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'THE INLAND EMPIRE L .—. •••• VOL. I, No. 5 MOORE, MONTANA, OCTOBER 12, 1905-' Devoted to the interests of Rock Creek Bench and Judith Basin. In politics Repolibean. SAFE BLOWERS -717 , VISIT MOORE Nihill & Malcolm's Safe Blown • Open by Cracksmen and Val- uable Papers and 426 inCash Chile Left * Behind as to Identity - of the Robbers. • No -little excitement was created when the discovery was made Monday - morning that bUrgiarS had entered Ni- hill & Malcolm's office some time dur- ing the previous night, blown off the -door of the safe with nitro-glycerine and made good their escape with all the money and 'papers which the safe contained. As is his usual custom, Gordon Shaf- er, cashier of the Citizens' Bank, went into Lewistown Saturday evening and returned on the Monday morning train. Mr. Shafer immediately went to the bank office and was very much alarmed when he saw the havoc that had been wrought. The office looked very much as if a cyclone had struck it. Papers were strewn over the floor and the In- - tenor of the. room was badly besmat- tered with cement and lime water. A 1ndow pane -- in the - rea - rw through. The door of the safe, bent and twisted, lay upon . the floor, and the safe -itself was snugly wrapped in--wa- -gon sheets. An old overcoat and a covi hide were also used by the burglars in ' deadening the report of the explosion. The: wagon sheet evidently had been • first soaked in lime waterand carried from the bank.building near by; A trail could be seen which demonstrated this. Of course it did not take long for the news to spreadlike wildfire over the vil- lage and every man and boy immedi- ately constitutei himself a Sherlock Holmes. After much. talking and in- vestigating it was concluded that the burglars did the job shortly after mid- night. Tom White, who sleeps in his barber shop across- the street; was • awakened from slumber by a muffled report. \It sounded -like the report of a guil,\ rt . marked•Mr. White. \I lis- tened intently and hearing no other sound, concluded that someone was blowing open a safe White wise- ly turned over and went tb sleep.\ It would be fool -hardy for a man to poke his bead out of the door when burglars are about. Mr. White, as well asoneortwo oth- ers who heard the report, are positive that it occurred between twelve and. one o'clock. It was found that. the burglars had entered by breaking a -glass in the bilikk window. The 'manner followed by them for preventing the rattle of the breaking glass was unique. A cloth war . ; smeared with some sticky liquid, like molasses, and pasted over the pane. When the glass was broken it did nit fall inside on the flip& but stuck to the cloth and waspulled outward. This was found beneath the building. The searchers also found a heavy pipe wrench cached under the, ....Wilding, which was 'identified as onestol- en' from Fogle's blacksmith shop. lioside the safe was found a crow bar, a stone mason's hammer and chisel ahd •••••••, a small hatchet. .. These tools were • identified by workmen on the stone bank building, who claim they Were left Saturday night on the roof. The burglars were enabled, through the opening in the window,' to release the catch and raise the window sash. They then unlocked . the back door and brouglitin the wagon sheet and other coverings. • One of the wagon sheets used in the operation was taken from the sidewalk • -- - by Wilson's store. The other sheet, the cow hide and the old coat werese- cured from Nelson's meat Witgon, in the rear of ..the -hotel. • Soap or puttywas used in closing the crevice around the door and nitro-gly- cerine poured into the cracks. A cap • and fuse was used to cause the concus- sion. The safe door was blown into the middle of the •room, bUt the body .of the safe was not badly damaged. The burglars pried open the wooden compartments and deliberately helped themselves to all the loose change and papers, .but evidence of their disap- pointment inothe amount secured was fotind in a note upon the table: \It is a, shame to take the Money.