The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1983-current, December 19, 2003, Image 3

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W««k of Decembor 19-25, 2003 — BIG TIMBER (MT) PIONEER — Page 3 O i v t h e r e c o r d I A sum m a ry o f th e w e e k 's a c tivities of the law en forcem e n t a n d judicial a u thorities in S w e e t G r a s s C o u n ty Law enforcem ent barely m isses a missing m a n ■■ \ S h e r i f f ' s R e p o r t dent opened tlie dooi ilie individual look olT running ¡nul staggering h was suspected the visitor was drunk The 1-90 border for Park and Sweet Grass County is at milemaker 354. The border for Stillwater and Sweet Grass County is at milemarker 391. The 1-90 east interchange exit is at milemarker 371 and the west interchange exit is at 367. Highway 191 milemarker one is near the Yellowstone Bridge. E d itor’s Note — Sweet G rass County Sheriff Dan T r o n r u d has stated his department does not disclose to th e p u b l i c a l l incidentswhich are reported to it. If you have personal knowledge of a situation which was reported to the Sheriff's office but is not included on the following “ C o m p laints” list, please contact The P ioneer at 932-5298, o r telep h o n e toll-free 1-800-253-4602. Ambulance Calls December 9 - The ambulance crew was called n> meet the Si. Vincent’s Flight crew at the airport. The ambulance responded to a call at a resilience on Fighlh Street when a woman called for her hus­ band. who she suspected was having a stroke. The ambulance transported him to the PMC The ambulance took a PMC patient to Btilmgs. December 11 - The ambulance responded to a call on Second Avenue from a woman having abdominal pain December 12 - The ambulance responded to a home along Highway 191 where an elderly woman was ill. She was taken to the PMC. December 16 - The ambulance crew responded to a call on Fast Teal where a woman was having trouble u ulkme She was transported to the PMC Arrcsts/Jail Lug December 15 - Aaron 1.. Pattie. age 33 Big Timber. \DUI Drugs. Driv. Suspended; Bonded out” the •arrest log noted. Six allegedly illegal aliens were detained at the Sweet Grass Count) Jail. Accidents December 13 - A motor vehicle accident was reported in the Super 8 parking lot Complaints December 9 - An alarm was reported going off at Sweetgrass and Sage After running a license plate number on a vehicle parked at the Super 8 through the identification system it was determining the num­ ber matched a report ol a missing person from FI Paso County. Colorado Springs, CO The man had left the motel when olfieeis attempt­ ed to talk w ith him December 10 - A big orange eat picked up in the 3(H) block of Fast 6th was taken to the Big Timber Vet Clinic. Dogs being let out anil going \all over the place\ was reported In a neighbor An accident with a SUV on its side in the ditch along 1-90 was reported A gas drive off at Countrs Skillet was reported. A semi traveling easibound in the westbound lane was reported An officer could not find the vehicle December 11 - A local bank and an individual called to report a group C A B L I Montana HMKMwNews W 1 5 3 3 V BW & -.«am • :UW* i h 7ií.W£lí!¿¿3 I J n « » » M I usi»jra N V ■ M ih& riufim 9 ^ a C M I h l i J d E ^ IE 9 C a f e t o M r Bmontksl U S T O D A Y ! had solicited banking information from the individual Numbers were provided but nothing had been taken out of the account. The bank will be watching her account and making sure nothing is taken out without her permission December 14 - A possible drunk driver was reported on 1-90. An otti- eer stopped a vehicle to investigate A possible stolen vehicle out of Canada was researched but it w'as a negative match with a vehicle stopped locally A resident reported a nude indi­ vidual at Ins door who didn't knock but just stood there. When the resi- An officer could not fine! anyone m the area A report of dogs killing sheep was received The dogs were taken to a local vet clinic A man reported he rolled his truck on Work Creek Road A wrecker was dispatched Suspected poachers '..ere reported on Sourdough Road An officer were to the location but did not find the suspects A lire alarm at the I’MC was reported. It was a false alarm R e c y c le . . . Get Efficient! 'A . • r HP,00( KoJc Processor Va -,s H i M m in t? Process it. Blow sweymoU. d u s t and rntdew; reduce s tre ss on your cows, increase pehteOtty. And. g e l m ore hay o ut o f every D de' W b y e m te d m e k m U m down b e tu b y Heed vdmyoufMbbwfmskgiito your o td n g pern? Tldsmeierihe ALL ymr u ms sa egret theme el teedteg dm. Process toes Mo windrows end reduce msnure-hmdtinQ problems nett spring WINTER RETAIL INCENTIVE / . if B?. ’-5* D O U B L E Y O U R SAVINGS WITH REBATES i TAX WRITE OFF'S BEFORE DEC ST AVAILABLE REBATE AMOUNTS: MCWOi 1030: $500* 5400/5500; $300* 554XL/555XL: $500* W4XU«5XtW ¥ BN) OF YEAR GLEARANCE WAS fefmeer 5046 5’x4\etoct» .................................... 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The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 19 Dec. 2003, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.