The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, November 16, 1905, Image 3

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THE INLAND EMPIRE, NOVEMBER 16, 1905 4t ' ••• •••• 10 , •10, ,•• ,••• 11. \•••••' - '40 , 41110... 41. '':g4XX31194EK 0 0 0 • '47• • • •••• 114F , a•• \ 4, • 4 91 to 44 4 111111111111111111111111111!,1 11 RESOLUTE UNIVERSAL MOORE Additional Local Arthur Noel, a young ranchman Of Utica; was in • Moore Monday. Mr. Noel is located nine miles from Utica. For a square .meal, visit .The Oaks Cafe, Nichols 4% Hendricks, Proprie- tors, Lewistown, opposite pest office. Mr. and Mrs. Frank- Rooney have gone to Minnesota for a visit.. They left orthe train Monday morning. Huntoqp SG,. Smith, lawyers; Lewis- towtr\Yetertione 76. Offices oppos- ite Day House. Lisle Smith has a splendid ranclh of over 1,200 acres of rich agricultural land on Beaver Creek. Mr. Smith has about 150 acres in winter wheat. Any subscriber failing to receive his paper regularly each week will confer a favor by notifying this office. None better than the world renown- ed- Victor Talking Machines. . Big stock of new records always on hand. Art Music Store, Lewistovai. —Thomas,Coffman, who has charge of the toad work in this district, is put- ting in a bridge over . the coulee near Apland ranch. • First. Annual. Ball, MOdert Wood- men of America at Woodman 11, T.Itanksgiving, November 30, 1 'Everybody welcome. tf George R. Wilson and wife came up from Twodot Saturday and remained _over Sunday. Both .Mr. and Mrs. Wil- son - are -enjoying excellent health. Get your shirts and . your Underwear made IA order at the same price you —get them for at the. store. Call on Walter Knight, tailor, Lewistown. Edgar McKay left on' Wednesday's train for White Sulphur Springs. Mr. 'McKay has been working in George Fogle's blacksmttlt shop. The Hamilton Piano is the favorite. It was a prize winner at St. Louis. Paris and .Australia Sold - by W. S. Smith, Lewistown. . E . . D. Abrams. traveling solicitor for the - Anaconda Standard. was in Moore Tuesday. Mr. Abranis is a hustler and put on several good sub- scribers. Walter Knight, thetewistown tail- or, has just received a complete line of the .latest patterns in woolens. . When in Lewistown call and see him. Clyde Combs and a party cfinutters will Spend next week in the Snowy mountains after deer and bear. They. expect to leave here Monday morn- ing. Order your sheet music and music folios at the only Art' Music. Store. Lewistown. Mail orders promptly' HI - led. This office is prepared to take orders for job printing of every description. and when in nerd of letter heads. en- velopes, bill heads, sale bills., or busi- ness cards. we would appreciate the favor of your order. t In conjunction with the .1 ud itli Mer-, cantile Co. the Citizens Bank has plac- ed a walk across thestreet. which will be more fully appreciated when the streets are heavy with snow and mud. It is oftentimes ridiculous to see a man sitting at the head of the table struggling with all his might to carve a Thanksgiving t ur key. His efforts to maintain his dignityand gravity are laughable and oftentimes he rolls turkey, dressing and all off the plate and soils his wife's brand new tablecloth and calls down anathemas upon his luckless head. while the company are endeavoring to restrain their mirth. This catastrophe is most always due to the inefficiency of the carving utensils, for any man Can carve a turkey if he has a sharp knife and a good strong fork. WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF CARVING . UTENSILS and guarantee them of the best quality of steel and to hold an.eclge. They will Out through the bone if necessary. Nor does the Thanksgiving turkey complete the dinner. It is necessary, in or- der to make a fine spread, that the table be well supplied with beautiful glass and china ware. Olir Beautiful Line of_Prcss Cut Glass Ware !s the Ernest ever Seen Here and is just what is needed to set off the table. Guaranteed to,be of the bestquality. Come in an.d - see it and get prices. And then again,, in order to insure a good Thanksgiving dinner you must have a well -cooked turkey, done to a turn and this result can only be obtained on cne of our large MAJESTIC STEEL COOKING RANGES after dinner you retire„to the parlor with your company there to enjoy the pleasures of conversing with your friends and allowing the bountiful repast to find its way through the system, and how annoying to be continually interrupted by having to stop every few minutes and fix the fire. This can be avoided by having a COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATING STOVE You build your fire once and you have afire all winter. In seven different sizes beautifully mounted HARDWARE AND IMPUNUNT COMPANY. . LOST—A lady's gold. ring, with dia- mond setting.' Finder will be reward- ed by returning to.t.his9lice. tf A. hitching . post has' been ,placed along side the Citizens -Bank. . E. W. Mettler, • attorney -at -law. Lang bldg:, Main st.,' Lewis' own. Tel. 142. • tf. In last week's issne we stated that - Phil Schreiber, of Garneill, had sold 1,000• barrels of apples to Lewistown dealers. We should _have said ! boxes instead of barrels'. . - . W. S. Smith, the enterprising music dealer, of Lewistown, was in Moore Monday. Mr. Smith represents the famous Baldwin and Hamilton pianos and has several prospective customers on the string., _Peter Binsfelt rattled off a fine saddle early in the week. One hundredchances were sold. from one cent to one dollar, aggregating *50.50. 