The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, June 26, 1913, Image 1

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eito 40 ' 0. ' .t °4 e t‘e 1 c0 6t B USINESS MEN IN SEARCH QF PROFITABLE ADVERTISING WILL PATRONIZE THE :NLAND EMPIRE INLAND EMPIRE DID YOU KNOW THAT MOORE IS To HAVE ONE ,OF THE BEST CELEBRATIONS IN THE BASlin? \JUDITH BASIN'S WEEKLY\ VOLUME EIGHT MOORE, FERGUS COUNTY, MON/1A, June 26, 1913.. s . NUMBER 43. COMMITTEES MC ELABORATE PREPARATIONS FOR BIC GATHERING HERE JULY GARNEILL POST - OFFICE IS ROBBED Robbery is Made While Big Dance is in Progress ---Deputies Are Following a Pretty Clear Clue the W. S. Manley general store, in which the poatcffice is located, some one gained entrance to the kora and nostoffiee by removing boxes from in front of a window which had been partly broken and they puked out another glass from the window to enable theta to get into the building. The building was not fin - dished with a safe and the robber or robbers had little difficulty in. getting at the finanees, which were in the Upon their return home., those from two cash registers. here who attended the deuce at 'Gar- \Me 'burglary was beyond doubt neill, Frieay night, reported a robberitPuelled off by Dome one thoroughly of the postoffice at that plaice while the dance was in progress. A spec lel from Judith Gap, from Which place a deputy was, immediately mini- moned, tas the following to say concerieng the theft:. \Ina postoffice at Garnet11, about ▪ lx miles north of here was burglar- ize. last We's between the hours of It p. m. and 1:30 a. m., and mon- ey and stamps secured to the amount of almost $300. \While the dance was in progreal In Shen & Ericksion's halt which, Is directly across the street from aeqUainted with the interior of Ne pest office' bundling, .as well as 'with the feet that : Postmaster Man- ley was at the dance. 4 Sheriff - G. J. Rice, of - Judith Gp was notified early in the morning and spent thq . day in and around Garnet% rooking up clews, and making thorough examination' - of the premises. He was later joined by Deputy Phil McGowan of Lewis- town and the two •started out into the county In search of the pax- ty or' parties whom they had ap- parently good reasons for susposting\ State Land Sales Dates 'Sidney Miller Register of State iLsadits, has fixed Wednesday., septem- lber 17th, as the date for the next anal ton sales of State lands in Forge* county. Acreage t be offered 14 sale according to applications filed up to this time, in Fergus county is 4,960 acres. While it is not antici- se,,e- e -teepatiedethetetheteeleces , peid-tbree - yews - '- ago well be sleeked tnis year, there Is no doubt good prices wiii be ob- tained. An aggregate of 10,000 acres w,ill be offered in Efteen counties this fall on the fellowing dates:. Lewis and-Olark.-Aug. ,2 Deer Lodge -Aug. 14. Powell -Aug. 15. Missoula -Aug. 20. Sandeas-Aug. 21. Lincolni-Aug. 25. Flathead -Aug. 27. Museelsheil-Sept. 9. Dewsene-Sept. 9._ Yellowstone- Sept. 12. Fergus -Sept. 17. . Hill -Oct. 7. Chouteau-Oct. 8. Teton-thit. 14. Oascade-,Oct. 16. The acreage to be said is as fol- lows: • Cascade, 3,606 acres; ObOutean 480 acres; Da . wean, 11,530 acres; Dees, Lodge, 1,560 sores; Fergus 4,98 0 acre Flathead, 2,600 acres, HA, 8,960; Lewis and Clark, 9520 acres; Liu - twin, 1,231 acres; Museelelielli 4,660 acres; Missoula 2,240 acres; Powell, 1 1 MAM IS IN RARE:fail nen ' Photo by American Praia Association,. Christy Mathewson, who hes never failed to come bark and arise to emergencies.' 