\ This • was printed in large letters witha lead pencil. The burglars undoubtedly expected to Make a rich haul, thinking perhaps that thousands of deilarsof the bank's money would be found. In this the burgiers-were-deeetved r as--the-kank- has never used the safe, and it maybe said; has never kept any considerable amount - of money on hand, at least not more than is necessary for cashing cheeks and the Mai day's deposits. All the s burglars received in compensa- tion-for,their hazardous night's work was a paltry * . 20.50, a portion of whi--11 belonged to Nihill & *Malcolm and $11.00 in lodge funds. ReallYthe Most important loss was containt d in papers, such as notes, Insurance policies, con- tracts, and 'pension papers, of . no value to the robbers but hard to replace by the owners. The drawer of the. cashier's desk was found open, and papers therein were disarranged, but a ,revolver in plain view the robbers did not seem to want. , - • Seyeral of the boys, around town were having an informal celebration in Myer's saloon. It was about 12 o'clock when the party broke up. In the crowd was J. W. Spam., a carpen- ter. \I left Red's place at half -pa:St twelve,\ said Mr. Spaur,•\and. walked • over toward the barn .where I sleep When I got out in the middle of the s' reet I saw two fellows, • I should judge about six or eight feet from time corner of Nihill & - Malcolm's building. When I grit over by. Hensley's house, I stopped and looked • back.' They were still standing there. The night was rather Cloudy and I did not get a very good look at them\ Deputies Ed Silverthorne and 'Fir - man Tullock were summoned by tel- ephone and - put in their time Monday and Tuesday following up clues, but it does not seem likely that any. ar- rests will be maee on what has been discovered thus far. A government Inspector who has been in Lewistown In connection with the postoftice robbery was also on the scene. Before the arrival of the officers the general accepted theory was that the robbers drove out • from Lewistown Sunday night -and - kept Under cover Until after -all the lights in the . vill- age were extinguished. The . officers, however, suspected local Parties. .They secured a warrant and made a search of the premises of J. W. Myers, but . found nothing that would in any Way connect Mr. Myers with _the crime,. Suspicion was directed toward Mr. Myers because a small piece of burned paper was found in his room. . Mr. Myers explained the circumstance by saying that ther5 was no, oil in his lamp and that he lighted his Way': fb bed by burning paler. The fact. that bIhill & Malcolm's * office is used temporarily -by the Citi- izens' bank gave color to the. rumor that the bahk had been obbed, but, as before stated, -the bank in no man- ner suffered by the explosion, and it is strange that the men implicated in the job should be Yo far deceived as to suppose that the bank would en- trust itsjunds to the keeping of • a sate which could be demolished by a single sledge hammer blow or 'taken apart with a monkey wrench. In this respect., at least, time burglars showed themselves to be amateurs. Entertained Their Friends. Messrs..