Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.) 1975-2007, December 06, 2007, Image 2

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2 WOTANIN WOWAPI December 6, 2007 FORT PECK DEPARTMENT OF LAW & JUSTICE 10.ember 21. 2007 Scott Swain was char eed with simple As- sault and Disorder!) (*oridiht Jury Trial 5 / 8 /20082 9:10) a m Re leased 0/1( William ( 'antrell sa haged vith SA Bench '11 rial 4/15/2410N (a I IN) pm Released 0/R ( 'had Wounded Face was charged with IX I da‘ s suspended tor ;1) day Reamion Black Dog %%.1S t.11.14:Cd viitr l)( 5 class suspended for 30 dayS Francis *I wo Hearts was charged with I 111,,v, ful possession of ripen sessel of alcohol 52 5 fine suspended for 111 days Certain John Mo- raks was Jiarged with Proiection of 'I ribal Em- ployee Jury irial 5/15, 0 008 9 (0) a in Released (PR Dale Decoleau was charged with Hindering Law Ent ( 1 1Ce ment. and IX' Jury Trial 5/06/2008 (a 9 00 a m Bench\! nal 3/2 - ,2tHIS 2 30 p m November 26, 2007 Robert Grand. champ sas charged with DC. Bench Trial 5/01/2008 (a 2 10 pm Itc leased 0/R. Forrest Church was charged with Contribut- ing to Delinquency of Minor. Bench Trial 4/2212(0)8 (a 1:00 pm. Released ()R Jerome (;t was charged with DC lo dacs or 'sluff line Pat ricia Beaudrv harged with ( - 11X )\l. and Child Ne- glect. Fl A Robert Russell. Sr ‘%as Charged with ( r I A Martin Martell. Jr. was charged with CN. Bench Trial 4/21/2008 (a 1 :3() pin Released 0/R. Devon Hall was charged with IX . . and Criminal Mischief 10 class or $100 ti ne jo \ad IV rod IV ( L i s s o r SIINI tine ,k Restitution Holt Jackson v‘J' charged w itli IX • 4 days or $50 fine Rocky (lark was charged with imestic Abuse. 30 days flat sus- pended for 1 , tin probation Allen Russell was charged with D.A. and SA Ben( h Trial 4/22/200X (a I IN) pm Released 0/R Lonnie Sleek. Jr. was charged with Crinii nal Contempt. arid Se '.ere Pin %icJI Domestic Abuse. Bench 1 . rial 4/2 1/2108 Of I .00 pm. 525(X) cash or surety bond Kenai Martell was charged with CN Bench Trial 4/21/20ths Ca 130 pm Released (h /K Inez Dee First was charged with IX • 5 days or $5() fine Ben Burshia was charged ( 1 / 4 it h 21' days flat Gerald Jackson Jr. was charged with DI 1 Bench Trial 4/22/2008 2:30 pm. $50 cash bond. Brander tongee was charged with DUI. and No Drivers License. Bench Trial 4/23/2008 4 1(X) pm. Released 0/R. Joshua Burshia was charged with DUI. NDL. Seat Belt use required. Driving in Violation of Court order. and Carry- ing Concealed Weapon Bench Trial 4/22/2008 (a 2:3(1 pm. S260 cash or surety . bond. November 27. 2007 Patricia Beaudry '.'.as charged stir CTDOM. and ('N Bench trial 4/21010)X of I:110 pril Released 0/R Marvin Fast Horst was charged with Theft 10 days flat ,usperided 10 (lass Logan Sandau was charged with CC 10 days suspended 90 (lass probation Greg Bad Hawk was charged w ith Theft. FTA Tribal Court Pleas Abrit mit Dt - rias V4JS charged three counts of Cnminal (*ontempi. and Bench 1 nal 4/23/2008 1:11() pm Released 0/1( Kevin long Tree was ch.lfged with Sey,•IL' DOint\ ,1 1‘ Ph) %kJ! Abuse. arid Ilinderri:' Eriforcerne' , : Bench 'Irial 4/24/2008 - I 00 pm S2001) cash ,urety bond %lichael Stump v chareed with DA. and S s , J u inc 'II : Al ,) IN I Bench] rial 4 29- 2i N IS I 00 pin Released 0/I.' Larry Abbott was charged w ith ( i inns .1 Mischief Bench tr 4/24/2001s w I 00 pn. Released ()/R Jeamictle Charbon- neau wa• Jiarged Issuing Bad Checks 's fin , : suspend 30 days Doyle Black Thun- der Lliarged (5 Bench Trial 4: 1 1, 2 00), «1 I IN) pl., Released (PR Quincy l'rowt %AA , charged with I . rilawt sales. gift. dellyenes • otherwise furnishing coholic hey erages to minor or intoxicated per% ti r ( 1 )•e F h l M A er 28. 