5,480 acres; Sanders, 920 acres; Sher - Ida% 4,500 acres; Teton, 6,840 acres; and Yellowstone 4,800 acres. STANFORD WINS FROM MOORE TIRE TO SIX MOORE'S CRACK TEAM MEETS A DECIDED DEFEAT HERE ON SUNDAY LAST. 4.118iileata rila%.110 3 g on the peke ef thu Wean' senenans for the defeat boat' Sunday afternoon by the Sm.:goad ag wee -melon, The Maroons biene,ed thia 1 U 4111 quite frequently, but tilde all landed direicely in the Raveotemitts,' which was directly the WOW* , wAtil• ehe visitors. It &Peeked like a whitewash up to the last Wang, When by whet ap- peared to be more leek than sense, ehe Maroons get a man on first bag and by other lucky playa advanced. tam to third. By this none the Rae - ens were up in the ain ,and the tocsin succeeded in running in 3 scores, the etanding beteg 6 to 3 wheu the game terminated. The boys were handicapped to 0. certain extent keit Runda,Y owing to the absence of 'several- or their regnant' players, but at. thee it was trerY armament those wile Were in the lineup had not revolved much, if se,' praotice. In alder to play bail as at should be played it is absolutely necessary to work out quite frequently, eeme- thing the locale of late have failed to d60. aleithre has a good pitching staff, but there are other pitchers, No meter how good may be the Maroons' pitching &tett it requires letttdeg to win a game. Last Sun- day the boys acted as though they were amid the) , might break a bat, Sidure the cover oil the ball ir Y Pint any of their , weight into the biow-But What's the ups? . Vie Ravens MntlintEllnies~aY. Thew gild not win It wholly CM, Meer- • fklitning, 1=i= ,6 2 i : rian t be safe spate in, the nden. The Maroons are now looking liornitird to the Fourth, when they &wipe to recover their lost prestige be defeating Stanford two etnadghts on that day. Sunday Hilger c.oenee down to play a return game with the Ma Teens. BACK FROM 'STATE CONVENTION. Mre. C. E. Haines and the Misses Lethe Henderson and Luella Rice re turned Tuesday afternoon from Kal- ispell, Where thy went as delegates to the State Epwortn League con- vention which ended Sunday. Bill- ings was utensil:hovel* chosen as the Valtee for the next state convention. ten the Inalispeil meeting Mies Hen- &nem received the disthintiani of being chosen fourth vloe president. The convenithin'took favorable eaten Many and Varied Are the Entertainment Features. THERE'LL BE SOMETHING DOING EVERY MINUTE Music • e Moore Concert Band, Ball Games Between th ford•and Moore Teams Morning and After- noon, Prize Contests of Every Description ---Be Sure to Come and -Bring the Whole Family. 'Flom all indications, Moore will be called upon to entertain one Of the largest crowds ever assembled In this citite_on Independence Day, July' Fourth, and from the work ac - complished, by the commItteen in charge, it is a sale bet that all will be cared for in fine style and will 'be' able to enjoy the time cti their MOS. The Moore Concert band will fern- sh enlivening music throughout the entire day and evening, while danc- ding may be indulged in from two o'- clock in the afternoon till twelve sit night at the Bowery pavilion which Will be conveniently located. Two games of ball have been arranged for between the Stanford and M teams, the first game being sched- uled for ten -thirty in themorning and the second will begin at three in the afternoon. These games will b the afternoon. 'The games will 'be played for a purse of $50 each. Besides the moat FOURTH MISS KLIEMAN RE- CEIVES LEGACY Old 6entleman, To Whom She was Kind, Does Not Forget Her When He Makes his Will Ward has been received that Miss Katherine Klieman, daughter of Wm. residing south of Moor.', in the foothills of the Stnowies, fts to receive a fourth of the estate Lauren B. Knapp, deceased, aecordimg sto the tenths of the probated in the estate. - Mr. Knapp was formerly a resident of Fergus county and at one time owned a farm near Moore, knewn 'es the Scott plaice, that was tenant- ed .byWm.Kiieman. He was well a- long in yews, in poor health, practic- ally alone, and spent much of his above attractions time in and around Moore and the complete program has been country south of here. After. selling ranged and the prizes for the winner* this place south of the city he took of the various sport events are thelup a homestead, locating close to most liberal offered. Ev- the towa of ilenehland, and after making proof sold his place to J. W. to Brown. He then went east for 'med- ical treatmaent and died in filinoes In the spring of 1912. The bequest 'will amount to over thoesand dollars, and is • pre+ lamed to have been made as a token of appreciation of case and atten.