'Ross - Brown was the lucky mall, .number Aeventy-ono. being the winning number. , Dr. S. S. Owen celebrated his birth- day one day last week in a most enjoy- able manner. • Mrs. Owen prepared an excellent dinner of bear meat and oth- er courses. .Miss Owen, George H. Beasley and Butte H. Tipton were in- vited to partake of the . feast. Mrs. L. Fitzpatrick, of Harlowton, accompanied by her guest, Mrs. War- ren,. of New York, is in the city look- ing for a house, and intends to make Lewistown her home during the win- ter. and Mrs. Warren will renntin With her until spring. The ladies are the guest*of Mrs. Lane.-- 7 Argus. At the 'gull club grounds Sunday the boys made quite as good scores at unknown angles as have been made previously at known angles. - This ill- ustrates the improvement that has •been made. In the first event_ Frank Wolf won with 17 out of 25 ; and in the second event Al Barney was vic- torious. The weather was fine and it is hoped that we may ha yea few more fine days for the sport : . A peculiar mirage was visible in the foothills south of 'Moore Monday eve- ning. The foothills had the appear-. a nee of one vast field of plowed ground. Possibly it was a vision of what we may actually see in future years The foothills • seemed moving along at a rapid gait as a great. black flowing river. andtiodies of eater like 'lakes could be seen -In the distance. Houses In that direction appeared to he moun- tain high. • A inesSage from Big Elk yesterday announced the total destruction by fire of the school house together with con- tents, including organ and library. The tire was discovered about one o'clock a. m. by Thomas Noble. When discovered the entire building Was in flames. How the Me originated is un- kuown.• The loss on building is $900, insured for *500. The loss is a severe one to the district as this is the second time within - three yearsthat theschool house has been destroyed by fire (Big Timberr - beader. The Thanksgiving ball will perhaps be the last dance ever given in Wood- men's .hall. which has been the scene PATRICK NIIIILL § e a I a% 1 I 0 4Z J. D. mALCOLM NIHILL & MALCOLM, REAL ESTATE, LIVE STOCK AND COMMISSION AGENTS LIFE OND FIRE INSURANCE MOORE, . MONT 0011®40800* NOo (:)(•)®0(49*(4_,(o r kiXiXii)OC)(ii)(ii 00 'Phone No. 81 H. 0. Bust:Net - 1m HILGER & BUSENBURG The Pioneer Real Bstate and Live Stock Commission Agents LAND OFFICE ATTORNEYS Conveyancing; Life, Accident and Fire Insurance Agents LAND SCRIP FOR SALE LEWISTOWN - 0 0 0 0 0 00000 0 0 000 00 MONTANA 00 0 000 0000 • 00 ••• RAILROAD CO. Time Card Effective at 12:01 a. m. friday, July 23. 1906. DAILY, EXCEPT SUNDAY • Lv. 1:30'A. M. 10:30 \ Arr. 11:00 \ Lv. 11:30 \ 12:05 P. M. 12:42 - \ 1:16 \ 2:05 \ 3:25 \ 3:45 \ 4:25 \ A IT. 5;30 \ MONTANA LoptHARD 1 N9RSICY SiTmlmIT LENNXIP • MARTINSDALE TwonoT IIARIAMTON . GARNEILL STRAw MO0RE LEiviSTOwN RAILROAD CO., . . DAILY, EXCEPT suNDAY • Arr. 3:50 P. M. 1:30 •• IA. 1:10 A rr. 12:40 12:05 11:35 A. M. 10:54 10:20 8:55 . 8:15. S:10 700 Helena, Montana. of many festive occasions. The .1 udit Ii Commerdal Co. will convert the hall to their own use as a department for Clothing. - This will necessitate unoth- er place for dances and entertainments. The lodge room over the Citizens Batik will not be used for such purposes. George Fogle has thought some of us- ing the lower floor of his building for dancing, etc., but should plans for an auditorium materialize he will aban- don that idea. Montana Elevator Company Now Open foh Business Bin sfeW & Long With a New and Complete Stock of Light ad geavy ilarness, Saddles, Bridles, W4ips; Etc. We make a Specialty of Repith•Ing. Workmanship Guaranteed. Boot and Shoe Repair Shop in Connection. MOORE MONTANA. 3000000000000000000000000000000000XXXX GOLDEN RULE STOCK SLAUGHTERED FOR 15 DAYS November the 15th to November the 30th OVER TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF .NEW COODS TO BE DISPOSED OF A great opportunity to buy reliable Merchandise at your own price. \'‘ e have too many goods; we are going to convert them into cash. Prices will do it. The bargains we will offer will be ttoubly so, com- ing, as it does, at a season of the year when .every one needs this class of goods. 30000r e5) AKINS 13c JONES “psomess\ LEWISTOv/N. MONTANA. ' 7274 -- II it 111C 111 111C 11C _a SEE LARGE HAND BILL..S FOR FULL PARTICULARS STORE CLOSED WEDNESDAY, NOV- . EMBER 15, UNTIL NOON . 4 A

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 16 Nov. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.