20117 Carol Isle ‘k ,i• charged with CC 5 da • in jail suspended 30 da ,, A'. -la Jones vas charged with CC. Bench trial 5/01/2008 d I:00 pm Released 0/E. Kevin Longtree charged with Tamperit sc/ vcitnesses or info' 4 11a / 1 2 1 (/imi 1 ) 1 2g w 1 pru10 Bench Trial 'r(MN) cash ,ii surety bond !Alley stc..• charge I with Theft 1-1 - A Gary Drum vas charged with ( ',imp' ,ity to Theft Bench trial 4/28/200X 2.30 prn. $5(0 1 ) cash or ‘• tit CR bond ' 1lichael Russell ,:as drat ell V. Ith . (1111ri IL to Melt Bench trial 11/28/200s in 2.30 pm. Poplar woman charged for assault on flight attendant RerP Oils S Mom the Bill trig% (;(1:erie SE.-\ ITLE - A California %%. ()Man has been indicted on tederal charges that she a•saulted a flight at- tendant on a flight liom Seattle to Montana. A grand jury handed up the indictment Thurs- day against Krista Bauer. 22. of Hanford. Calif. It charges assault aboard all aircraft and interference with a flight crew mem- ber The incident oc- curred Aug 25 on a Ho- rizon Alf flight from Seattle -Tacoma Interna- tional Airport to Billings. According to court documents. Bauer got out (if her seat shortly after takeoff and walked toward the front of the cabin The flight atten- dant told Bauer to return to her :ceat, but instead Bauer grabbed the atten- dant around the head and neck and made statements such as \ft anyone is going to die tonight it'll be you\ and \We must die.\ the docu- ments say. Other passengers re- strained Bauer until the plane had returned to Sea-Tac. Officers who inter- (iewed liatio said she appeared intosicated. the attortieN's office said in a Iles% • release Bauer was arrested in California on Nos.. I.: o n an outstanding warrant and was especied to he returned to Seattle for arraignment jiest % 1 / 4 the U.S. aftornes'sottice said. Assault aboard an aircraft is a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in prison. Inter- ference with a flight crew memhei IS a felony pun- ishable hy . up to 20 years in prison. A one vehicle roll over was reported at around 2.30 p.m. on Monday Der em- ber 3 about 1 mile west of Brockton on the Indian Highway Local emergency responders from both Poplar and Culbertson responded as well as local law enforcement No other information was available as of press time. (Lisa Perry photo) $500 cash or surety bond Choaya F.aglt Bob 1A4S charged with Com- plicity to Theft Bench Thal 4/28/2008 4 2:30 p m SSIN) cash or surety bond. Levi Emerson Meni was charged with Felony Theft. Criminal Mischief, IX 1. and NM_ Bench Trial 4/214/2008 @ 1:1/0 p. m $151)0 cash or surety bond Greg had Hawk WAS charged with Theft. Bench trial 4/15/2008 .00 pm Released 0/R Robert Grand - champ was charged with IX'. Bench Trial 5/01/210)8 (a 2:30 pm Released 0/R. November 29, 2007 Allison %lann Jack- son was charged with Speeding -Failed to ap- pear Jayson Clampitt was (harged with Speeding. NDL - S25 fine. Ida Moran was charg- ed with Issuing Bad (*Flecks - Fl A (;regory Brugh Jr. was charged with Crimi- nal Mischief Bench trial 5/05/2008 1 . 00 p Ill.. Release OfR (...ody White Bear was charged % , k ith Criminal Mischief. Bench trial 5/05/2008 2 30 p.m. Release 0/R Lakota Thomas First was charged with Do- mestic Abuse - FTA Arlin Haps was charged with Disorderly ( . 