The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1983-current, November 09, 1983, Image 7

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7 L E G A L I NOTIGES ' PU B U C N O T K « ' - . * * Nonas t o W Aim* uuau (PUMUANT TO MOTION M-2-MT, MCA) NOTICE IS HERESY GIVEN tom lag application I ms M m MhsrilMd I n appropriate water ia foe Stole e f Apphctefoa NoJ231«-S43B Ardra S. Mack«« So» 520 Rrad Point. MT 59069 S a m * Unnamed tributary r f f c l ^ O w t D m Filed: 7 /07/1 M3 Total Amount: 448.»0 gpui up to 3.00 *e-fl par enaum Dbrenioa Point: NWNENE Sec. 0 2 Tup. 02S R»t. ME Surat G n a t Co. Period of Appropriation: I/0M 2 /3I UM:448.8Ogp*auplo3.0Oac-ft(0IA)l-12/31) for fMi aad xrikHfc Place ofUtcNW NENE Sec. 02Twp.02SRgt. I6E Sweet Graae Co. for M e a d vildhfc Diversion Maaae: Dial Reservoir: Proyoeed oa n m b edacity of 3.0 ac-ft Remark*: If ieeued, the peraat win be (object to prior extaieg water right*. Initial Ming of the pouf will be after the inipalina im o a . Okjtctiora to the ietueace of a parade aadw ihle applicatioa. with raaioa* «infer, awM he Mad with the Departmeat of Natural Raaourota aad Coatcrvatioa, Natural Ratouroat - H *~| 32 South Esriag. Heleaa, MT 59*20, oa or before December 01, 1913. Otyacdoa to ipphrihca (Form 611) ia available at the office of the Coaaty Clerk and Recorder, or from thla dtpartmial epoa request Aanitancc or queatioaa regarding thia appbca- tion should be directad to the local office: Bbta** Area Office Supv., 1537 Avenue D, Suite 332, Billing». MT 39102, Ph. 637-2103. (Pub. Nov. 9 A 16,19S3) LEGAL NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF MONTANA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SWEET GRASS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF AMANDA K. BENSON, Decaaead. Probate No. DP S3-020 NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the eadte- stfned hat been appointed personal repreaeatatlve of the above-named eatate. All peraoM hariag claims against the said deceased, are requited to present their claims within four moatha after the date of first publication of this notice or aaid clahnt will be forever barred. Claims must either be mailed to Olive B. King, the personal representative, return receipt re­ quested, at P.O. Box 700, Blf Timber, Montana, or Tiled with the Clerk of the above-entitled Court. DATED this 4th day of November, 1913. /a/ Otive B. Ida« O J . Paulson 201 McLeod Street Bif Timber, MT 39011 Attorney for Personal Representative (Pub. Nov. 9. 16 A 23, 1983) LEGAL NOTICE ORDER Pursuant to 36 Code of Federal Refulatious 261.30, the fbOowinf acts arc prohibited oa ail Forest Development Roads on Iha Galiatia Na­ tional Forest These restrictions ate in addition to those enume rated in Subpart A, Past 261, TM* 36, Code of Federal Refutations aad become effective 1200 i.m. on December 1, 1913. I 11 is prohibited to use any road for commercial hauling without a permit or written authorization (36 CFR 261.34c). Traffic on these roads is sutject to traffic law* of the S late of Montana, except to dw estaat tha above prohibited act ia in conflict therewith. Signed at Bozeman, Montana, thia 2llh day of October 1983. I t l John T. Drake Forest Suparvleor Galiatia National Forest Viols lion of these regulations or the condition* of any permit issued thereunder Is punishable by a fine of S300 or 6 month* imprisonment, or both (16 USC 331). (Pub. Nov 9. 1983) NOrnCE K,HEREBY OIVEN ah saqaeetod aad wM be «raised by' P.O Ban 369, Big Timbas; M e* lana39011 (40^932-23*5) an babaifaf risa Sweet uasi 2.-00 pm. 14,1M3. . 