The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, October 26, 1905, Image 2

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a .0ne Year Six Months - THE INLAND EMPIRE _ A Si EEKLY PAPER PUBLISHED EVERY URSDAV TERMS OF til' SOBII;TI9N 7_ 82.50 1.25 • mime Months Loo Advertising rates on -Application. GEO. H. BEASLEY, Business Manager, BUTTE H. TIPTON ; Editor. Entered as second-clas; matter Sep- tember 23, 1905, at the postoffice at Moore, Montana. under the Act Of Congress,of March 3. 1879. MOORE, MONT.. OCT. 26, 1905 MISS ALICE BooSEVELT will be compelled to pay a duty of sixty tin 'Band dollars : on the trinkets brought back with her to this coun- try. Some of the customs officials thought Miss Roosevelt' , ought. to 'be allowel to bring the valuables in duty-free, but the president decided • the matter when he said: \There is only one fling to do , ; and that is to treat - my daughter baggage as you w:oild the b. ggage of any other pri- . vat c pers:m. She will pay duty on eV- eryt lung that is dutiable. -L- . A 'neve- Ment is now . on foot in the southern sun es . to rake the amount by pdpu- tar subscription, but we doubt .wheth- ersuch a plan will meet the presi- dent's favor.. AN error in the dispatch naming Governor Toole's appointee to the pot • sal& of coal mine inspector has _Call- ed down upon the governor unde- served criticism. The - Meagher Re- publican comments at. length upon the appointment of W. .1. Weeks. or Butte and claims that the • governor has satistieti a tiot her political debt. George T. Wicks, of 44 , elena,..was1P- pdinted coal mine. inspector. • The Butte man was never considered iii Connection with the - appolutraent other than that given him by - a • rattled newspaper reporter. TIIE population of Sfoore has doub- led Within the last six months and at - the present time there is need Of half 'n, dozeit*or more cottages. - .They Would find ready. rental at from ten to fifteen dollars per month. :and would induce families to come here Wilg un- d'er present conditions ' can find no .houses in Mild' to live.. • The build; log of these cottages 'tigers 'good op - port unity for investment of capital. .1 WRITER in the New York Herald titys the best: -Way to catch a snake is stoop down 'and pick it up as you would a toad . or : t.u-rtie. _Ile very wises lyndvises that hi the case of a rattler it is well 'to put a stick on his head until you have Our hand on him. WitiLE we are not boosting for any prrticular townsite company, we .'‘c•oilld advise our f tends . to get their \:-01 down.on a itit- In Moore.' it, is a • wood' dea to get hi on the ground Ithior when prices are low and a choice iselection can be -made. : *Local Xetfs4 • - ,••• • ••••••••• • •••••••• John Bowe. the !Ilea liveryman. :Was in Moore Wednesday. • 'W. S. Smith can save You *100 04,11 ithino and you are trading at home. Jack Armstrong and William Shia* ei:1; pleasant callers Monday. 'Eugene Ackley. tlie _patentee of • an Improved gate.. was in Moore Monday. , When in Lewistown Stop at the Knight Lodging house, opposite past- . office. - ,; • Swam. the popular black- smith at the Sapphire Mines, wag hi Moore vitsltor Monday. •• Simon Donglas. a prosperous ranch- o. on the Judith river. Was in Moore ,Monday laying in a supply of goods. -11„Leonard be Kalb. at torney at law. 4 Mice. A lien S,c Robinsoi ibuilding, Lew- istown. . \ The furniture and tixtfires for the Moore State Bank are now at the de - Peter Rinsfelt will take ii trip to -Big Thither J'imorrow or next day. 