Treatment Center. Poplar, Montana. Permarientfilemporary ull-time. Salary . : $9.88 per hour. Opens: 07-19-07. Closes: Open Continuous. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT #FP -07- 81: CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR, MR&I ater Pipeline Center. Poplar. Montana. Permanent Full-time. Salary: $16.69 per hour. Opens: 07-19-07. (loses: 12-20-07. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT #FP -07- 82: WATER TREATMENT PLAN OP- ERATOR. MR&I Water Pipeline Project, Poplar. Montana. Permanent Full-time. Salary : $11. 99 per hour. ()pens: 12-06-07. Closes: 12-20-07. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT P-07- 83: ASSISTANT C(X)K (Wolf Point Center), Head Start Program, Wolf Point, Montana. Permanent Part-time. Based on Qualifications. Opens: 12-06-07. Closes: 12-20-07. .1CANC1 ANNOI NCEMEN'l #F P-07- 84: COMMITTEE MEMBER (5 positions). Veteran Affairs Committee. Poplar, Mon- tana. Temporary Intermittent. Salary: No Compensation. Opens: 12-06-07. Closes: 12-20-07. VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT #FP -07- 85: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TECH- NICIAN, Tribal Administration Depart- ment, Poplar. Montana. Permanent Full- time. Salary: $14.44 per hour. Opens: 12- 06-07. Closes: 12.21)-07. .All applications must provide a copy of their high school diploma or GED when submitting an application. Failure to pro- vide a copy will be grounds for an incom- plete application. Information such as qualification require- ments. job duties, and any special require- ments are outlined in complete vacancy an- nouncements, which can be obtained b vi- siting the Human Resource (Mice located in the Tribal Office. 501 Medicine Bear Road, Poplar. MT or by calling (406) 768- 5155, Ext 397. Application forms can be obtained at the following locations: Hu- man Resource Office in Poplar, Job Serb - ices in Wolf Point. Nakoda Trails Store in Frazer, oc-Rehab/Cultural Center in Brockton, and the Voc-Rehab Office/ Com- munity Center in Frazer. Applications must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date of the announcement. A separate application must be submitted for each position for which you apply. Belated ( ongratulations in giving birth to my great-granddaughter, \Sitting tledieine t‘ °man, - given to her by 6randpa at 12 hours old. Also. happy 20th Birthday on Dec. .3rd . )ou listened well during the last 9 months. 1%e are very proud of you. Happy Birthday Isaylyn Rae Love, 6randpa and e,randma Barb and Sloop and .Sapa 4444 Nippy Birthday on 'december P t to rri r ;iroatheart on your special day Ave Rich k Happy Belated \5th Birthday to Devyn Liiotte. Love Dad, Mom, sisters, & Grandma Dani. Circa/ -grandma Lucy. Happy \7th\ Birthda . % to Faith Rose Longtrre on Dec. 7, 2007! Love Grandma Verdi& auntie T.J. & uncle Brian, & baby cousin ReShaun Mail 4444 Ilapps Belated Birthday t , ) my 1lommy, haylyn on Dee. .3rd! Love, your daughter. Eva foyce Figueroa • 4444 Happy Birthday to my best budds. Darla on Friday. Dec. 7, 2007. Have a good day! lave, from a friend always. Lee.Ann Perry Happ Birthday Shawn peMarrias on Dec. 6. 2007! Love Mom. Grandma. & all the kids' Happy Belated 10th Birthday to Tricia Scott on December 1st! Love from all your sisters Tyra & kids. Sheila. Marian. April & ReShaun Mail & Nancy Scott!! 44 Happy Belated \5th Birthday to Devyn Lizotte. Love Grandma Verdis & Ti., Brian. April & Re - Shawn! We love you vay much! • Happy Belated Birthday to la slur Pie Buckles on Dec. .3rd. lave, the Perry family. 4444 Happy Birthday to Our Girls we love you & hope you have a great day The McDonalds Kids Happy Birthday Morn We peornise to be as good as we possibly can. Dad said he didn't know how long that would be. Hugs & Kisses Rich* & Malta Happy Birthday LENNY BOXER on Dec. 10. From the Fort Peck Diabetes Program. 4144 4° 4 Here's wishing a very Happy Birthday to Lucinda Marie DeLeon on Dee. 7th & a congratulations on your new job as a cop and finishing our EMT classes. Love Claudia, Stormy, Liz, Isabelle & PV2 Her - raid. Alex over in Ft. Lewis. W.A. Happy \7th\ Birthday to Faith Rose Longtree on Dec. 7, 2007! Love Grandma Lois. Mom Caroline. your little bnxiiir Ethan & all your cousins, uncles, aunties & grandmas! Happy 15th Birthday to Natasha Rae Campbell on Dec. 5, 2007. It seems like just yesterday, I was holding your hand as you was going off to your first day of Head Start and now we are watching you go off to high school. The time has flown by so fast. I wish you were still my itty bitty baby girl, but you are now a big freshman at Wolf Point High School and we are so proud of you for all that you are overcome and accomplished in the 15 years God gave you to us. We all love you so much and we are behind you all the way. En- joy the high school days, cause it's a moment you will al- ways cherish in your lifetime. Hope you have a great day and have fun! Love you Mother Sydne, Neil, Mikki Et Belina Men. 1 .1 or , larlifj 41113, losith prIth TranPlan 21 Draft Amendment The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT is amendingl ran I'lan2 I. Montana's statewide transportation polic plan. in response to recent changes in federal la%%s and regulations. Focus areas for this limited amendment include transportation security. s isualization techniques for public invok einem and satet:. is .isk mg its customers - the citizens of - Montana in re% I tn1 and comment on the Draft Amendinent to tranPlaii2 I. The draft plan is a% ailable tor review and comment through December 31. 2007. o review or comment on the draft plan. visit MDT's websitc at Imp: , W vt.mdimit gov/puhinvolve , tranpliiii2 I amend , . call toll tire 1 -8011-7 14-7296. cowl! inch tp2 I :NW a nit.gov. or visit your local library MD I attempts to pros ide accommodations tor aih known disithilit that ithh interfere with a person participating in any service, program or activity of the Department Alter- nath e accessible formats of this information will be pri.- sided urn request I- or further information. call T - 11 . f ROO) c-7592 or Montana Relay at 711 1

Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.), 06 Dec. 2007, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/WotaninWowapi/2007-12-06/ed-1/seq-12/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.