The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, December 28, 1905, Image 1

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THE INLAND EMPIRE MOORE, MONTANA, DECEMBER 28, 1905 Devoted to the interests of Rock Creek Bench and Judith Basin. In polities Republican. INSTITUTE A SUCCESS Regardless of the Cold. Ranchers and Their Wives Attend the Meeting and Show Great Interest -will Come Again In view of the fact that the day was cold and raw, a small meeting was expected to turn out to hear Pro- fessors Elliott and Fisher. But contrary to these expectations, a large crowd gathered, composed of both sexes, and listened intently to the addresses of both gentlemen. In the the absence of both the president and vioe-presideut the meeting was called to order by G. H. Beasley, chairman of the program committee Music was rendered by the Moore Mandolin Club and received hearty applause. A solo was then sang by G. H. Beasley after which Professor Elliott addressed the meeting on the \Possibilities of the Creamery.\ The audience manifested great interest in this subject. Professor Elliott handled the subject in a masterful manner and many through the audience were seen tak- ing notes. A few of the many good points to be re- membered are the following: The unlimited demand for good butter in Montana, as we are shipping in one million dollars worth of but- ter, cheese and condensed milk annually. The best chance for the making of the purest kind of butter and cheese with our climate and water. If we get a creamery well established and in a pros- perous condition we may count our land worth $10 per acre more, as the locality with the creamery is the local- ity that will induce the eastern farmer to come here. There is great need for purer and better milk as supplied by the ranchers. The rarrcher must supply the flavor then look to tie butter maker to make a prime article. Be careful of the milk or cream on the farm, don't place cream where it will take up taints. All work together to make this creamery a go, for it is one of the things that will help the whole community Deliver cream as often as possible—the oftener the better. After a solo_by Dr. S. S. Owen, Professor Fisher spoke on Horticulture. He said in part: \Fruit especially the hardier apples, can be grown in this section if the follewingpregautions are taken: \The trees *ill have to be watered by hand the first year or two and cultivated ,continuously during the growing season at intervals of every week or ten days. The ground should be mulched during winter months and the mulch either plowed under or taken off during the summer so that cultivation can be carried on. The trees also need some protection against sun -scald and this can be accomplished hy wrapping the trees with paper. , \The varieties best adapted to the conditions here are, for summer, Yellow Transparent; fall, Duchess; late fall - an - d - early winter, Wealthy;-winter i -Alexa-nder, Northwestern Greening and for the crabs the Transcen- dent and Whitney No. 20.\ The night session was not very well attended but the interest manifested was even greater than at the af- ternoon session. Professor Elliott spoke upon the dif- ferent breeds of animals for different purposes and the kind of animal to look to for beef or for butter. lie at made a test of milk before his audience showing how every rancher may test his own milk and thereby prove whether his cows are paying. The milk tested was pro- cured from a cow owned by Joseph Gallagher and the test showed five and two -fifths per cent of butter fat and shows that the Bench has some good much cows. It was suggested that these gentlemen return at the March meeting and take up the question of dry land farming, which they will in all probabilty do. The basket dinner did not materialize although a few brought in their baskets. But the day was very blustery and cold, and the ladies are to be excused for their failure to come. The professors were highly pleased with their. meeting and go away feeling that they have accomplished great good in this new com- munity. A few copies of the third annual report of the Mon- tana Farmers Institutes were left at this office for free distribution and anyone desiring a copy can have same by calling here. We would suggest that those who did not get a copy of this report at the meeting, get one of these books and give it their careful attention. Straw Notes I )r. Haycraft is talking of starting a real estate office. - ` The Christmas tree was a great suc- cess. Lou Riggs acted Santa Claus to perfection. H. Leonard DeKalb and B. C. White will address the Literary society the night of January 12. Subject: \Re- solved that the U. S. Government Should Regulate Freight Rates.