'Mr. BInsfelt will probably go overland. For low prices in high grade Piatios and Orgatet-ca II at the Wide a WiikeArt MUSIC store. Lewistown. To the deliglit of the,carpeotersand other art !Sims_ :the weather , has been warm mid agreeable for outdoor work. Miti Kati wrine Anderson. who has been employed to • teach the Motile • school, was a visitor in4own Tuesday.' iluntoon & Smith:lawyers. Lewis- town. Telephone. u. ..ciffIces oppos- ite Day House. • • . Leave Orders for Iiiitriptinting at THE ,INLAND EMPIRIC. PrOMpi service alui reasonable rates. t p'• T -th wentye' miles 1 o oven wire fence was,Sent from Moore early in the weeklur the Stige Creek Sheep Co. • Any subscriber failing to receive his paper regularly each week gill confer favor by notifying this office. For a first class piano at a reasonable Price call ..... Lewis- town.-• • .thiert Plans, the efficient Lewis- town postmaster, went deer Hunting Friday in the vicinity of Yale: '441 10 Fard-Stone, a prominent 'ranch- - ,40 of this alsetiQUWAIritiPg., our: riti„ ffirrotts callers last'weeR tv. •Ii tint oon & Smith,- lawyers, Coy's- town.' Telephone 7s. Offiicesopposite Day Uouse. Leave orders for Sale Bills at THE INLAND .EXPIRE office. Neatness ap dispatch: our motto. .• Heald and family will leave in a few days for Geneva, Neb., their former home. -They expect to reinain there ouring the winter. • - Order your sheet. inutile and music folio at the only Art IclOsic Store, LewiStown; orders...promptly fil- led. hur Betkiamin returned to Lew- istown Dlonday evening train- a six Week's visit in St..Luils and Burling- ton, Vt... • M. 0. MvCollum, wife and children, arrived Monday evening from R irtles- Ville, Okla., and will Make their bit- breliome on Rock Creek _ben • • Walter Knight, the Lewistown tail- or, has just- received a complete line of the latest patterns in woolens. When in Lewistown call and see nim. C. Gadsden, superintendent of the New Mines :-appliire Syndicate, of Yogo, was here Monday on his way to •Lewistown . :' • Mrs. E. •Maltby -was - the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. Mathews last week: Mrs. Maltby lives -at Yogo and on her way to Len istown; The Hamilton Piano is tile favorite. It was 'a prize winner at St. LOuls Paris and Australia. 'Sold by. W. S. Smith, Lewistown.. ' William. Ready, the contractor, has Judge—Malcolm'S residence ready for the plaster. James M. Smith will do this work., • • James M. Smith is wo; ried over the condition, of one of his tine horses, Mr. Smithhas offered a veterinarian $75 to cure the animal. • Get yogic shirts and your underwear made to order at the same price Out get them for at the store. Call on 1ValterliOlght, tailor, Lewistown. Thomas Murray, ti'prominent sheep- manof the Judith, was in Moore -Mon- day. Air. : M urray now makes frequent - trips to the Rock Creek bench metrop- olis.' . • P. .11. Tooley, our popular post - Master, contemplates a trip to: White Sulphur Springs for the benefit of the medicinal baths. Mr. Tooley la - troub- led with rheumatism, - None better than the world renown- ed Victor •alking Machin s. .Big stock of new records always on hand. Art, : .AI tisk. Store, Lewistown. • Alex Leslie and . Jack McDonald, two yoking men connected with the Sage Creek Sheep Co., were in Moore during the week securing supplies for that company..--.. • k AIM Ready will comm nce work On tile new school house as soon as the out met is drawn up -and signed. Mr. Ready was the lowest. bidder and was aWarded - flie Job. F. -A. Taylor, representing the Ira- . i - erna I Brotherhood, of Los Angeles, Cal.. was in Moore Wednesday. M r; Taylor will it tempt the organization of a branch lodge _here:. The cornice for the Citizens' Bank is at the depot. .When placed in tion it will set the buil ling off itt fine sty ho.,, Several plate glass windo ws for the banks are also at the depot, • _ Airs . . William)] Dundom.. Jr., has been visiting at - the lilt:vies home, -two , and one-half miles south of Moore. 