'A ptAlie aMNp aedfo\ zyatam la V. H F. ftaqueecy aaatfoa aquápaanat, i taf a l t Adettehd mkhaima ÜMaaay Wacqaimd af A t Sweet Orma CewMjr CaaradMfeMr* al UBO Am oa NmittHr21. IM 3 .m M Q p C iam liiliairi ikal h a n B a la y a AmasAar ia which to award A* eraba« Tha sisara it shaB ha ouarfod to As lawaatiaapaaalaNllarwito izcsA o o at to A t Canary for taped for a pariod not .aata. Tha Coaaty Caaamkafoaars raaarva A t right to aosapt or rt)m aay or afl k iA SIGNED« BigTIaAat Moaiaaa Ak23 A day of October, IM3. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Sweet Grata Coaaty By/*/ Haiti Dt Fetiera Clerk (Pah Oct 26, Nov. 2 aad 9. 1983) Family p lanning y t u f A meeting concerning natural family planning will be held at the S t Joseph's Parish H all on Sunday, Nov. 13 beginning at 1:00p.m. The session will be led by members of the Bozeman chapter o f Couple to Couple League, a nationwide intra- faith organization concerned with natual family planning. Pre-registration is requested for this meeting. Call 932-3349 if you are interested iii attending. Westedt J u 4 |» s Judges are still needed for the speech meet to be held Saturday, November 19 from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. Individuals willing to help judge should contact Vince Kunda at 932- 3263 or 932-2108. Orientation meetings for judges will be held Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the hot lunch room it the high school. ly OLAF J. BREKKE COM ING EVENTS: November 14- 1:30 p.m., Sweet Gnus Conservation District Meet­ ing, USDA. ' November 16 - 2:00 p.m., Trio Club Meeting, Dugout. November 18-29 - National Farm City Week. November 30-December 1-2 - Montana State Rural Areas De­ velopment Committee Annual Meeting, The Inn (formerly Ra- mada), Bozeman. November 30 - 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Timber Cruling School, Ana­ conda Job Cotpt Center (10 miles west of Anaconda on Highway 10A). NEW MATERIALS: Spring Grains - Certified Seed List, Home Drying of Foods, Till­ age and Wheel Traffic Affect Soil Compaction. SOIL COMPACTION: Research has shown that there are no easy answers or solutions to the problems of soil compaction. The effects of compaction depend on the soil, crop, annual rainfall pattern and subsequent tillage op­ erations. Information available to date has shown the following: ★ Compaction usually causes yield reductions for root crops such as sugaibeets and potatoes and to a lesser extent for com and wheat ★ During wet years and on poor­ ly drained soils, compaction may decrease yields by reducing the soil aeration porosity and slowing soil warming. ★ During dry years and where moisture is limited, crop yields may be increased by a firm seedbed and moderate amounts of compaction that increases temporary water storage and seed-soil contact at « a-* n BRIDGER FUR PAYS YOU $ DEER ft ELK HIDES * UNSKINNED CO Y O T E TOXaffrl RACCOON NOW A BILUNGS BRANCH 14 S SUGAR AVE. Rhene 2 SM 4 M 0p«n Monday-Saturday 9 A.M. 105 P.M. MT. Open Monday-Saturtiay B AJ4. to 6 P.M. Compte*» T rapp« Sopptieo Avallatila a t Bridget Shop • Trapa a Lume a Books a Etc. 'ALWAYS PAYING TOP MAMET PMCES” tn »’.inttm BIG TIMBER CHURCHES THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH “Chaejgug A« •»-.\ Faasar Werrar Saffian 3rd A Bramble 912-2393 Tonight - 7:00 p.m., MM-awk «lag. prayer aud biMs ctedy aa G m . 4B-49. Friday - 6:00 p.m., Yaaa» Married\« G nat Escape at Einar Slate home. Potiuck, fames, movie \Chariot» of Fire\ at Church! Sunday - 9:30 a.m., Prayer « »ha Altar; 9.43 a m , Seeday Sehaal for the whole family-, I lOO 1a.m., Morning Warship; 3:30 pjn.. Chrittmar | Caalata practiae at Evanatlical Fraa Church. Tuesday - 7:30 p.m., Evaapaltaai Wamaa \Thank offering\ and election of officers. ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH FaarA ft Ha apar R.E. Sha Hay, Vlaar 932-3422 Sunday • 11:30 *.m., Charth Sartlaa. Weekday» - Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Morale» Prayer, 1.00 a_m. in the Church. Wednesday-Nooo, Haiy C a a a a a l ta io ttudy. BIO TIMBER LUTHERAN CHURCH FaarA aad Haapar Altea O. Ilaapta. Prater Wednesday - 4.-00 p.m., Yeetb 7:00 p.m, Sr. Choir. Thursday - 1000 a.m„ ALCW BAie 3 tody, | Floater Heme, 2.-0Qp.m, General ALCW lag (bring Thankoffcrinp); 4:00 p m , 3A First Communion Cla«; 7:30 pm., CeaacH. Sunday - 9:43 am., Sunday Sabaal Qaaaae far ages 3 years old through adults; 11:00 am., Dhrine I Warship. Nursery provided; 12.-00 nooo, FiBaw | Alp Hear. 3:00 p.m., Chrkdkeu Corporation ettlsg in Big Timber at the Church. CHURCH OP CHRIST 42» West BA 91MIB2 Eva apt Bat MM Shakra All are welcome to oar BAte Stody « 10.00 am ; WraaMp S écrira 10:30 a.m; Saaday Evaato» Servira 6:00 pm. Wadaaaday, 7:00 pm • Evenir« Bible Study. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH FaarA aad Aa darsaa Rev. Mania Slabart Wadaaaday • 1:30 p.m, Ratlcad/SMlar Ctd- 3:30 p m ., Youth Groap; 7-30 p.m, Bible Thursday • 12:30 pm. to I JO pm.. Sliest Hoar; 7:30 pm ., Open Heme, Opaa Mlad, Open to Gad. Sunday-9J0ajn., I naday Sabaal; 11:00 a.m . WarAlp Sarriaa, Nursery provided; S«wardship Saaday, Pattaak dtoaar following the Sunday sanrica. IT. JOSEPH'S CHURCH Jarara M. Jebaae* O. Praam 932-2437 Mat«« Big Timber, Sunday 9.00 am , Reed Point, Saturday 3:30 p u t Confession 30 minutes before Mira Waaffiay Maas Big Timber 7:13 «.m. EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH r eocA ft Everett Ga r y We Sunday Sarriwa fat «1 aats 9:43 a.m.. Macula» Warship Hoar 11.00 a.m.; C bak Prac­ tise 6 0 0 p m ; Evening Warship Hear 7:00 p.m.. WJbH. meets second Thursday of each month. ■IO TIMBER BAPTIST CHURCH (SataaA Pay A dvaadtt P e r t h ) Tammy Prise. Pastor Cataaabaa Ph. 122-4773 Saaday t Aaal 2:30 pm.. Warship Sarri« 3:30 pm. w a n CHURCH OF GOD 216 Earn Sesead Bah Peutet, Pastor Saaday Scboel 10:00 a.m.. MORNING PRAISE 11A» a.«4 EVENING PRAISE 6:00 pm.; Men’» Praysr Maatla«. Monday, 7:00 p.m., Yaath Barrica, Tuesday, 7:00 p.m., BAta Stady, Wednesday, 7.00 p.m. SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 2B9 Fosrth Arcane East Bah Ash, Pastor Worship Service-9 30 a_m.. Sabbath School- 10:30 s.m.. Prayer Mectlsg-Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. MELVILLE LUTHERAN CHURCH Melrille, Meataaa Allea O. Haapea. Prater ★ Compaction within the plow layer can be pftrtiftlty alleviated with tillage practices, but subeoil compaction may persist for long periods. ★ Wetting and drying and froet action do not completely alleviate subsoil compaction. ★ Compaction due to wheel traf­ fic prior to fall tillage can reduce erosion by causing soil to work up rougher during primary tillage. Compaction after planting can increase erosion by leaving smooth surfaces to channel runoff. ★ Essentially all soil-tire contact pressure affects root growth. ★ Dual wheels do not prevent compaction, they merely change its distribution. ★ Seventy to ninety percent of the total compaction on bare soil is caused by the first wheel pass. ★ Excess secondary tillage may destroy the porosity produced by primary tillage and cause as much or more compaction than primary tillage operations. CRUSING SCHOOL: Information about the Crusing School and reservation details are available at the Extension Office. Enrollment will be limited to 33. WaAmaftay. Norarabar 9. 19»3-BIO T1MBEB PtONttA- • • • W E A R E S E L L I N G A L L O F O U R R E N T A L S T O B U Y N E W O N E S ! 5 MAGNAVOX V R 8 4 0 0 $399.00 IMA S O N I Y I - A R M I N I H I R S H I I * I R I I ! C h u c k O u r W c e k d a v S p e c i a l s O n U R R e n t a l s O N I ï \ I m i \ il h ( ) ( ( ) \ i r \ \ n NEW MOVIES JUST IN INCLUDE . . . l o t (.H 1 NOl (iM # M \ \ 1 H t < \ N K l I t K N S • l U l ! I I I I N D I K • S I R \ W H I R R N S»I()R I t \K I • S \ \ \NN \H S M I l I S Wednesday • 4 KX) p.m.. Youth CouflrawttM ia Big Timber Sunday • 9.