The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1983-current, December 07, 1983, Image 9

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orreuw o r r cM Tim rnr W r 7, IM J — BIG T T M K R W ON B E X - Fisga * CLASSIFIED A D S , . . WORK WONDERS! ' T#; bay,!.'««®. raM, « • j tkaaki or (1*4 M f , call §32- 3*15 to ptaM yoar C k u M i! .ad. Wc wMlW happy to aaalal yoa wkk the proper. A H slflod/Ditplay ad« ¡ p w ( ' be, paid for ia advaace (wttfc the except!«« o f oar baela««« ae- coants). Ad« will be take« over the phone, bat payawat aiaat be ¡ato tbc newspaper office before Taeiday aooa to intarc the ad will be raa. DEADLINE for Classified ad« is Taesday aooa! DEADLINE for Classified/ Display ads Is Tuesday aooa, but you caassve 10 percent by having your C /D ad in to us before 5:00 p.m. on Monday! Classified ads are 15* a word each week, with a mini­ mum charge o f $1.50. Class!- fled/Display ads are priced at the regular Display rate. Lost A Found and To Give Away ads are ran one time at no charge. m to afMm'Ruocaaamt ceastr ■ Sail' - Laàa City. 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' 46tfc SEPTIC TA N K cleaning, Artian Exca­ vating 932-3450. 36tfc C A R P E T AND UPHOLSTERY cleaning D o it yourself with T H E STEAM E X o r dry cfean with the HOST CLEA N E R S7.50 per day, S 10 overnight, S15 weekends. The Color Shop. 46tfc SANTA CLAUS suit for rent, reasonable After 6 :00, 932-2573. 14,15c LEGION AU XILIARY meeting Monday, Dec 12, 8 :00 pm., Legion HalL Gold Star tea and District President's visit Entertain­ ment by Mr. Bratvoltfs music students 14c 1983 Sweet Grass County Combined Campaign is , drawing to a dose. Please 1 make every effort to have your contribution left at or mailed to the Citizens Bank i and Trust by Thursday, December IS. NOW IN STOCK A T PIO N E E R -record storage boxes letter and legal size. Don’t forget your wall and desk calendar refills 8 nc/tfc COUPON EX C H A N G E B O X Located at The Pioneer. Bring 'em in and take ’em out! nc/tfc HEAD QUA R T E R S for SEALY mat­ tresses G am b les tfc Come to the Crazy Mountain Camera Club meeting and visit with other shutterbugs! Thursday, Dec. 8th, 7:30 p.m., Dallman Hall. Coffee & Cookies served N M M O S O S W S O S O S O e o S M B & F PAINTING Quality Painting at the right price! f f r - N t-87M Box iaaa E . « t * B i g T I a b e r . j r r Ace Radio & TV Quasar & Sylv&nia Dealer .•I good selection of new and used TV's Service on most makes Call 222-1454 223 So. Main P.O. Box 824 Livingston, Mt seo47 SEWER CLEANING W R H V W R N H 932-2491 FRANK WILSON PLUMBING If no anwer. Call collect 322-4358 The m n > MAND BOOKSam Ionaad far, j sate Y m limy pm* ap a h o * « t h e Sheriffs | trfftet' o r c o atact a CourSeis «mashsT ’ ‘ ; / ‘ • ; , i 3 , u c H O R S E S H O E IN G A N D TR IM M IN G , John C o a riff, 932-3302. . , SH OP A T SO USERGS BY P H O N E Let us do y o o r shopping. AM yost have to <to 1« c a b W c will gift w rap free a « d deliver to your homc if in town. W c wiM mail it for you ifout.of town. CaU 9 3 2 -2393. ’12-lSc PLUM B ING A N D H E A T IN G repairs. Owen Moore. 932-2603. 25tfc C O L L A T IN G —mo«t jobc can be done same dey. Check o u r low p rices 9 3 2 -3615, ask for D a k . no'tfc N E E D BLUE PRINTS? CLOTH-BACK PLATS? TRA N S P A R E N C IES? W e can do them all on our N E W BLU E P R IN T MACHINE! ThtPionttr, 932-3614. tfc 932-3615 CLASSIFIED LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICE BEFORE THE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE OF THE STATE OF MONTANA LIQUOR DIVISION NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE OF ORIGINAL OF ON­ PREMISE CONSUMPTION BEER/WINE LICENSE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 14 th day of November. 