__Biniffelt and Long enter- tained their many friends Monday at a sumptuous dinner in their newly op- ened place of business. A long table was placed in the cen- ter of the room. It 14 needless to say that the dinner - Vats a tine one, since it Was gotten up - under the supervis- ion of Mrs. Binsfelt and Mrs. Rice, both of whom are ,„.culinary artists. The table furnishings, immaculate lineni.slIver and glassware, which add no little to the enjoyment of a feast, were tastefully arranged, Altogether it was a jolly crowd that assembled around the festive bo and those present will not soon rget hmos- pitahity shown them. ACCIDENT NEAR HI6HTiIELD. James L. Asbridge, Jr. of Klghflcld, Accidently Shot in Back of • Head and Dies Instantly • Last Saturday Morning two little sons of Joseph L. Asbridge, who re- sides at Hightleld postoffice, were play- ing together happily, as only two little brothers 441, at the home of their father, when a shotgun was accident- ally discharged which resulted in the death of the eldest, Joseph L. Asbridge Jr., aged 12 years. Only meager reports of the sad eV fair has been received sit this writing, but it would seem that the 'two chit - were PlayIng - trr - anr - cout - buildIng Reaerally used as a bunk house and In which a shotgun was resting upon a box with the muzzle pointed toward the door. he boys, In their play, started hurriedly for the door to leave the bulking, when, in some manner the efu . n was discbarged, the AM charge striking the eldest boy in the 'back of the head, tearing a portion of the skull away entirely, the little fel- low falling in the dool•way. A servant in the house heard the report of the gun and 'darted at once for the bunk house ,where she found the little boy lying as he had fell with life extinct. It seems that Mr. Asbridge was away from home at the time the -dreadful accident occurred but word was sent In by telephone and undertaker Geo. W. - Creel left at the earliest possibel moment with a casket to pi;epare the body for burial. • The funeral was conducted from the E t piscopalean church at Billings by ReNe. Bowker yesterday and the body laid to 'rest in the Billings .cemetery. The blow is, indeed, a heavy one for Mr. Asbridge, who some years ago was left a widower with four little chil- dren to rear, of whom Josept, named for him. wasthe eldeet. Mr. Ashridge is one' of the promi- • nent stoekgrowers of the couifty, and has a large circle of friencks . in Lewis- town *hose sincere and heartfelt sympathy go out to his in this unusu- ally sad hour of trial and affliction. SUNDAY SPECIAL. Brings Home Visitors to the State Fair and a Large Delegation from the Outside The Montana Railroad's big Sunday special arrived in Lewistown Sunday evening at 6 o'clock, on schedule time, bringing with it as happy -- and gay a throng as has visited Lewistown since the Helena-exsursion, 'way llack_aame_ 'eighteen months ago. • The excursion was put on originally as an accommodation to the many Lewititown people who had gone forth to the state capital to to represent thitb great Inland Empire of ours at the state fair. By running, the special those of the crowd who so desired were permitted to remain in Helena until . the fair was .entirely (wee and be at homes ready for the business before them at_the opening of the new Week. In addition to the home folks there were many Helenaites on the train who took advantage of the occasion to pay another visit to the garden of Mon- tana. Altogether, there were more thin 300 townspeople at the depot to greet the return of friends and_wel- come the, visitors, and it was certain- ly a gala day, and a happy throng, On the train were three newly married couples, who were the heciplents of much good natured jesting and rail. lery; they were Mr: and • Mrs. John Slater, Mr. and Mrs. James Hopkins and Mr. and Mrs. William McGler.nie. Securely fastened upon the back of one of the grooms was an immense pla- card bearinxithe .words, \Help me, I am just' married.\ On another was, \Shut the gates; stop this flow of rice.\ tpon the third was, \Protect me from these old shoes,\ and when they landed at the depot at home, it seemed that every one of the vast throng was throwing rice. It rained rice, and :t poured rice; until the platform was lit- erally covered. The happy throng soon dispersed, however, and to those who came in on the Montana special, the trip will be long remembered. EPPERS-d'AUTREMONT. Miss Mary Eppers of Adrain and Mr. Arthur L. d'Autremont of Lewis- town, Montana, were married at St. Adrain's • church Tuesday morning, October 3. 