The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, October 12, 1905, Image 2

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2PIIf INLAWENIPIRE, OCTOBER 12, 1905 Qlliliwwwwwwwwirmeem. TM INLAND EMPIRE .- 4 % WEEKLY TAPER PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION One Year • - $2.50 Six ,Mcnths 1.25 • Three Morkths Advertising rates on Application • -- GEO. H. BEASLEY L Business Manager, BUTTE H. TIPTON, Editor. ., Entered as set:end-class matter Sep - ember 23. 1 at the pot;totillce at Moore, Montana, under the Act of ' of Mare! 3, 1879. MOORE; MI1'...00T..12, _1905 \ TIRE PROTECTION. The urgent need of 'fire protection has prompted Several of our citizens to take steps . ..leading to its accom- plishment. In our present condition we would be praet ca -1ple,ss' in our effortste save any portion of - this main street should tire gain' headway on a wil.dy It is suggested that property owners and Others interestedgather at TEE INLAND 'EMPIRE office Saturday even 7 jug' for the discussion -of this subject. Plans might IP' formulated for organ- iling a volunteer tire brigade. There' Is much preliminary work that may be done prior to the estab- lishment of an artesian well, which seems an assured fact: it would be a good plan to place ladders. in perma- nent position for Use in case of fire and the; members of the company should determine the location 'of axes and water buckets HY this - contrectiou to impress upon everyone the invert,- -mice of using Care in handling lame,s arid matches. Defective flues are frequently the cause of disastrous tires and should be examined. Cigar smokers, also,. need admonition, as they•are extremely careless in casting away - burning matches 'and lighted cigar stubs • - - All these- matters - will be discussed Saturday evening. • • The Lewistown authorities Will no .doubt :efierr themselves in ferreting Out the cause of that mysterious'. ex- plosion which did no further damage Hiatt startle timid. men and . frighten nervous women. • Tito_ officers, at thought a safe had. been blown , ,i).•11, but we all know en insignificant. explosion ofthat kind would not jar the equanimity of the Lewistown peace officers. It takes a pretty big - 'explosion to Wake them op. They took a second thought 'and . 'then Seat ehed a It over toWtrand -- made dill - gent inquiry, but the echo of the ex- plosion had died away so they had no clue to work on. • At the preset*, writing' the officers: are: mystified. That is •• a ifltgerous • condition for hem to in and We hope they will soon con out of it. Pat 7rOwe . has distinguished him- self us ability to keep out of the hai of the law quite as much as I las by his sensational crimes. .'t•owe has an inordinate desire for notoriety and since his arrest has iv - en out lengthy Interviews concerning his. unworthy achievements, but his grandstand plays for sympathy will have no effect upon people with coin- . mon sense. • They look unon Crowe . as a depraved and :,dangerous man Whose proper place is in the peinitew: t Wry:. What effect the recitation - of Ids Mines and his schemes will have opon misguided youths remains to be seen. No doubt some poor fool will be carried away with Crowe's sugges- 11011 and make an attempt to kidnap 'Rockefeller or M orga In reference to the mysterious ei-. plosion which shook Lewistown last Thursday, the Awns says: \One ru- mor which - was more generally'acoeptr. ;qi than the others was 'that a earload .4 dynamite had exploded while, on he car at Moore.\ And the, Argus further adds that \if it had not been, Micially denied, lists of the killed and wounded would - doubtless have. followed short Of•course it was only a rumor, because if there had been such an explosion We would have all heard about it. The only unusual disturbance hereabouts recently was the Cannonade by *he Moore pin club. Perim)* that was wErt jarred the cit- izens of our neighboring village. 'They have ueer,laws down in Mis- souri. A drum player in a brass band was arrested for embezzlement, and the only evidence against him was that he played to beat. the band. A man down in Arkansas named llogg petitioned the legislature that his name be changed to Pigg., The' petition was granted. Gun Club la Actloa. _ The traps and birds for the Moore gull club arrived last week, and the boys lost no time In testing their skill with the scatter guns. The first attempts of course were not up to the standard - of Jack Fanning and those other artists of national reputation who at the state fair Made ninety- four out of a possible one - hundred ) ; but the Moore enthusiasts Intend—to keep uptheir Practice apilks to be able to make a showing to be nroud of. The regular weekly shoot of the club was held' 'Sunday afternoon. _ The weather .cmditions were far from . ideal. , A piercing cold wind was blowing which made it well nigh im- possible to