The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1983-current, December 26, 2003, Image 3

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Week of Dec. 26 , 2003 - Jan. 1, 2004 — BIG TIMBER (MT) PIONEER — Page 3 t h e r e c o r d ______ A summary of the week's activities of the law enforcement and judicial authorities in Sweet Grass County S h e r i f f ' s R e p o r t The 1-90 border for Park and Sweet Grass County is at milemaker 3S4. The border for Stillwater and Sweet Grass County is at milemarker 391. The 1-90 east interchange exit is at milemarker 371 and the west interchange exit is at 367. Highway 191 milemarker one is near the Yellowstone Bridge. E d itor’s Note — Sweet Grass County Sheriff Dan T ro n ru d lias stated his department does not disclose to th e p u b lic all incidentswhich are reported to it. If you have personal knowledge of a situation which was reported to the Sheriff’s office hut is not included on tiie following “C o m p la in ts’’ list, please contact The Pioneer at 932-5298. or t c I c p h o n e toll-free 1-8(10-253-4602. Artilmliince ( ’alls December 10 An ambulance was requested lo a tesulence on East Teal in iranspoit a woman lo the PMC who was having Irouhle walk­ ing 5er\icc-> woii rendered when a West Fourth Avenue woman loll at her home and needed help getting up A 73 \eir old man was trans­ ported from an address on hast Fifth Averne to the PMC after lie became ih/,.'y and was incohetent Deecmhei 19 - An ambulance was dispatched to a residence on Highway 191 North after a call was received from Lifeline, concerned because they could not get a response from a woman who lives there She was subsequently trans­ ported to the PMC hv ambulance One woman was transported to the PMC following a tall at a resi­ dence on Stock Street. An accident from which a vehi­ cle was towed was reported on 1-90. in the median at mni360 after a tire blew out. No injuries were reported Arrests/.lail Log December 19 - William James Konkler, 35. of Manhattan was arrested on a charge of Possession ol Dangerous Drugs and transferred to the Yellowstone Detention Facility on the same date. December 20 - Ryan Shuler. 19 of Billings was being held in the Sweet Grass County Jail on a juve­ nile warrant issued by Yellowstone County He was still being held as of December 22. Colt Emerson Merry. 20. of Bozeman was being held in the county jail on a warrant issued by Gallatin county lor Failure to Appear in Gallatin County Treatment Court and a warrant issued by Carbon County Fish and Game on a Contempt of Court Charge. He was charged by the Sweet Grass .Sheriff’s Department with Possession ol Dangerous Drugs. Possession of Drug Puraphrcnulia, and Obstructing. Gregory T Koptloff, 31. of Tacoma. WA was arrested on a Possession of a .Stolen Vehicle charge. He was uansferred on the same date to the Yellowstone Detention Facility. December 22 - Daniel Richard Quesenherry. 22. of Billings was being held in the county jail on a charge of Operating a Vehicle with­ out Liability Insurance. Driving While Revoked. Lxpired Registration, and Original Plates on a Different Vehicle He bonded out on the same date Accidents December 21 - An accident that occurred that night, sometime alter midnight, was repotted No other information was available Fires December 17 - Ambulance and lire personnel were cancelled fol­ lowing a false alarm repotted by Cmieotn at the PMC. Complaints December 15 - Sherry Ujornilal came into the Sheriff's Office to report that an AFLAC Due k was taken from her Sweet Grass County Clerk and Recouler's Office some­ time over the weekend The thief, or thieves, elevated the theft lo kidnap­ ping by leaving a ransom note and plastic duckbill whistle where the AFLAC Christmas Duck had been sitting. Bjornilal is offering a reward for the sale return of the duck and lias been contacted via email by the kidnappers So far they do not feel her reward amount is enough to guarantee the return of the duck, winch they assure her is safe December 16 - A truck driver reported the electrical lines at the east interchange on the south side of the road near Liv mgston were spark­ ing pretty badly The information was repotted to Livingston dispatch December 17 - Four horses were reported out on the mail by Duffy's Trailer Court by an ollieer An attempt was made to contact the possible owner ol'tlie horses December IS - A 911 call was received from a local ranch. The line went dead when it was answered and the dispatcher tried to reach the number several times hut found the line busy. It was later discovered the resident had dialed 911 by mistake. The ovvnet of the City Club called to report someone left a lawn ornament in h unt of the business the night before. The ornament was described as a brass stand with two owls on each stile of the stand. December 19 - Hospital person­ nel were aleited to prepare for the arrival of a Mam Boulder Road resi­ dent whose wife reported he was having chest pains and she was driv­ ing him to the facility. The driver of a truck hauling flammables was reported by another driver to he driving m an unsafe manner. An officer was able to locate the vehicle aim advised him to drive a little more carefully .Suspicious activity was report­ ed by .someone who observed a man sleeping in a car at the ambulance barn parking lot on Hooper Street. An oltieer investigated the sleeping man The driver of a vehicle with a Hat me and stripped lugs called to tequest assistance on the exit ramp off of 1-90 at the Springdale exit A wrecker was dispatched to the scene A officer responded to a call I n C o u r t Justice Court Scott Bixbv. Issuing a Bad Check. Felony. Out of jurisdiction Casey O. Talkington, Driving without a Valid Drivers License. Expired ISO Days or Less. Dismissed: Fail to Give Notice oi’ Accident by Quickest Means/Ovet $5tH) Dismissed. Costs 520 Ross J. Thomas. Careless Driving. Fines 5100, Costs 520 Ty ler Jordan Potts. Reckless Driving. Fines $200. Costs 520 Naeoma R. Barton. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. Operating a Motor Vehicle wit}» Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)O 10 or’Greatcr. Fines 5750, Costs $60; Driving without a Valid Drivers License, Include Expired 180 Days or Less. Dismissed Thomas C Olson. Careless Driving. Fines $100. Costs 535 Vincent Thaddcus Ryan. Driving While Privilege to do so is Stispended/Rcvoked, Fines 5500. Costs $70 Man Beth Lynch, Stop Sign Violation. Fines $50, Costs $35 Michael Leroy Chelette. Medical Certificate Expired. Fines 550, Costs $35 Don Roy Connolly, ROW Violation - Fail?Yicld When Entering Highway From Private Road or Driveway, $50, Costs $35 Roger Elmo Indrelund. Operate Between 1/1 - 2/15 Without Previous Year's I icensc Plates. Fines $100. Costs 535 Anthony L Kemp, Littering. Fines $50, Costs $35 Troy Butler. Hunting without Landowner Permission, other than Big Game, First Offense. Fines $25. Costs $35 Peter J. Rcnick, Operating Without Liability Insurance m Effect. Fines $250. Costs 535. Operating a Vehicle Which Has Not Been Properly Registered, Fines 550. Costs 535: Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drugs. Fines $500, Costs $60. Jail-Six Months. Suspended-Six Months Coupe; D Dclin, Careless Driving. Fines $50, Costs $35 Mary Kay Crasc. Expired Registration, Fines $70. Costs $35 Matthew R. Bain. Failure to Get Landowner Permission to Hunt Big Game, Fines $!<X), Costs $35: Criminal Trespass to Property. Fines $100. Costs 560 Stacy Ann Fiedler, Seatbelt Violation, Fines $20 Joyce Eileen Fovvle. Displaying License Plates Assigned to Another Vehicle, Fines $100, Costs $35 Donald D. Todd, Possess Unlawfully Killcd/Parts Unlawfully Taken, Fines $500, Costs $35 Eugene F. Ellis. Violation of Comm/Depl-Otiler/Rules. Fines 550. Costs 535 Lee Leroy Moore. Violation in a Construction Zone. Fines 550. Costs $35 Brandon James Kaldor. Possessing Intoxicating Substances While Undet Age of 21 Years. Fines $150, Costs S60 Randy A. Lut/.ow, Registration-Opcraic OHV Without Proper Decal. Fines $25. Costs $35 Jim Styf. Obstruct Traffic (Slow Vehicle Fail to Pull Over). Fines $30. Costs 535 Shawn Gordon Bortnem. Obstruct Traffic (Slow Vehicle Fail lo Pull Over), Fines 530, Costs $35 Clayton Allen Kuntz. Careless Driving. Fines S50. Costs $35 Richard M. Arntson, Altcr/Transfer/Loan License. Fines $200, Costs $35, Kill More Than One. Fines 55(H). Costs $35 Harold G. Klalt. Allcr/Transfer/ Loan License. Fines $200. Costs $35 Bradford K. Arntson, Restriction On Manncr-Froin Roadway, Fines SlOO, Costs $35 Ryan J. Naffziger, Hunt without Landowner Permission. Other Than Big Game. First Offense, Fines $25, Costs $35; Unlawful Use of Rifles to Shoot Game Birds. Fines $150. Costs 535 Penelope Louise Lowry. Violation til a Construction Zone, Fines $50, Costs $35 Oscar Miranda Ranmcz. Fail to Carry Proof or F.xhihit/lnsurance in Vehicle, Costs $35: Drixlng without a Valid Drivers License Include Expired 180 Days or Less. Costs $35 City Court Brooke A. Metcalf. Failure to Obey Red (Stop) Traffic Signal. ROW Violation-Fail to Yield to Vehicle Entering or Crossing Highway. Deferred Imposition of Sentence. Costs $35 Raymond A Jackson. Disorderly Conduct. Dismissed Lloyd L. Westervelt. Speed. Exceed Restricted Speed Limit Established by Department. Fines $100. Costs $35 Judy K. Pynn, Careless Driving, Fines S50. Costs $160 Maccaskill. Bruce Gordon. Criminal Mischief, Pled No Contest. Fines $500, Costs $60 Michael Taylor. Driving without a Valid Drivers License Include Expired 180 Days or Less. Fines $100, Costs S35 Matthew Gary Hamilton, Minor in Possession Over 18 Years-Third Offense, Fines $500. Costs $120. Jail-1 SO Days, Suspended-180 Days T h e S G County Sheriff's Depart, has issued an all points bulletin for the kidnappers of an AFLAC duck from the Montana Highway Patrol for assistance on 1-90. easthound. at mm387 A school bus driver reported that for three days there had been three different cars parked. :n the roadway at R&S Saddle Shop She had gotten the license plate number off one of the vehicles and it was checked out by authorities December 20 - A routine license plate check at a rest area on 1-90 at mm38() resulted in a stolen vehicle from Washington being recovered and one man arrested December 22 - A motor vehicle stop anil drivers license check run In an officer resulted in one man being taken into eustoiK after the license check indicated the driver's license had been revoked The vehicle was towed from the scene R e c y c l e . . . 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The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 26 Dec. 2003, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.