1905. by ReVc - Fa et The beautiful and Impressive cere- mony was witnessed bY a large num- ber of friendi and relatIvet. A. M. Becker. Jr., was best man, and the bride was -attended by Miss. Rose d'Autremont, of Red Lake Falls, 'sister of the groom. The, bride was charmingly • gowned with white lace net over white taffeta, with white hat and carried a bouquet of white roses. • bids will be received for the construe - :The maid of honor was attired in lion of a Sc11001 11011Se Itt-sa-IdAlstrICt . • ale green mull and carried pink roses., in accot•datice with platisandspeeitica- After the ceremony the bridal prt tY tions which may be seen at the office , and immediate relatives enjoyed a of the clerk of said board, at the office /lite wedding breakfast -at the honk • f of the Moore Mercant lie Co., in the I the bride's pdrents. town' of Moore, Fergus county, Mon- •-• • Arl:18 the happy couple left for Rock Rapids, to visit relatives for a day or two. They will then go to sr. Paul: leaving that city Saturday for their 117;n - ve-in Lewistown. • - The groom IS a prosperous business man. of ' Lewistown, formerly residing In Adrain with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. d'Autremont of . Red Lake Falls. He is .an excellent young, man in every sense of the word, 'an ir well deserves the success-ite-has-aehieved. • The bride is the eldest daughter of , Mr. arid Mrs -George . Eppers and most of her life has been .spent in Adrain. She is -a young woman of much person- al charn(and many rare. qualities. 130th. bride and groom have hosts of -friends here and elsewhere . who wish them the greatest happiness and pros-. pent '—Noble County (Minn.) ,Demo- crat. Belcher -Rupert. A *quiet wedding took pia& Tues- day-II - ming at the residence of Rev. William Owen when Miss Blanch le Ru- pert was united in marriage to Steph- en pelcher. • • Mr. Belcher is well known in this community, where he has resided for some time, being - at p r esent employed in the Moore Mercantile Co's. store. MiSs Rupert formerly lived in. Deli- ver. Colo., but more recently' lived wit II her parents in Canada, • Mr. and Mrs. Belcher are receiving the congratulations of their friends, who were taken completely by sur- prise, Mr. and Mrs. Belcher will re- side on a ranch near town. - Save your harness and shoe repair- ing until ne7rt, week, when we will be able te+andie it for xou.. Satisfac- tion guaranteed. 13INSFELT &LONG. LOST. . A A light brown pocket book (adver- t %tug Germania . Life Insurance Co.), containing Montana railroad pass No. 130: two checks, one to Tom Shaw and one to F. F. McGowan, and - endorsed no Roy E. Ayres. Liberal reward if retm•oed. to THE INLAND EmetriE °Mee: . • • t f liuntoon & Smith, lawyers, Lewis- town. Telephone 76. Offices oppos- ite Day House. . Gattle Ranch for Sale. - A tine ranch of 320 acres, well im- proved, near Utica, is offered for sale. 'rhis ranch's suitable for dairying Or gardening. Has open range. .Can run 200 head Of cattle. - - For further • in address \Ranch Care THE INLAND EMPIRE, Moore, Mont. Binsfelt & Long will be prepa ed do itarnes.s and shoe repah•ing in a r - days. Save your work: ' Certificate of Authority. State of Montana. Office of t he ,State Auditor. Helena, 'Montana, September 30. 1905. • This is to certify • that. Ow STATE BANK oF Mooun, located at Moore. Cdunty .of Fergus, in the S ate of Montana, lia8 complied - with 11w pro- visions of Section 570, of tine vi Code ,of Montana, entitled -Banks and Banking ('orporations.