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WE’RE MAKING A FEW CHANGES IN THE PAPER Watch for a new look in the newspaper next week. The paper will be a THURSDAY PAPER (Not Friday). All ads and news should be in by TUESDAY of each week. (Unless otherwise confirmed). The paper will be the PRESS-TIMES and have a circulation of approximately 1500. Cost will be the same except for newsstands, which will be sold at 20 cents each. EMERGENCY NUMBERS Fire And Ambulance 277 Dept. 277 Dept Police MONTAN. VOLUME &3, NUMBERI3 PRESS ISIN Aen BELT VALLEY TIVES *~ FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1977 3333 3614 o ™ 15¢ Proposed Senior Housing Complex More drawings on page 4 PUBLIC NOTICES “ eeeebeeeeaneneeed CITY NEWSLETTER When the City taxes come out the first of November, you can expect some kind of an increase in the garbage rate assesed for the past year. Much discussion has been held at the Council meetings but no decision has been made. In the past year, along with raises for the two men who did the hauling, and the increase in the cost of gasoline, tires ete.. there was a great increase in the Great Falls dump fees we must pay each month to haul our garbage in there. We used to pay about $18-20 each month to haul our garbage but Great Falls raised the price to $8.50 per ton which means we now betweeen $160.180 per month. It all means that at the $20.00 per year assessment that the City charged the people last year the garbage dept does not to paying for itself. The City is discussing leasing or contracting the gargage services as an alternative, but even if things remain the same there will be some increase. The City of Great Falls is considering raising their monthly charge to $4.50 for the first barrel anc $6.00 extra charge for the barrel etc., making at least a $10.50 (anes | pay come close second SENIOR CITIZEN CALENDAR Oct. 10 - Quilting Oct. 11 - Oct. 12 - Bus to Great Falls - Birthday Party charge for the average family. Belt, is however, not considering an increase that great Mr. Jim Twomey, the developer for the Senior citizen housing project will be at the October 5th Council meeting to diseuss final pre-building plans hearing him monthly Anyone interested in may attend The City has awarded a $500,000.00 EDA Grant for sewer and water The engineer ing firm has chosen a site for a new additional water well in the pa and vf determ. “ing been mprovements are now in the process « a site for a new sewer lift station on the north end of towr PTA ELECTS OFFICERS On the 28th of Sept PTA re-elected Don Bissel! president the Belt Valley and Pat Vigen as secretary treasurer Hobbie Mital was elected vice presi dent for publicity and programs An OPEN HOUSE October 26 for all grades, junior high and high schoo followed by ntroduction of teachers, faculty administration and OPEN HOUSE w Pp m is scheduled for and refreshements be from 6:30 to ® Introductions and refreshments will begin at § p.m The next Wednesday meeting wi be on a night BELT AWARDED GRANT Senator John Melcher and Senator Metcalf have been advised that the Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded a grant of $68,000 to the town of Belt for housing site improvements BELT VALLEY 4-H CLUB WINS “Ted Fosse” TROPHY The Belt Valley 4-H Club won the Ted Fosse trophy for the second year in a row for outstanding work in Demonstration. We get to keep the trophy for a year and it will be on display at the Belt Valley Times during 4-H Week, Oct. 4-9, 1977 Tom Zuhoski was the top winner in Achievement. Tom Zuhoski and aurie Volk were the winners ir Agriculture. Kelly Dwyer award winner in Citizenship Eusterman the top winner in Leadership. These are the four major awards in the county level The Belt well this top was top and Nancy award Valley Club has done very year with many winners. A big thank you to the leaders, parents and to all who club Receiv year pin this year were Mike and Marge Zultoski for Here s the ist r the swards: Wheathearts Award Hoppe. Pineushion awards Beason, Michelle Ferguson Huepe Diane Meske divisior Theresa Y Strand, Tana helped our nga 5 eacerTs count Ruth Debbie Mona senior oung, Jessica Casey, Jr. division Montana CowBelles award Joar Cynthia Whalen, Jolynn Faechner. Mr. and Miss 4-H Awards Kurt Staigmiller, Kelly Dwyer Audrey DuPay Awards Joan Carson Senior Division. Lisa Norris dr division. Delly Dwyer Award - Mona Huepel. Kerr Canning Award — Kent Woodmansey, Sandra Jaynes, Paige Willis, June Somppi. Heads or Tails Horse Award . Sunset Riders 4-H Club. I Dare You Award Kelly Dwyer, Dennis Carpenter. Silver Cliver Award - Great Falls Clearing Carson House. Foley Foods Award - Theresa Zuhoski, Cammie Royland. Conser vation Awards - Sunshine Pal 4H Club, Rocky Rams 4-H Club. Friends of 4H awards Mr. Ed Shuhat, posthumously Mr. Walt Dudra, Pin Cushion owner 4H Alumni Whalen The annual 4H Acheivement Night Wendy Maurer from injuries Colonel Emmett J dedicated to away was who suffered in a car accident. Wendy was 17 vears old and a eight year member 4H. She Eden Livestock Cuties 4H Clubs 4H The Belt \ re rgan tati meeting 4:45 p.m. at the Age 19 years old ning 4-H be passed belonged to the Eden Clever yutstanding if and She was y 4H Club will hold r next Belt mits are Anyone there or reday at School cafeteria GET YOUR HISTORY NOW Some family histories are beginning to arrive, but to meet the deadline they should be coming in a bit faster The committee has heardfrom Esther Johnson Trainor, the Oxley family the Leory Smiths, and Mrs. Ethel Hayes in the past week or so You will not want your family story ieft out of the book, so make a point of doing your research and writing your story. If you've forgotten where to send it, here is the name and address again: Eva Stober, Belt, Mont. 59412. Mr Twomey from the Montana Claim Develop- in Billings attended the city council meeting on Oct. 5 and presented a copy of a letter that stated: Your are hereby notified that your preliminary pro posal to provide 21 units of housing at 4th and Millard in Belt, Mt. has been approved. Annual contri- buting Authority in the amount of $59,724.00 has been reserved for this project. For a Final Proposal in accordance with the requirements and the provisions of 24 CFR, Part 880, Section 209 must be submitted to (HUD) not later than Nov. 15, 1977 he new Housing Com plex will be called GOLD EN VALLEY HOMES This name was selected by the Belt Golden Agers. Mr. Twomey, later in the nient invited the senior citizens to go and see some of these completed units They hoping to start construction either in March or April You'd pay 25% of your income for rent. You must be a handicapped or semor citizen to be accepted for approval, and you must be able to live alone. meeting, are 4-H ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS - 1977 Theresa Zuhoski, Belt Achieve ment, Breads, Citizenship, Dairy Foods, Recreation, Foods & Nutri tion, International intrigue Tom Zuhoski, Belt . Achievement, Agriculture, Rabbit, Small Engines, Automotive, Poultry Mike Zuhoski, Belt Garden, Poultry, Rabbit, Weeds Patty Zuhoski, Belt Environment, Dairy Development Bobby Gliko Snowmobiling Ward Schott, Stockett - Beef and Entomology, Range Management and Keef Charla Roedel, Belt - Exploring 4-H Beth Ann Giannini, Sand Coulee Exploring 4H George Berti, Sand Coulee Jim Dawson, Belt - Tractor (Continued on Page 6) Bicycle, Safety, Rabbits, Home Foods, Child Belt - Bicycle, Sheep, Horse. Monarch’s Past on page 3 School Calendar & Menu on page 6

Belt Valley Times (Belt, Mont.), 07 Oct. 1977, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.