take a perfect sight or gauge time birdS with any degree of accuracy. But the boys. enjoyed the sport and did 'very well. considering the dilsadvantage mentioned and the further fact that many of them 'never did any trap shootinebefore. Clyde Tilzey started off by pulver: izing six straight, and 'webelieve un- der favorable conditions will hold his own with the best -of them. ; Nearly all the members of the gun Club are as delighted with trap shoot- ing as a small boy, with 'a new toy and look forward eagerly to the time when they may stand along side memb:rs of' otherclubs in competition, • Marshal Was \Touched\ Considerable excitemea was_creat- ed ;an the train g from• Lewistown . last week when Deputy Marshal Geprge Murray made the startling, discovery that hehad• been \touched\ Rif his watch. • Lulled bythe rythmic click of the ear wheels'Mr. Murray had dozed into peaceful slumber. When Mr.'llurray awoke he made a reach for ids time- piece and it wa,8 gone ---chain, charm and all. \My God!\ exclaimed the, excited marshal. \Someent - has stolen my watch.\ Mr. Murray .was soon the center of a sympathetic crowd of men and women, among whom was Conductor i%icheis, who- regretted exceedingly that a `4 . obbery\ should occur: under such circumstances. Mr. Murray . exercised his utmost ingenuity to save himself from humil- iation, for it is quite a joke on an of- ficer when he becomes an easy mark for pickpockets. lu Was not until the train neared Its destination that the conductor, who is somewhat of a practical -joker, handed the watch over to the mar - The marshal—will hereafter sleep with one eye open when Mr. Conductor comes around to take up the \tickers.\ BIrCommerclal Deal. A •commercial deal of large magni- tude' was corisonnhated here Saturday .when plans were - perfected for the in- corporation of a company tb be known as The Judith Mercantile CO. A meeting was held Monday at the office of .Nihill•& 'Malcolm NWHIPh, was attended by prospective stockholders of the new. company. The plan is to , take over the store of the 0. II., Wil- son Co.,, and it is expected that • work of taking - inventory will commence October. 16. The deal was made through George M. Stone and M. • L. Woodman. of Lewistown. and Pat- rick Nihill, of Moore, acting as trus- tees. - While officers of the new Company haveatot, been chosen, it isannounced that Ed Hersey, of Utica; will, act as manager. The directors selected are: George -M. Stone, Patrick 1hihl, G. R. Wilson,..P. H. Tooley, B. E: Stack, Ed Hersey and C. R. Clifford. The company is capitalized at $25,000, of which $20,600 has been paid In. Another meeting of stockholders will be lield - Monday.----Oct; -16th, for the election of officers and to . deter- mine plans foz. the conduct of -the bus- iness. . The present building will be enlarged and new departments OW which will 'materially increase the volume of the business. . One important change Will meet, with hearty accord from the people of Moore, will be a larger quarters for the pmtoffice and - improved . facilities for delivering mail. .0 B. 'Wilson and p.'11. Tooley, kr- mer owners of the store, will, it is stated, retain one-fourth interest in the new company. All Aboard for Straw. Hensley '& Hendrick* the liverymen, for carrying i 4 or 15 people to the dance at Straw Friday evening. The - start will be made from here at seven o'clock and those expecting to go should be on hand promptly. • The dance announced for this place Friday night has been postponed and many of the - young 10 , 11[44 will go down to Straw. Advertised Lottess.. Following is a list of letters remain - lug uncalled for in. the- Lewistown postoftice Oct, '9. 1906:: Men—Claud Burgev.. Burd, J. J. Fitzpatrick, Geor oI.uuson, Lt. L.. Putnam (2), Frank Lameltutr, E.. J. Sanford. Frank Shoemaker, Mite Tomico, Daniel Wells„ ' Women—Mrs. A. ...kaglettson. End% Devine, Mrs. L. P. Pechter, Mrs. L W. - Gilmore. Miss N... S... Ilettrickk. Miss Justin Lava fly,. Mrs. C. Kis- wanger. Atuatre - ll'emrs, P. M... LOCAL KLEMM ES S. Smith can saw you 14100 °le piano. and you are trading at home, Senator -I. K. ‘Vaite-was. - a Damen,- ger from Helena Monday evening_ Bent Norris and, wife, returned. fpm, the fair Friday. . , . . • Mr. amid'Mrs. .Ioiui Bowe re t wavelet. ) . the state fair special Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Stouteroburg, of Straw, were visitors in Moore Sat urda,y William Gordon. the cattleman. was in Moore Saturday. • H. Leonard DeKalb.i;jomey at law. Office, Allen kilobinsw uilding, Lew - istowti. Rev..--Archlhald Stewart Kerr. of' Kendall. wawenroute this morning to the Presbyterian synod at Roteman. J. M. Smith, a prominent stockman of Martiusdale, was on the train this Morning. Latest Sheet Music„direct from pub- lishers. 'Mail orders promptly tilled. ART MUSIC STOILIE. Lewistown. tf George Fogle made a good showing with his wheat crop. Thirty-six bUsh- els to the acre was the yield.