\ B. II. White will take the affirmative and DeKalb the negative. Wesley Gordon, of Seymour, Ia., is visting his brother, B. F. Gordon, for a couple of weeks. He is a contractor and builder. The band boys met last Wednesday night to try out the new instruments. The boys are taking quite an interest in the band. A. T. Goodspeed came down from Lewistown to spend Christmas with his family. Miss lola Hendricks is spending a few days with Mrs. IL E. Gaugler. P. E. Schrieber and wife spent the with H. E. Gaugler and wife Wed- nesday. 1 , Mr. Larson, the • section boss, who has been stationed here for. a long time, leaves with his family for Dor- sey neat Friday. We are Sorry to lose them. Jas. Knapp and .1. M. Sperry held a turkey shoot Monday which was la rge- ly attended. The New Years ball is expected to be a great success. The music will be furnished by Walter 14billips of Ctica. Everybody cordially invited. SANTA CLAUS V1STS MOORE Everybody Made Happy More than Enough Candy, Nuts and Presents for those hi Attendande. The Christmas tree Sunday night was a success in every way. the com- mittee worked hard to make the •lit- tle folks happy and their efforts were dui appreciated. Especial mention should be given Chas. 0. Ray . and A. C. Logan, of the committee, who both de voted .their time almost entirely to the work. To Mr. Logan is due the beautiful tree and evergreen branches that adorned the hall. He it was who also represented old Santa so ably. The program consisted of recitations and songs and was as follows: Song - • - - The Moore Scliool Recitation - - Luella Rice Recitation - 'Jack Nihill Recitation - Martha Store]. Song •-• Lurlan Wi throw Recitation Lois Seriglit Recitation - George Logan Recitation - Margaret Reese Recitation Ruby Da v i es Song - Miss Payne's•School Recitation - Edward Barney Recitation - 'Edward Stole! Song - - Lady Stapleton Arrival of Sam a Claus and distribution of presents. Miss Margaret Rice accompanied on the piano. All in all the tree and the program was what the committee labored to make it, the program com- mittee deserving special mention. But had it not been for the liberality of the merchants, it could not have been held. Everyone approached for money, with but one or two excep- tions, donated liberally to the fund, and everything necessary for the trte was purchased in Moore. While the committee were all busy mcin, they took the time to make this -a memor- able event in the lives of the . little ones. Next week we will publish a list of the purchases showing the, aniounts purchased and the amount of cash ex- pended, not having received it in time for this issue. To the Patrons of the Judith Commercial Co. We take this opportuni- ty of thanking you for the magnificent trade yon have given us during the holi- days, and we trust that we have in turn given you a Square Deal. We regret we did am have. a more extensive as- sortment, but we ,feel that we are excusable from the fact that we have but re- cently conic among you. Our policy while we do business in Moore shall be to give the best goods for as low a price as the circum- stances will permit, and that means the, larger our sales the cheaper you can buy and it will not be our patrons who will ask us to mark them down. e shall next week have something to tell you. In the meantime call and look over furniture department whether you wish to buy or not. Wishing you a happy New Year, we are Yours truly, JUDITH COMMERCIAL CO. Kid Royels Given Ten Years Kid Royels, the northern Montana horse thief who has figured so sensa- tionally in different criminal affairs SIN(1LE COPIES FIVE CENTS - during the past. 10 years in the state, giVen a 10 -year sentetiZfeln the district going up from Great Falls at one time and • at another escaping from the Chouteau county