The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1983-current, March 16, 1983, Image 3

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W«ÌM«Uy, March 16, 19*3 — BIG TIMBER PIONEER— PERMIT SYSTEM BASED ON THESE POINTS Rstativs standards Points assigned A LOCATION OF PROPOSED D EVELOPMENT 1. (a) On Priority I or I I agricultural land — (-10 points) /. (b) On agricultural land other thian Priority I or I I — (+ 5 points) 2. Residential and commercial development lo­ cate*t (a) 0-H mile from B ig Timber Planning jurisdic­ tion — (0 points) \ j . . * (b) H - 2 miles from Big Timber Planning - - jurisdiction - ( - 2 points) * (c) 2 - 5 miles fo m B ig Timber Planning ju ris­ diction — (-4 point*) (*0 5 - 1 0 miles f o m Big Timber Planning jurisdiction - ( - 6 point*) (*) 10+ miles from B ig Timber Planning ju ris­ diction — (-8 points) (f) Residential uses located within a n a s desig­ nated in the Sweet Grass County Growth Policy Plan as rural residential or within the Grey Clifftownsite — ( + 5 points) 3. Commerical uses located within areas desig­ nated in the Sweet G nus County Growth Policy Plan as Commerical— ( + 5 points) & SPACE E F F IC IE N C Y 1. . Development is clustered with permanently preserved open space — (+ 2 points) ^ 2. Clustering reduces public service casts — (+ 1 point) 3. Development will use common sewage system— ( + 3 point*) 4. Development will use common water system — ( + 2 points) 5. New parcels on Priority I and I I lands are larger tharc 2 acres — ( - 1 point) 5 acres — ( - 2 points) JO acres — ( - 3 points) 20 acres — ( - 4 points) C ENERGY C O NSERVATION AND EFFICIENCY /. Streets and lots oriented fo r solar exposure—( + 2 points) 2. Structures will be earth-bermed — ( + 1 point) 3. Landscaped plantings act as wind barrier— ( + 1 point) 4. Blocking o f solar access — ( - 1 poinQ a RECREATION F A C IL ITIES 1. Development includes parks and recreation fa ­ cilities (eg: swimming pool* ball fields): a fo r private use only — ( + 1 point) b available part time to public — ( +2 point*) c available fu ll time to public — ( + 3 points) E MISCELLANEOUS 1. Electric power lines placed underground— ( + / poinQ 2. Landscaping screens development from public view — ( + 2 points) F. N U ISANCES 1. Commercial or industrial development emits light, glare, noise, or odors discernible without in­ struments 100 feet from property under calm wind conditions — ( - 1 0 points) 2. Development has high intensity, neon, rotating or flashing signs within 500feet o f a residence — ( - 1 0 points) G LOCAL EMPLOYMENT I. Developer o f a commercial or industrial project guarantees to establish a program to hire locals—( + 10 points) H COMPATIBILITY W IT H A D JA C E N T U SES Commercial or industrial use will be located: 1. Adjacent to existing industrial or commercial use — ( + 5 point*) ‘ 2. Adjacent to residential or agricultural use — (-1 poinQ SPECIAL A R E A S The following specific relative standards apply to those developments proposed in special areas identified in the Growth Policy Plan and on the Study Area maps. A GREY C U F F 1. Industrial use located within the Grey C liff Townsite — ( - 1 0 point*) 2. Industrial use located between Grey C liff and Interchange — ( + 3 points) 3. Residential or commercial use within Grey C liff Townsite — ( + 3 points) R CRAZY M O U N TAINS 1. Residential density exceeds one dwelling unit pen a 160 acres — ( - 3 point*) b 80 acres — ( - 6 points) c 40 acres — (- 9 points) d 20 acres — ( - 1 2 points) 2. Development is a mobile home p a rk or industrial use — ( - 10 points) 3. Commercial development located other than at Melville— ( - 10 points) 4. Utility lines placed above ground (unless im­ possible to place underground — ( - 1 poinQ C LOWER BOULDER R IV E R (N orth q f N ational Forest Boundary) 1. Subdivisions contain 