'Mrs..1)und :m IS the wife of a well- - known stockman of . Mosby; -- - -•-• The stone Masons are making good progress on lieorge logic's blacksm shop.. Mr. Yogie expects to use a gas- oline engine for mining his forge, and will hive ot.lotr up -to-date appliances. It is a perfect shoe, the final result of years of experience in shoe mak- ing—graceful in every line, hand- somely modeled after thnewest patterns; very stylish, eTtremely comfortable and unusually durable —It represents the highest type Of \hoe quality produced under the name and trade -mark. If you want the most for your money get the \Western Lady.\ Year dealer hes er cis get • ”Western Lady\ shoes , you. Send is his name and we're ellf \ elegant new style book. We also snake \114 whit Washing- ton\ shoes. Oar trade -sea Is stamped oft every .1.. T. RATER BOOT I SRNS to. MILWAUKEE. WIS. FOR SALE BY MOORE MERCANTILE CO THE INLA,ND _EMPIRE, OCTOBEIt 26, 1905 00 -0 -0 -00 -000 -00000.000000o -o -000 -00 -0 -00o -Ca THE MOORE HOTEL J. D. K1PE, Proprietor. Best of Accornedations for the Traveling Public. Neatly Furnished Reorns.for Regular or Transient Guests. TABLE SUPPLIED WITH BEST ON THE MARKET. LOCATION CONVENIENT TO THE RAILROAD. Board by the Day, Week or Month a:t Reasonable Rates Fergus Avenue, MOORE, MONTANA. 0o-oo-o-000-o-0-0-00C0-0-0-0.0-0cP00-0-0 - 0GO -004,00-0-0.0.43-00-0-0-0- o - oo - o•o - o - o•oo - cto -0000- ooo - - - o•oo - o - olts.\ , o - o - ao . o - oo - oo - - oo - o0-0 - 000 - 00 SSoS , Sr*Sf*&SSigioSSSW,?\isSfiASSW , EDOUARD- SUTTER LEWISTOWN, MONTANA EXPERT WATCHMAKER, JEWELER, AND OPTICIAN ALL WORK FIRST ups AND GUAREINTEED Superlaive Ay s i s irin 3 moleum A Full Line of ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • State of Montana, t ss • • count of SCTOUS, • • • • • • • • ; I • Leave your Watch Repairing at THE INLAND EMPYRE - office and it will be promptly attended to r %%%%%% %%%%%%%%4%% • • • • (Rural Blarksmithing, , : and machinery Repairing : Jill Work 6uaranteed and Prompt Service Assured 6. 1. To*, Moore, Montana FINE eARPETS 09011 te\ WILTON VELVETS, AXMINSTERS, As a BR.VSSELS and 'Roll of INGRAIN CARPETS. • Samples to select from. Or- ders for Carpets, Rugs, Lino - lentos, MattIngs, etc., taken and put on your floor fn short order. Wall Paper, Window Shades, in fact every thing in the house fur- nishing line. Am now ready to take orders. OUR MOTTO: One Quality; the Best. ,. L. 13ANNAN. .1.1111111.11.1111MINNI. Co all Mos it may Concern, firettlag: Be it known by these Presents that I Wm. Barney, party of the _first part, being in need of ready cash, do , and here- by declare that I. will consider it a s special favor if all those being indebted to me, parties of the sei cond - part, will kindly call and liquidate all -ant previous indttedrress now being, or that has been, for some time past due. . • Subscribed and sworn' at, this 19th day of Oc:tci : r.: ber, 1905, A D WM. BARNEY, IS EA L I MOORE, MONTANA.; • • ••••••••••••• • • Hensley & Hendnc Livery and eed Stable ; Teams and Drivers furnished: to : to Traveling Salesmen at reas-: unable rates ';fc•••.1. • N..f. , 1 Al,* .•••Lt. e! Good Teams, Easy -Buggies and Genlit.: Satisfaction Guaranteed • •15 0 1 \ 41 4.: .4 -It f 14' .N / 1 0 () 1-e, Mori t, a ri ect • A

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 26 Oct. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.