- --- John C. Ilebb,.of Lewistown, iVas a passenger Wednesday' on his -way to Helena. We had ,the first, touch of winter Sunday. A few flakes of snow fell, but it could hardly be called a snowstorm. 11 11 11 11 11 44 11 11 .1 11 11 1 04)00000.00.0** , 0.0-000-0<>0000064tF0(}004 4 , tru OdC>O<>4.0***00 0-0-000000 coceo, 00•00.0000-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-o-c000000.o-00000rp000000.00000000-o-o•0000000p00000000-oo•oo-oo-0000•0000•000 Best THE MOORE HOTEL of Accornodations Rooms for J. D. K1PE, Proprietor. for the Traveling Public. Neatly Furnished Regular or Transient Guests. TABLE SUPPLIED WITH BEST ON THE MARKET. LOCATION- CO:NVEN I ENT TO THE RAILROAD. Board by the Day, Week or Month n.t Reasonable Rates Fergus Avenue, MOORE, MONTANA. 11110411 , 116/11 , ./1,111•WWWWV% ' •••••••• 4* • • • •••••••• • ••••••• • ••••••• •••••••••••••••• 1 • • EDOUARD SUTTER 1 i CLEAN UP, OF 1 ::REMNANT LEWISTOWN,. INONTAN d A EXPERT WATCHMAKER, JEWELER, AND OPTICIAN ALL WORK FIRST CLOS& IND GUAR(INTEED Leave your Watteli Repairing at THE - I NLAND 'MOIRE office and it will be promptly attended to ‘111011641•111;%11 , 111,4 4 ‘101111,1111 , s I I I • and machinery Repairing Jill Work guaranteed and Pninpl Service Montt Moore, • 6. 1. ogle, e ik 44 '00200300119406 41111. 4 , 4. 4 . 4. 4. 1111: 7 -- Montana (0 4 44 11 11 11 14 11 44 The Vvind - was disagreeably cold. The lelena Independent expresses the sen- timent of it when it says: \The sting of it is sweet and suchlike the kiss of a lost sweetlieart.\ Knight Lodging House. Lewistown. Furnished rooms with modern con- veniences. A pleasant place to stop. Mrs. F. Gibson, of LewistoWn, has gone to Straw' for a -short visit with Mends. Leave orders for ji,kb printing at Thal INLAND EMPIRE. rronapt service and reasonable rates. Huntoon & Smith, lawyers. Lewis- town. :Telephone 7ji. Offiicesopposit* Day House. Any subscribe iling to receive his paper regulalty each week will confer a favor by uotifying this offioe. Mr. and Mrs. ita t mes 'Haw Were pass- engers on tliespeetal train .from Heiena Sunday. Remember th* dance tomorrow eve- ning at Straw It isgiven for thenen- ctit of the Striw brass band. Binsfelt Lk Long will be - premed to do harness and shoe repairing In a few days. Save your work. C. (7iLom returned Monday after several days absence at the Helena fair and other points along the road. Nels Nelson has Placed an eight - foot plank sidewalk in' front of his butcher shop. For a first class piano at a reasonable price call at W. S. Smith's, Lewia. town. - William Jackson, a well-known cat- tleman, of t 7 tica, was -Jim Moore Satur- day. James Mirrillees;oft;the G. R. Wilson CO., made a trip tu Lewistown this week, combining business with pleas- ure. Walter Knight, the Lewistown tail- LT, has just received a complete line el the latest patterns in woolens. 'When in Lewistowm call and see him. Rev. ii. Quicketiden and wife were passengers Wednesday enroute to Bozeman: ROW. quickenden will at- tend the - Presbyterian synod. • II. Titter, the Lewistown photog- rapher, has gone to Straw to take pictures. Mr. Titter will take a flash- light of the ba3 room Friday night. The Hamilton Plano is the favorite. It was a pria* winger at St. Louis, Paris and Australia. Sold by W. • S., Smith, Lewistown. Austin W. Warr, of Lewistown, was, a passengecTuesday on his way to Hat- I tie Creek. Mich., aild-other easter* points. Peter litinsfelt's household goodatitX, rived by train Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Hinsfelt will furnish rooms adJoWilg his shop. Save your harness mid shoe repair-. lug until next Week, when we will able to handle it for you. Satisfac- tion guaranteed., BINsFELT r k uria., Harry Ye4er, assistant cashier Of the First National Bank of Lewistown, was a brief visitor in Mogre otk his re - DWI (mom 110 1 eh/L. • I N order to make room for a new line of goods just coming in I am of- - fering. for sale, until; closed out; about 60 , di.ess patterns, containing 10 yards each, away below cost. This line consiets'of Lawns and Prints the cost price of which runs from 6 cents to 10 cents- per yard. They are all put' . --. in one lot and sold while they last for 3 cents. ek. yard I. alsothave a limited !number of hst. year's Mews' Woolen Sweaters which I will sell while they last at $1.59. These dm. bargains. Como in and see Ahern Whether you buy or net ' WM. BARNEY, - MONTANA. I ••4••••••••••••••••••••••••••,•••••••••••••••••• • ••••,: Hensley & Hendricks, Livery and 7eed Stable Teams and Drivers furnished to Traveling Salesmen at reas— onable rates God Teams, Easy Buggies and General , Satisfaction Guaranteed bore, Morita a ••••• 411.

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 12 Oct. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.