0nduct Bench trial 4/29/2008 Of 2:31) p.m.. S50 fine Frank Haps was charged with Disorderly Conduct - I() days flat Patrick McKay. Ill wa• charged with Disor- derly Conduct, Hinder- ing Liss Enforcement. Criminal ('ontempt. Bench trial 5/01/2008 4 I:IN) p.m.. SIO0 cash bond. Elvis Follet, Jr. Was charged with Simple as- sault. Resisting Arrest. Bench trial 5/06/2008 (a 110) p.m.. $250 cash bond Katie Pinkerton was charged with Criminal ( 'ontempt. Bench trial 5/06/2(X)8 2:30 p.m.. Released 0/R. Catherine Peterson was charged with Issuing Had Checks. Bench trial 5/01/2008 (a 2:30 pm. Released 0/R Limi !Alley was charg- ed with Theft. Bench Trial 5/01/2008 4 2:30 pm Released 0/12 November 30, 2007 Edison Comes Last v.a• charged with Con- tributing to delinquency of .1 minor. Bench trial 5/ot,/2008 (a 2:31) p.m.. $250 cash or surety bond Mary Black Dog was chareed with Contribut- ing to delinquency of a miin't Bench trial 5/05 1008 (a 1:0) p.m. Released 0/R Derrick Long Hair was diarged with Con- tributing to delinquency of a ininor Bench trial 5/05/11108 at 1 p.m.. $250 cash or surety bond Verson Kuck Elk was chargal with Contribut- ing u. delinquency of a minor Bench trial 5/05/VON 4 1(X) p.m., $25() cash or surety bond Lama Swanson was chargtii with Contribut- ing in delinquency of a minor. Bench trial 5/06/VOS (a 1:00 p.m. Releaied 0/R Lak,ta Thomas First was diarged with Do- mestk Abuse. Bench trial 1/0712(X)8 2 1:(X p.m. De Ta, char. elcased 0/R her 3, 2007 na Crowe was with I)isorderly f•J F•el 11,1 Conduct (2 counts - 10 days suspended for 40 days Lawrence Louie Bur - lain was charged with Criminal Contempt - FT.A Dominque Buckles was charged with Crimi- nal Contemp, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Con- tempt. Burglary. Bond Forfeit for Failure to Appear Jury trial 6/03/2(1)8 @ 9:00 am.. $15(X) cash or surety bond Lorna Gina Voupee was charged with D1'1. Driving in violation of court order. Bench trial 5/14/2008 4 , UK/ pm Released 0/R. $25 fine. Harold Grant Lester was charged with Un- lawful possession of open container of alco- hol. Failed to appear Derris Longtree was charged with Disorderly conduct. Bench trial 5/08/2(X)8 1:00 pm Bond continued. Mavis Martell was charged with Simple As- sault. Bench Trial 5/ I 2/2(X)8 4 2:30 pm. Released 0/R. Floyd Martell III was charged with Simple As- sault. Bench Trial 5/12.12(X)8 1:00 pm. Bond Continued Melvin Martell was charged with Simple As- sault, Criminal Trespass. Bench Trial 5/08/2008 @ 2:30 pm. $50 cash bond Sherri Comes Last was charged with Theft - I day flat. Ashley Elk was charged with Child Abuse. Bench Trial 5/13/2008 @ 1:00 pm, $50 cash bond Miracle Spotted Wolf' was charged with Crimi- nal Mischief, Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct. Jury trial 5/26/2(X)8 9:00 am Bond Continued Charles Spotted Wolf was charged with DUI. Hindering Law Enforce- ment. Bench trial 5 / 1 5/2008 @ 2:30 p.m.. $50 cash bond Richard Brien Sr. was charged with Duties in event of accident. Man- dator) financial respon- sibility'. Criminal Mis- chief, DUI. Bench trial 5/15/2(X18 @' I:(10 p.m.. Bond Continued George B Martell Jr. was charged with DUI. Bench Trial 5/13/2008 4 2:30 p.m. Bond con- tinued December 04, 2007 Edmund Holmes was charged with Disorderly Conduct - 5 days or $50 fine. Jerome Guy was charged with Disorderly Conduct - 10 days or 51(X) fine William Boyd was charged with Disorderly Conduct - 10 days sus- pended 30 days Lori Lone Bear