\ and is authorized to commence and t ransact the business • of banking, under the • name and style of the STATE BANK OF Moonm. Witness my hand and the official sea o the tate 01 Montana 1 his thitt'eth day of September, A. I) • one thousand nine_hundred and five. II. R. Ct . NNINnitA31, State A uditor. FuEscit. Deputy ( State A udi tor. . • Bids Wanted• Notice is hereby given by the School board of scilool district nutnber 44 11 mat The STATE BANK of MOORE CAPITAL P.\ ) IN 8.)5,ou() 'Located Temporarily In L. L. Ba nan Building Opposite Moore fiardware b. Implement Gompany. INCORPORATED AUGUST 22, 1905 OFFICERS: '.1(iHN C. HAUCK, • HON. CLARENCE PeTOOLKY, c7. W. rfltURSTON, DIRECTORS: JOHN C. HAUCK, CLARENCE I'. TOOLE1. L. 11. hAMILTON. IC. F. Turrus, JoSEPIt GALLAGSR, THEOD0RE GRAY, ['resident Vice President Cashier * [ • I). S. HASTINOS, T. E: Men, C. W.TnvnwroN. Money to Loan on Approved Security. Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Drafts Issued on all foreign Countries' Courteous and Liberal Treatment (issured to all. SINgLE CO -PIES FIVE CENTS ----- tana. Bids will, be opened Saturday Ootober 14, 14o5) The right is reserved to reject any or bids. (Signed) ALBERT I). BARNEY. Dated, Moore. Mont., Oct. 3, 1005. Certificate of Authoritarian. State of Montana, Offic.esif the 'State Auditor, lielena, Montana, - Sep- . tember 7. 1905. THIS ';'Is To CERTIFY THAT the \CilitenS Bank of Moore,\ located at Moore-, in the State of - Montana, • has complied wit li the provisions -of Sec- - tion 570, of Me Civil Code of Mon- tana; entitled \Banks 'and Banking Corporations.'' and is an to commence and transact the business of banking, under the mune and style of \Citizens Bank of Moore.\ Wi txESs my liand and he - -official, seal of the state of .Motn - ana this sev- entli day of September, A. D.,. one thousami nine nundred and five.. \ IL CCNNINORAM, - Simile AudItor. DUANE - BUTTERFIELD. BREEDER OF • Pire Bred Bereford Lathe. WRITE FOR PRICES STANFORD, MONTANA - ) H. J. SPRINGER RESIDENT COLVIp.ACTOR Estimates furnished on any kind of buildings - residences, wa re rOom s business houses -- large or , stnal . NO JOB TOO LARGE FOR ME )1001tE - ( Dation tailoring *Company J. L. NEILSON, Prop. - Fine Tailoring by First Class Tailors also: (leaning 'and Re- - •Wheftin Lewistown call and see ,ourbew line of Fall aimd Winter' st vles. %. %. Owen, iptrpician an. Zurocon. Callo Promptly Rnewercl , 'Hight or May Complac 551toc.1: ot 13)rmia Moore, Montana Cobb Brothers Practical Contractors and Bmilders PI.ANs AND SPECI FICATIONS FUR- NISHED ON SHORT NOTICE Lewistown, - Mont. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00000000 TOM H. WHITE . BARBER Hair Cutting arid Shav- ing / done with neatness lad dispatch. Guaran- tee satisfaction - MOO RE :MONT. • t / CITIZENS ,. of • mooRE BoNit .„ - Incorporatyd Under the DOA of • • • IN State of Malawi • • • ...,.. CAPITAL PAID IN $25,000.00. 00 000,0 • OFFICERS: - M L WoonmAN. Pi . esident PATRICK NIIIILL. Vice Presilietit _ GonnoN 0 SHAFER. Cas I ltier oi•Y3e , ...,o,,00 DIRECTORS: . ,.. C M CLARY. IL 'W ('LiFFORD. TtiOs NICtioLsoN, .1 1) Kirk:, A M. MATTIIEws, PATRICKNIRILL,, J C WuNDgituix, M I, WoOiIMAN, '• flottliox 0 SitAFI.:1V.-.: - . • ., sciviseiseitat • ,; We -solicit accearrits largeand small and invite you . to Cal - I - --npotA iii' wl tetliefyou•I nave business relahions • with us or not. -- , .. Located temporarily With , __Nihill a .medcorn FANCY FRONT DOORS and the low prices we , are selling them for • • : • • , : • FOR CERING, RED CEDAR SIDINO, MOULDINGS - ilia INTERIOR FINISH. PATTERSON LUMBER co. !pianos, On Eaer !payment° Latest %beet Music. , Victor Calking ThacbIne,3 Cot 2111 Rd Music Store, snot 1Xl. Sari, , IcwIstown, Llboatann. 0 0 0 0 •.sepowecosotatowf LORENZ, McRAE FULLMER GONTRAGTORS A N BUILDERS 000 0 Estimates Furnished: on Short Notice • .1 5 . MOORE, . MONONA •

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