- then bestowed upon han by the lega - tee and her parentis, with whom he ever erything possible is being done make the day •enjoyable for ail. Come and bring the whole fam- ily. We would advise everyone to - here early, as the program will tart at nine -thirty in the . morn- ing and the fun continue ail day. ar- II II II 0 0 'spent much of hes time. Miss Kleem,tin is an industrioue and F 3 0 - - ,, , ,,,,, ,,,, ^, OF CELEBRATION AT MOORE cILILY -\ \ FOURTH 1913 \ I diven Under Auf3‘pices '',Mobre Commercial CInh L. L. Bannan. W. T. Sharp, V-Pres. E. 0. Hedrick,)Treas. H. Morrow, Sec'y. Marshal of the Day, W. T. Sharp 9:00 A. M. Selections by Moore Concert Band. 9:30 to 10:80. leaking ard tXticists at &well Pavillion Orator of the Day ---Judge Roy E. Ayers 10:80. Ball Game. Moore vs. Stanford for a purse of $50 DINNER 1:30 to 3 p. in. Field Sports Events take place on Fergus Avenue 100 yard running race, boys under 12 years of age,.... 1st prize, $3.00, 2nd prize, 2.00 100 yard running race, boys under 18 years of age,... 1st prize, 3.00, 2nd, 2.00 50 yard running race, gins under 12 years of age 1st prize, 8.00, 2nd 2.00 50 yard running race, fat men weighing' over 200 lbs.. 1st prize, 3. 00, 2nd,' 2.00 S legged race, 50 yards, ....1st prize, 6.00,... . 2nd, 4.00 Sack race, 50 yards, 1st prize, 3.00, 2nd, 2.00 Wheelbarrow race, 50 yards, .. l i st prize, 3.00, 2nd, 2.00 Bicycle race, 1st prize, 3.00, 2nd, 2.00 100 yard dash, 1st prize, 15.00, .2nd, 10.00 Ladies throwing contest, ....1st prize, 3.00,- ..2nd, 2.00 Running broad jump, 1st prize, 3.00, ....2nd, 2.00 3.00 Ball Game. Moore vs. Stanford for a purse of 50.00 4:30 Horse race at Ball Park, hat prize, 15.00, 2nd, 10.00 Bucking contest, for best rider, 15.00, 2nd best rider, 10.00 7:00 to 8:00 Band concert Moore Concert Band _L_9:00 Grand dispIay of fireworkir....... 2:00 P. M. to 12 Dancing at Bowery Pavillion eneesseesAininifkAiedeinre c .0roh Rest rooms for Ladies and Children are located at Albright building and Commercial Club rooms' in Clary building L IOC;$1111==11===:==l0 upon the question of providing a MUCH MONEY SPENT ON MON- permanent place for the Epworth lea- gue inatitutis to take the form of a ehautauqus e and extend over several weeks' time each year. ArebaeOlogY looks like a hard word, but it meow a wealth of interesting matter that pertains tp the ancient people that Onballeted the area- The Ecupoentton at San Diego in 1916 will contain comrplete exhibit of all the wonderful/ Wine of Ainerka..toome cd vihkdh antedates the tlYratInkil a Amt. :TANA ROADS. Henschel June 25.-ln the constrite- ties a nd repair of cont roads and bridges is year in Montana there was appended $1,532,787,86, ancordeng to Neves compiled by George R., Mettien, secretary of the state high- fwapr commiseion. Of Chts sum $1,- 068,341.26 wag expended on roads and $474446.60 on bridges. Tr Y The MrapPire nett time. -yettegelaidi-andshassasinnit of friends who will 'be pleased to team of her good fortune. She is now engaged in teaching school at the \Michelson school\ located' near her home. MUCH AGITATION OVER DIVISION OF COUNTY DIVIsIONISTs AND ANTIS ARE TO HAVE HEeRING BEFORE COMMISSIONERS MONDAY. Next Monday June 30, the County Coranadestionene wit toonduct the hear- se; on the petition for the 'creation at the new \Judith\ county, and an interesting time Is expeotatd. Since the peeltion t LOT eneaiting the new COMIty Was filed the anIti-divis- ionIsts haele been extremely blisY1 \Del titibOang Out\ wherever - poesibia, and It is saiki the movement has gained considerable headway. These 0 P - posed to the creation of JudditAi coun- ty maintain they already have more than, the required fifty per cent nec- eataryc to petition out certatin pro - 'posed disetiots w.litieh will reduce the assessed valuation, population, etc., oe