6 or more lots — ( - S points) 2. Commercial uses other than a t M cLeod — ( - 1 0 points) 3. Industrial use — ( - 10 points) D UPPER BOULDER R IV E R (South o f N ational Forest Boundary) 1. Residential density exceeds one dwelling unit per 2 acres — ( - 5 points) 2. Subdivisions contain 6 or more lots — ( - 5 points) E YELLOWSTONE R IV E R V A LL E Y 1. Residential density exceeds one dwelling unit per 2 acres — ( - 5 points) 2. Commercial or industrial uses located other than in the Grey C liff area, a t the Four W inds In n or within the Big Timber City-County Planning juris­ diction — ( - 10 points) - A PICTURE FROM THE PAST H 3 T pictorial glimpsa into Big Timbal's 100 Yaar History is sponsored by The Pioneer Rollar Mills were located across from the existing wool house and Bieber’s Feed and Grain between Yellow­ stone Ave. and the river. The business was a flour mill in early day Big Timber. SEVERANCE TAX BALLOT QUESTION IS STILL TABLED Many in this community are watching the outcome of HB 829 in the State Legislature. This pro­ posal, if passed, would put the question of enacting a Hard Rock Mining Severance Tax before the voters on the 1984 General Elec­ tion ballot The bill is presently tabled by the House Taxation committee A hearing was held on HB 820 March 7 where those opposing the tax claimed it would discourage hard rock mining in the state, while those in favor purported the amount col­ lected would not be enough to hurt the companies. The original draft of the bill pro- vided for a 314 percent severance tax on palladium, platinum, gold, silver and copper if the annual value ■ of tbtrpfOdoa exceeded $ I million and-from 114 to 214 percent if the value is between $250,000 and $1 million. Provisions for a tax credit to the company contributing money to local governments before mining operations begin are also included. Before enactment, the tax would have to be approved by voters, however. If this piece of legislation is passed by the House there could be a second hearing before the Senate committee assigned the bilL FLOWER & GARDEN Potting Soil & Peat Pots Plant Starter Trays Fertilizers Everything you need to get your garden plants started!! COAST TO COAST STORE LARGE FARM M A C H IN E R Y A U C T IO N SATURDAY, MARCH 26 11 A.M. THREE FORKS, MONTANA Across the lltway from TRACTORS Font Tractor, model 9OOO dtescl. tab, 3 p t , frt weights, 1000 R PM, dual byd new rear radial Orel, tl ply IH C Tractor model 1200 Turbo Dieirl. cab. 24 5« 12 rubber IHC Tractor model 656 Farma/I. power steering, 3 point bitch, dual byd John Deere Tractor model 70 diesel. wide fr t , hie PTO. power Ueertng, new rear rubber, standard J point hitch A-C Traitor model WD-45. 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ACTION AUCTION AGENCY A UCTIONEERS: Andy Qtdenburger (406-386-6086) B n TcSelie (406- 387-8133) Don Clark (406-387-8663) — P.O.Box 63. Bozeman, M T LUNCH A VAILABLE Terms: Cash or check day of sale 2 i ✓ ì : Melville, Montana Share the Progress Annual Production MARCH 21st AT THE RANCH 80 PERFORMANCE TESTED ANGUS BULLS SELL BULLS developed, conditioned and performance tested on the ranch for the cow man! Top 5 0 % of 1982 Bull Call Crop (AH strut cuMO) Raised without creep Performance tested on high roughage ration. fPilmirUy u ii itxl mlitd In,) Large frame Structurally correct Sound on feet and legs Fertility Inspected Guaranteed — AJ. Sires — M R . A N G U S S A Y R E P A T R IO T P J M P O W E R P O IN T P A T R I O T S S P E C T A C U L A R — Cottontail Herd Sires — V I K IN G 975 G O A R R U D O L P H V IK IN G CD R L E A C H M A N H Y A L I T E L E A C H M A N D O M IN A T O R B T R M R . 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The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 16 March 1983, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.