198 J. one Ercrettc J. Jones filed an application with the Department pursuant to the Montana Alcoholic Beverage Code. Section 16-1- 101, Montana Code Annotated, et seq, and the Administrative Rules of Montana Section 42.11 101, A R M . et set), for issuance of One Original (New) On Premise Consumption Beer/ Wine License to be used at Highway 10 West 190 Exit 367, Big Timber. Sweet Grass County, •Montana r ' Written protests, if any there be. against the issuance of such license may be mailed to the Administrator, Liquor Division Department of Revenue, Helena Monuna59620. on or before the 10th day of January, 1984. Additional information may be obtained from this Department If the administrator receives no protesta the Department may issue or transfer the license without holding a public hearing Any interested party has the right to be represented by counsel in this proceeding The issues involved in this proceeding shall be ( I) The qualification of the applicant (Section 16-4-101, MCA); (2) the proposed premises (Sections 16-4- 402 and 16-3-306, MCA); (3) the quota area involved) Section 16-4-105, MCA). (4) issuance of the license justified by public convenience and necessity( if an original license)! Secuon 16-4- I0J. MCA): and(5) such other matters w hich may aiTect the issuance of a license under the Montana Alco> holic Beverage Code and the Admiruttiauve Rules of Montana DATED November 25. 1983 Liquor Division Howard HelTcIfinger Administrator By 1st Diana L Koon License Bureau Chief (Dec 7. 14.21 and28. 1983) -JWJMJXXUJttn v§/. V«; v«y. its V»/ v §3 Wz vBy .v*y ,v»y v«/ .v§y .v§y..yvy.:iVy »v/>i§y .k§y >»y BIG TIMBER CHURCHES THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH \Chaaging the N Y Pastor Werner Seibert 3rd R Brmsable 932-2395 Tonight - 7.00 pm.. Midneck Slag Share, Prayer and Bible Discussion on Exodus 3 A 4. Saturday 2.00 pm., Cbristasaa Cantata dress rehearsal at grade school gym Sunday - 9.30 i n , Prayer at tht Allan 9.45 am , Sunday School forth* whole family, 11.00 am . Morning Worship 2:00 pm , Christ bus Cantata Performance for the whole community, grade school gym Tuesday 200 p m . -Christmas Tea\ pre­ sented by the Evangelical Women All ladies in the community are invited to this special program and tune of fellowship Coming in January - Chuck Swindotfs film series \Strengthening Your Grip' ST MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Fourth * Hooper RE. Shelley. Vkar 932-3422 December II • 3 0 0 pm . Decorate church 4 30 pm.. Holy Communion and Confirmation 5 45 p m . Church dinner and patty. December 18 • 11*30 am . Children’s ChritUtaas Servlet followed by pollock dinner and party. December 24 11:00 pm . Choral Holy Eucharist December 25 11O0 a m . Holy Commnaloa January I • 9.00 a m . Holy Communion Weekdays! escept as announced for Holy Dsyi) - Tuesday. Friday and Satuiday. M.P. at 8.00 am.; Wedncdiys. Holy Commnaloa at 1205 pm. BIG TIMBER LUTHERAN CHURCH Fourth and Hooper ’ Alien G. H a a g » , Pastor Wednesday- 400 p m . Youth Confirmation; 7:00 p m . Sc Choir. Thursday • 10.00 a m . Bible Study, Pioneer Hons« 2:30 pm . Annual Advent Tea and Pro­ gram Parish Hall 7:30 pm . Chssrch Council. Sunday - 9.45 a m . Sunday School Clauses for ages3 years old through aduitx 11.00 a m , Dlviat Worship Nursery prowled for small children 1200 Noon. Fellowship Hons: CHURCH OF CHRIST 42« West Ith 932-3102 Evaogellst Mai Shakra All are welcome to our Bible Study at 10.00 am . Worship Scrvkn 10:50 am . Saaday Evening Scrricn 6 00 pm Wednesday. 7.00 p m • Evening Bible Study. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Fourth and Anderson Rev. Martin Slehert Wednesday 3 30 pm . Youth Group 7 30 p m to 8:00 pm . Advent Worship 8:00 pm Bible Stssdy, Galatians 4:1-7. Thursday 12:30 pm to I 30 pm . Silent Hour; 7 30 pm . Open House, Open Mind Open to God. Sunday • 9 30 a m . Snnday Scbook Connell Meeting 1IO0 a m . Worship Service, Nursery provided Coming Events Greening of the Church, 6 30 pm Sunday, Dec II. Annual Homeland Circle Christmas Tea Dec 15 at 3 30 pm . Sunday School Christmas Program Dec 18 at II 00 am . Poduck following ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH James M. J o h n » « O. Preens 932-2457 Mas sue Big Timber, Sunday 9.00 am . Reed Point, Saturday 5 30 p m Wcedkay Mats Big Timber 7 15 a m EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH Fourth A Everett Garry Wssms, Pastor Sunday Strvkti for alt ages 9 45 a.m.; Morning Worship Hear II .00 am.; Choir Prac­ tice 6:00 pm.; Evening Worship Hour 7:00 p.m, W.M.S. meets second Thursday of each month. BIG TIMBER BAPTIST CHURCH (Seventh Day Adventist Church) Tommy Price, Pastor Colnmbas Pk. 322-4775 Sunday School Service 3:30 p.m. 2.30 p.m.. Worship CHURCH O F GOD 216 East Second Bob Poatet, Pastor Saaday School 1000 am . MORNING PRAISE 11:00 a m ; EVENING PRAISE 6.00 p.m., Mra’s Prayer Meeting. Monday. 