-00 a.m, Dlrira Worship; 10.00 a.m„ FtUowthlp how; 10:13 a.m, Saaday Sehool Clotoca for agea 3 years through 6th grade; 3:00 p.m, ChrlstikM CorporaIlM w a etiog In Big Timber Monday • 7:13 p.m, Mehrffia Choir Practlco. ea r a g a u T O PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY S chuman K xcavatiom •DhchCbaalai • Water A Sewer Usee •Geaerai Baekhoe • Dozer Wark • Free F U — les • R— eaafcla Ratee « M m RL, B«x 717 •St*SOM Day « r Nlflit LIVINGSTON MARBLE A GRANITE WORKS 711 K P a r k S t r e e t L iv in g s to n , M o n t a n a SCHUSTER MASONRY Iteae, Brick Bleck Werk 93H S I 4 OafoN» Hhtbtmaota PROFESSIONAL HORSESHOEING «O* (OsB ce*aiCf>«t ama »•'■**<.• «O* I I I tita Bftt-aeii Wora*hm*BaOa • DOUBLE TROUBLE \We do all types of sewer cleaning” We meet or beat all ____ prices • Fully Guaranteed Ic Insured - Special Senior Citizen Rates - Call for appraisal. Kan T t e e * * r Larry I 109 W. Geyser 222-S194 Livingston, MT JOSEPHSON & FREDRICKS Attorneys a t Law 1 IS West Second Big Timber, Montana Phone 932-2184 SATELLITE TV •H igh Quality Eqalpauat • Experienced Installation^ ft Service __ Custom Built :ir«plac* Insorts A Wood Stovos Glass Doors Available MIKE CLARK Box 6 McLeod, MT S9011 932-2427 Local References SUPERIOR PUMP AI Equipment Servico Company GOULD PUMPS - 1_ __ AERMOTOR WINDMILLS Cofliplelc Water System lastollatlo. Sales ft Service Call V .J. KLOECKNER DAY-NIGHT-EMERGENCY 932-3323 PO Box 1256 Blf Timber, M t590ll Í »asure State igation, Inc. Jim A Bub Baglex r . . . _ ' Townsend, IVIT T. BAIRD CONST. Nrw Conttructmn A HrmrwWhng Krttdrnltftki ommrnul WVIaUft Home Restoration ★ Cabinet, Finish Work dr Attached Solar Greenhouse* W Blown-In Insulation Box 3. Big Timber. MTS90JI PHONE 932-3609 M O N TANA TRAVEL INC. Phone 222-6206 127 Sa 2nd Livingston Box 1278 FOR ABSTRACT AND TITLE SERVICE Contact Stan Kmlberg or Alta Scholtcn on Monday qftemoons at the Courthouse or just write or call collect ta- MID-MONTANA TITL E COMPANY H a rlow ton — 6 3 2 -4306 ATTENTION! R e s taurants - Bars - M o tels Ice machine leasing, Sales A Service DELCO Leasing Inc. Del Brandon Maillas addrtss: / SERVjCE Star RL Box 524 Cnil Collect Reed Point, MT 59069 252-6241 iw BUIU ON (• * NEO LIFE NATURAL FOOD SUPPLEMENTS LOUISE DRIBNENKI DISTRIBUTOR 4 0 7 E a s t 1 s t Phone 932-2764 Home Phone 932-2572 Blow-In Insulation b y W s y s rh a u s s r New & 0M Homes Brunckhorst Insulation P O Bo» 295 328-3611 from 7 8* m Ab stroke*. MT 59001 Merrill Lynch Piarca Fenner A Smith 200 North 27 th Street Billings, Montana Phone 1-800-332-7157 A. Ray CoMhns, J r. Account Executive 1st Tuesday each month - conference room at Josephson and Fredricks FOR ALL YOUR COMPUTER NEEDS ThecCo GARRET fc SHEILA FRANKS Your EKOS* Independent Sales Reps •elllag Fraaklta C aatywten P O Box 204 Big Tim ber, MT Phone (406) 932-2629 BIG TIMBER UPHOLSTERY • Furniture • Boats •Motorcyclaa •Snowmobilas HOME A COMMERCIAL 719 E. 2nd Big Timber, MT Phone 932-3711 COLPO Lawn tí Sprinkler S e r v ice R a / n ^ B / r d ' I j WVN t.ARF PLUMBING SPRINKI F R SYSTEMS 952 5409 FRONTEER DIRECTORY ’83 BIG SKY CENTRAL area telephone directories arc available a t Big TImbtr Plowcr, Citizen» Bank; Empire Federal Sav­ ings and Loan aad 1 st Security Bank. lft*irftI)irtctoo(u MShMitivLifflvcLND LICENSED WAT I S W I L L C O N TR A C TO S T O M L i e N O 2 » 4 B E T T Y L 'C NO 402 BEVEN DRILLING P m »32 2974 M CLgoo M o n t a n a 98092

The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 09 Nov. 1983, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.