was charged with Criminal Contempt - 10 day's or 51(X) fine, drug & alco- hol evaluation & follow rec. Paula Azure was charged with Child Ne- glect. Unlawful posses- sion of dangerous drugs with intent to sell. Illegal to possess. sell, trade or bargain in drug para- phernalia. Jury trial 6/10/2(X)8 9:(X) a.m. Bond continued Laval Big Leggins was charged with Unlawful sale, gifts or furnishing alcohol to minor. Con- tributing to Delinquency of minor. Rape. Jury trial 6/05/2008 2 9:00 am.. $2500 cash or surety' bond Kevin Jackson was charged with Illegal to possess. sell, trade or bargain in drug para- phernalia. Bench Trial . 5/12/2008 * 1:00 pm. Bond Continued Ira Track, Jr. was po ch s a se rg t ed sion w ( i ) t t h da t ng n l e a r w o f u u s l drugs with intent to sell. Unlawful possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell - Failed to Appear. Jeremiah Davis WAS charged with DUI. Driv- ing without a license Samuel Bird was charged with DUI. Driv- ing without a license. Simple Assault (2 counts). Failed to ap- pear Wylan Jones was charged with Theft, Cri- minal Trespass. Bench trial 5/08/2008 1:00 pm. Released 0/R Tyrone Welch was charged with Driving w/o a license. Driving in violation of court order - Failed to appear. Kimberly Murphy was charged with Driv- ing with a license, man- datory Financial Re- sponsibility. Bench trial 5/08/2008 (itt 2:30 pm. Released OfR Myron Weston was charged with Speeding - Failed to appear December 04. 2007 Russell Eder was charged with Disorderly' Conduct - 5 days or $50 fine suspended 30 day., Franklin Dumont was charged with Disorderly Conduct - 5 days or $50 fine suspended 30 days Thomas Lorentz was charged with Disorderly Conduct - 5 days or $50 fine suspended 30 days Karl charged with Contribut- ing was to pelinquency of minor, \Disorderly Con- duct. Bench Trial 3/20/2008 4 2:30 p.m Bond Continued. Jasmyn Russell was charged with Disorderly Conduct. Criminal Mis- chief - 5 days or $50 fine suspended 30 days. Bench Trial 3/24/2008 bond Robert p.m.. $50 cash Robert Todd Pinker- ton was charged with Disorderly' Conduct - ETA - Forfeit Bond Adrian Alexander was charged with Disor- derly Conduct - ETA - Forfeit Bond. Bernard Good Bird was charged with Disor- derly Conduct - 5 days or $50 fine suspended 30 days William Boyd was charged with Disorderly Conduct. Bench Trial 3/25/2(X)8 @ 2:30 p.m. Released Ofit Pattie Bauer was charged with Illegal to possess. sell, trade or bargain in drug para- phernalia Jury trial 6/12/2(X)8 4 9:00 a.m. Released 0/12 Linda Williams was charged with Disorderly Conduct - re -summons. Ira Track Jr. was charged with Unlawful possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell. Unlawful possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell. Jury trial 5/22/2()08 9:(X) a.m. Released 0/R, Subject to random LA's/BA' s Judy Falcon was charged with Driving in violation of court order, driving w/o a license - Failed to appear Matthew Olson was charged with Mandatory Financial Responsibility', Driving with a license. Starting, turning or stopping without regard to safety, Seat Belt Use Required - ETA Loren Big Leggins was charged with DUI. Contributing to Delin- quency of Minor. Driv- ing without a license. Bench trial 3/16/2008 04 2:30 p.m.. 5250 cash or surety bond. $25 fine.

Wotanin Wowapi (Poplar, Mont.), 06 Dec. 2007, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/WotaninWowapi/2007-12-06/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.