tne remainder of the new coun- ty so as to defeat the proposttlen at the hearing. The antidivisioniets are said to he circulating at least three difiereat petitions to Cake out about seven- Iteeni townships Orie ipettielon, takes but territory in and around Mocca- sin and extends to the eashara line Of the new county and dIose to Hob- son' 001 the north. A second petition takee out territory south and west 'of Hobson, and a third takes out aborut thirteen townehdps, extending from Windham, along th,o west side, to the eouthern boundary, and in - eluding Buffalo, Utica , . Meodon ttirriiii - C -7; *:ittirak$offaag being circulated in the northenn part of the new county. 'The diviedonilsts are confident of their position, that all requdremeaste have been complied with and that their petition, will be granted, while the antis say the division movement is killed absolutely and there' Is nee further cc/mince. HOLD FARMERS' CLUB GATHERING Members of Dry Wolf Creek Farmers' Or- ganization Have Day's Outing and General Good Time. The Second Annual picnic Of the Farmers' Club of Dry Wolf creek was held at the club grounds on Dry Wolf creek, Saturday, June 21st. About ten ,peeple were in attendance. All enjoyed a picnic dinner at moon. after which there was a ball game between the Arrow creek and Dry Wolf nines resulting in a score of 12 to 10 in favor of the former. 'The game was followed by a short address by Carl H. Peterson, county egricuiturelist, on the advantagee of Farmers Clubs, laying epecial stress on the value of the Organization of subordinate 'granger. This organiza- tion is stronger than a mere local club, as they would thus be aftillated 'with am organization which is state and national in its scope. Mr. Peter- son's &erects was followed by brief talks by Hon. J. J. Jewell of Hobson and Mr. Norma of Denton. After the speaking program there were sack races, grensed pole climb- ing, and broncho and mule buck- ing contests. Then there was a sec- ond game of ball between the DrY Wolf and Willow Creek clubs, the lat- ter winning. A .dance was held in the Club rooms during the evening. The success of this entire affair tesethatetheeether-'seetions of' the country might have similar so- cial gatherings. Washington Judie 23.- A bill Pro- viding tor a homestead or second eel - try sight to au otherwise qualified whey from any came, lost or albantion at nonmer entry, has been introduced by Representative Mendell of Wyom- ing. An end - I - puma whose Previous entry was cancelled for fraud, or who, solid or relinquished for a sum In emcees of the Cling fees, dame& enter lands under the ProtPoaeld law. Menden has also introduced a UR granting complete title tg entry - men even limited patents to lands withdrawn on account of mi'nerois, latter motored es nogionispersi. THOMAS DANIELS DEAD DEATH COMES 'WEDNESDAY -- BRIGHT% DISEASE THE CAUSE. Wand was received in Moore yes- tondaY ef the death of Thomae Dan- iels et Stain -ford that morning, death, being due to Bright's disease. He thad been a reeidetat of Moore for a ishort time and had been, etalpfloyed at Stanfoad, while bin family remained here. Mrs. Daniels was summoned to iris bedside the ditty previous and was with him whom defttll came- 13esides his viefe and four children., the deceased leaves two brothers, Charles_and Joseph, the former Liv- ing in Moore, while the letter re- sides in Oregon. Funeral arrangements have not as yet been made. Jae. McFerram, who has been very ill for demo time pale, wee taken to Greet Falls on, Tuesday morning to 'undergo ea operation fr cancer of the atuanach. Dr. E. S. Porter so- conspahied him to the hospital. TECHNICALITIES ON BALL FIELD Photo by-Arneriaan Press Association. Umpire Bill Klena one of the mainstays of National league, who nullified a winning run betimen . New York and Philadelphia, because he had his .131:ck turned.

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 26 June 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.