7 00 pm.. Youth Service, Tuesday. 7:00 p.m.. Bible Stady, Wednesday, 7 0 0 p m SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 209 Foarth Arenas East Bob Ash, Pastor Worship Scrvtce-9 30 a.m„ Sabbath Scbool- 10:30 a.m„ Prayer Meeting-Wednesday. 7 30 p.m. MELVILLE LUTHERAN CHURCH Mslvlllt, Montana Allen G. Haugen. Pastor Thursday 2 30 pm . ALCW Advent Tea ia j Big Timber, Parish HalL Sunday 9.00 am . Divine Worship 10:001 am . FeUosrtblp Hoar. 10.15 a m , Sunday! School Classes for ages 3 years old through 6 th | grade. Monday 715 pm . Choir practice. LEGAL NOTICES I . . ' U tO A L NOTICE >4 THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF ¿♦ONTANA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF I ’ SWEET GRASS » I THE MATTER O F THE ESTATE OF SOREN A HAUGE, Deceased Probate N a DFB3-OI9 t ' NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the under signed has been appointed Personal Representative of the above-mined estate. All persons having claims against the said deceased are required to present their claims within four (4) months after the date of the first publication of this notice or said dale« trill be forever baited. Claims mutt either be mailed to L STANLEY KALBERG, the Personal Representative, return receipt requested, P.O. Box 1188, Big Timber, MT 59011, or filed with the Clesh of the above-named Court DATED and SIGNED this 24th day of Octo­ ber. 1983. h ! L Stanley Kafoerg Personal Representative Personal Repreacntative'a Attorney; G Thornes Bi glen P.O. Boa 1188 Big Timber, M T 5 9 0 II (406) 932-2105 (Puts Nov. 23 A 30 and Dec 7. 1983) PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS * DIRECTORY S c h u m a n E x c a v a t io n • Ditch Cloaalag • Water A Sewer Lines • General Backhoe • Dozer Work • Free Estimate« • Reasonable Rates Q lbson R t., Box 7 2 7 Biff T im b e r, MT. •9 2 - 2 0 M D a y or N ight LIVINGSTON MARBLE A GRANITE WORKS 711 R Park Street Livingston, Montana SCHUSTER HASOKRY Stane, Brick Black W a rk § 3 *- 35«4 O 4 *• •• • Mg «fMUN PR O F E S S IO N A L H O R S E S H O E IN G «O * t o . » t o n » t , t t l 4* ■•>*•« «■• * «sega M o n t a n a ( 9 0 DOUBLE TROUBLE SEWER SHOOTERS “Wc d o all types o f sewer c leaning“ We m e e t o r beat all _____ prices • Fully G u a r a n teed le Insured • Special Senior C i r ii m R a tes • Call f o r a p p raiaaJ. Kan T o c c a o r Larry Fotopouloe 109 W . G e y s e r 222-3194 .ftO U K | '¿B v n C t Livingston, MT JOSEPHSON & FREDRICKS A t t o r n e y s a t L a w 115 West Second Big Timber, Montana Phone 932-2184 LEGAL NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT QF THE SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF MONTANA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SWEET GRASS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ARNE A GROSFIELD, Deceased. Probate No DP83-023 NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the under signed ha* buna appointed Personal Represented** of the above-named Estate. Ail persons having claims against ths said Deceased are required to present their claims within four(4) months after the data o f the first publication o f this Notice or said claims still be forever barred Claims must either be mailed to Bertha L Grotfleld, the Personal Representative, Return Receipt Requested, P.O. Boa 637, Big Timber, Montana 59011, or filed with the Clerk of the above-entitled Court DATED November 16. 1983. /it Bertha L Grotfleld Personal Representative Personal Representative’s Attorney; John F. Blackwood P.O Box 656 Livingston, MT 59047 (Pub Nov. 23 A 30 and Dec 7. 