sheriff from the - win- dow of a flying passenger train while manacled and vilfile on his way to serve a term in the penitentiary. was Scovel Transfer When g ing to Lewistown take the big bus for uptown -14e,st for transfer- ing - iyig.aige to and from the depot. Mrs. Dr. Frank Eye Specialist -- NV 1,1., nE IN court: at Big Timber at the opening of the December term. Royels was charged with horse stealing, and at first pleaded not guilty, but late changed his plea to guilty, and stated his true name was - Edward Royels Kid Royels stole from Pete Bricker a a set of new harness, ii_new wagon from the Montana Hardware Co., team of horses from E. Olsen, and z camp outfit from J. C. Hauck. DAVID HILOER E. 0. BussNet - Ito Phone No. SI NIGGER & BUSEN BURG Tlie - Rmeer 'Real Estate and Live Stock Com- mission *Agents Land Office Attorneys ('onveyancing: Life, Accident and Fire insurance Agents LAN 1) SCRIP - FOR SALE' Lewistown, Montana -MOORE photographs December 21st For a Few Days Only With a full line of SII CR-ON eye- glasses. Weak eyes strengthened, fail- ing sig4 restored, headache, dizziness, nauseousness prevented. • Ornametal • as well as useful. When in Lewistown be sure to 'visit the mpi e Studio on Fl lb avenue and „ t he late. styles We are al ways pleased 0. have . you ('all whether you want work done or not \lie that is stricken blind cannot for- • get the • -e -Shakespeare. l Precious treasure of hiseyesight lost.\ misiown ...01111.0.11.14111•11•0004110.1.11111111.1•1••••••••••••••••• • ont . 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It is a growing, active, progressive up-to-date bank in every particular. Your account will be appreciated by the bank, and, your in- terests will always becarefully considered. The bank has a tine fire -proof vault and burglivproof safe in which to put your funds and valuable papers. Every depositor (and others as well) is a welcome visitor at this bank.. This bank otudies the needs of its customers, and takes pro - - per care of them whether their business is large or small. No bank can serve you better. 9 It is in position to collect your drafts or notes and to attend to your banking wants generally. Beeatme: Its dealings with its customers are absolutely confidedtiai. .BECAUSE: We do not believe that you can ask for or get better treatment than this • bank will give you.. OFFICERS: JOHN C. HAUCK, - HON. CLARENCE P. TOOLEY, C. W. TilultSTON, DIRECTORS: JOHN C. HAUCK, , CLARENCE P. TOOLEY. L. H. HA.MILTON, /C. F. Turridc, JOSEPH GALLAGER, • THEODORE GRAY, Money to Loan on Approved Security. Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Drafts Issued on all foreign Countries. Courteous and Liberal Treatment assured to all. • President Vice President. Cashier D. S. HASTINGS, T. E. Ricx, C. W. THURSTON. Mr. Z. %. Owen, physician anb Zurgeon. c,u, ipromptlr, Unewera• illtabt or 1Dav Complete Stoch of IfIrugo , Moore, flDontana , , - DUANE BUTTERFIELD. aREEDER OF. Pare Bred Bereford gattle. WRITE FOR PRICES STANFORD, MONTANA 41 0)(45(•.)*(!)0000•Dei co o 00. • ir • , • g TOM H. WHITE 0 • 1 0 BARBER c. , 4 . . 4 . t s- Hair Cutting and Shay - 1 4 0 ing' done with neatness itS. f and dispatch. Guaran- • ; tee satisfaction . A. ) o o MOORE - MONT. o • 1 ,-- xtataio . Dcax..oxixo*•y•xxiDakor e i k .D. • 4 0. F. DAVID. , ,Physician and Surgeon, — Calls Promptly Answer- • *0 ed Day or - Night. ** Office at David Drug Store. MOORE, MONT. , , i elms. W. MORTON LOUIS E. PLACE jlidith Basin Cdnunission Co. t Mice over Bank of Fergus County, LEWISTOWN, MONT. , COLLECTIONS MADE • Fire and Life Insurance iii' ' *PPRUV1U \COMPANIES Mining l'roperties, Ranch and City Real Rstate, Cattle, Sheep. Horses Handled on Commission. H. LEONARD DeKALB, Att'y for Company. Nelson Ro - ss CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Is pypared to furnish plans and speeffications on short notice - either in or out of town. Don't • fail to have him figure on your work as he can save you money MOOILE, MONTANA. THE INLAND EMPIRE $2.50 the year Let the EMPIRE do your boosting. If you have a friend who should come to Montana send him the EMPIRE Subscribe Now!

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 28 Dec. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.