1983) THIS SPACE FOR RENT CALL 9 3 2 - 3 6 1 5 SUPERIOR PUMP ài Equipment Service Company G O U L D PU M P S - 1 _ A E R M O T O R W IN D M ILL S Com p iste W ater System Installation Sales A Service C a ll V . J . K L O E C K N E R DAY-NIGHT-EMERGENCY 932-352J P O Box 1256 Big T im b er. M I 5 9 0 II I B y r e 4 * M«wu ft»« W .— »w e a l * f eature State igation, Inc. J i m A B o b B i g l e ) own—ml, MT T. BAIRD CONST. Nrw Com fruttion lr K rm o d rtlng Krhidfnll«l*Com m fifUl ★ Vintage H o n te R e iteration ★ Cabinet. Finish W o rk ★ Attached Solar G reenhouses ★ Blown-In Insulation Box3. Big Timber. M T 59011 P H O N E 932-3609 MONTANA TRAVEL INC. Phone 222-6206 127 Sa 2nd Livingston Box 1278 FOR ABSTRACT AND TITLE SERVICE Contact Stan Kalberg or Alta Scholten on Monday afternoons at the Courthouse or ju s t write or call collect ta MID-MONTANA TITLE COMPANY Hadowton — 632 * 4 3 — ATTENTION! Restaurants - Bars - M otels Ice machine leasing, Sales A Service DELCO Leasing Inc. Del Brandon M ailing address: S tar R l Box 524 Reed Point. M T 59069 ÜtdJWM Vl*BUILr ON SERVICE Call Collect 252-6241 S A T E L L ITE TV • High Q u a lity E q u ipm e n t • Experienced Installation^ A Service __ Custom Built \Fireplace Inserts & Wood Stoves Glass Doors A vailabte . ............................ .. MIKE CLARK Box 6 M c L e o d . M T 59011 9 3 2 -2427 Local References NEO LIFE NATURAL FOOD SUPPLEMENTS LOUISE DRIBNENKI DISTRIBUTOR 407 East 1st Phone 932-2764 Home Phone 932-2572 LEGAL NOTICK IN T H E DISTRICT COURT OF THE SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF MONTANA IN AND FORTHE COUNTY OF SWEET GRASS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF HELEN EARLEEN CLAYTON, Dtcrawd. Probate No DP83-024 NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the uudtr- signed has been appointed Personal JUprttentative of the above-entitled estate All persons haring claims against the said deceased are required to present their claims within four(4) monUiS after the date of the first publication of this notice or »Id claims will be forever barred. Claims must cither be mailed to GEORGE E CLAYTON, the Personal Representative, return receipt requested, P.O. Boa 1188, Big Timber, MT 59011, or filed with the Clerk of the above-named Court DATED and SIGNED this 18th day of No­ vember, 1983. h i George E Clayton Personal Representative Personal Representative's Attorney; G. Thomas Biglen P.O. Box 1188 Big Timber. MT590II (406)932-2105 (Pub Nov. 23 A 30 and Dec. 7. 1983) Auction Sales o f «dl k ite d * • Farm •A n tique • Household • Estate Auctions • Livestock •Charities Free “Wc km« die \ \ r i 'jlhtag** Any time . . . Any place ROB FRASER R r e d p o int, MT 59069 932-2365 Blow-In Insulation by Woyorhausor New & Old Homes Brunckhorst Insulation PO Boa 295 328 5611 from 7.8a m Absarokcc. MT 59001 Marrlll Lynch Pi«rc* F « n n « r A Smith 2 0 0 N o r t h 27 t h S t r e e t B illings, M o n t a n a P h o n e 1-800-332-7157 A. Ray Collins,’ Jr.1* Account Exscutiv* 1st Tuesday each month ■ conference room at Josephson and Fredricks FOR ALL YOUR CO M P U T E R NEEDS T h e c C o GARRET L- SHEILA FRANKS Your EKOS\ Independent Sales Reps • « W a g F r a n k l ! « C « « 9 « t t n P.O Box 204 Big T im b e r, MT Phone (406) 932-2629 BIG TIMBBR UPH 0 L 8 TBRY • F u rnitur« •Boats •Motorcyclss • Snowmobilss HOME & COMMERCIAL 719 E. 2nd Big Tlmber, MT Phone 932-3711 COLPO Lawn & Sprinkler Service R a i B i r d LA W N CARE - PLUMBING SPRINKLER SY S T E M S 932-3409 FRONTEER DIRECTORY '83 BIG SKY CENTRAL area telephone directories are available a t Big Tim b e r Plouctr, C ltlzcoi Bank; Em p ire Federal Sav­ ings a n d Loan a n d 1 st Security Bank. (-rontetr DirectoryCu M 5 L M n a B i t i u r c i h D UCCNSKO WATCH WELL CONTNACTON T O M Lie NO 2 » 4 B E T T Y L'C NO 40* BEVEN DRILLING P m 9 3 2 2 9 7 4 M C L C O O MONTANA 5 9 0 9 2

The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 07 Dec. 1983, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.