The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, June 26, 1913, Image 4

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If you have no money you'll have to die.\ \How about my friends?\ \They'll die with, you, and if you produce the money they will be al- lowed to live.\ \No one will ever accuse you of not being generous,\ said Hawthorne. .\Now just let me tell you something! If I had that money you wouldn't get it! You don't dare kill me. as a mat- ter of fact, and even if you dared you couldn't &sit by the plan you propose, for there isn't a man in the army could aim his gun straight enough.\ \This is final,\ demanded the prince. \Absolutely!\ replied t Hawthorne. \Then .you and your 'friends die in the morning for conspiring against • Borrovina.\ With that the prince took his leave. Then Hawthorne set himself down to some real seriouslthinking. Wheth- er he died in the ululating or not was a proposition that could be taken care of later. The imuredifte subject un- der consideration was whether he could get out in time to prevent the attack on the palace. \The guard,\ thought Hawthorne to himself. \I wonder how well he loves his country?\ • \fist! fist!\ was the signal that brought the guard alongside of his cell shortly after the departure of the prince. \How well do you like money?\ ask- ed Hawthorne. \Pretty well.\ said the'guard. \What would it take to get me out of here?\ The guard' looked around to make sure that he was safe in talking. \I'll tell you,\ said the guard. \I'm an Englishman, and so is the guard at the big gate. Now, if you could let the two of us have enough to get UE back home I think we could safely call it square.\ \How would five hundred strike you?\ \Five hundred!\ exclaimed the guard. \Why 'we' jl cometpretty near scuttling It ship for such a sum of money.\ \Then it's yours,\ said Hawthorne. An hour later Hawthorne and Blake were on their way to the palace. The newspaper man was left in prison, for the Americans didn't think it would be safe to have him out until after they had won the confidence of the king. The king sat in his private study at the palace late that evening. With him were De Witz and the chancellor. An air of unrest pervaded the whole palace. The king alone watk unmoved. \Has Hohenloe arrived yet?\ he ask- ed, glancing up from some papers on his desk. \No sire,\ replied De Witz. • \II'm! The commander in chief of the army ignores his king's summons? And the life guards? Have they been recalled from Mavoriti. I ordered?\ \I am afraid not, sire, or they should have been here by now.\ \Then calmly decided the king, \that young American's warning was well founded, it seems. Vladimir plans a revolution. And llohenloe and the army are behind him. It only remains to learn when and how they intend to strike. Ah. Irma,\ he broke off as the princess stole into the room. \What brings,you here so late. little.girl?\ \I hardly know.\ she faltered. \ was worried about your majesty. Ever since that shot today\ - \Why dear, that is absurd. I am\ - \And from my window I could see knots of people gathering in the square In front of the palace, and\ - .She paused on noting the exchange of quick nervous glances between De Wits and the chancellor. The former moved as if by chance toward the nearest window. He left the room a moment later to return with a look of perpl:utitf on his wrinkled face. .W'reported, \one of my men tells me the American of whom you were just speaking %as gotten himself and his 'traveling colnpanion. Blake, into serious trouble. it seems he has had a personal encounter -a fight in fact -with Prince Vladimir.\ \With Prince Vladimir?\ echoed the king. \A fight? You mean that the prince actually struck this American?' \I am afraid.•sire. that it was the American who struck Prince Vladimir. Indeed, he knocked the prince down.\ \Splendid!\ chuckled the king. \I -I mean deplorable! I fear this is lied- ous.\ \And further, ,sire. After the con- flict the roof caved, In and temporarily buried tpe prince, the general and his guards While the Americans escaped,. only to be captured later by the prince and put in jail. Mr. Hawthorne\ - \Hawthorne?\ repeated ths t hancel- lor. \Do you, mean the man who struck the prince was Mr. A thony Hamilton Hawthorne?\ \That is ! the na e,\ aslerted De Wits in surprise at the other's eager - 12 - r. Hawthorne n 0, ;Q 117 — rt seems he is a great Anierican capital- ist, a man of bonndiess wealth and un- limited power in the United States. \Ah.\ exclaitned the king. \that prob- ably accounts for his dictatorial man - \So!\ cried the king. ner today. De Witz, see that he is set free at once. We cannot afford a clash with the United States by imprisoning one of its greatest citizens. We\ - Through the open window of the study vaulted a man and stood panting in front of the desk. The princess gave a little cry. De Witz clapped a hand to his sword hilt. Then they saw who it was. • Hawthorne, disheveled, his clothes soiled and tumbled, his face dirt streak- ed, his- hair in disorder, was before them. \The guard wouldn't let us in at the gates,\ he explained suavely. \So I left Blake there and shinned a tree by the wall and then climbed a water pipe. Excuse me for ,Aot knocking. I was a, bit pressed for time.\ \We were told you were in jail,\ said the king dryly, first of the group to find voice. • \We were, but at last I found a key that opened the door and let us out.\ \A key?\ \A gold lone,\ replied Hawthorne, jingling some coins in his pocket. \And we came here on the run. There's the deuce and all to pay, your majesty. The pri4Se and his crowd plan to at- tack the palace at midnight. In less than ten minutes you're to be de- throned, and\ - \So!\ cried the king, while Be Witz gasped aloud in horror, and Irma stood speechless and ghastly pale. \So that is why ray life guards were sent to Marovitz. They strike while we are unprotected.\ \Your majestyis safety is the first consideration,\ cried De Wits. \The crowd is already gathering around the palace, but we can smuggle your maj- esty and her royal highness out through one of the rear entrances, and you can cross the frontier before\ - \He is right,\ agreed the chancellor. \Your majesty's only safety lea in instant flight There is but a single file of the life guards oh duty in the palace. They cannot hold the gates against the mob and the army for five minutes.\ \To run away from my capital by night!\ mused the king under his breath. \Ad exile; Dethroned!\ \Sire plehded ffe Witz, \there is not an, _svastes I beg that your majesty iftirlFepare to go at once.\ \You aro rightr-- sighed the king. \We must go and at once.\ CHAPTlift vn. The Mob. AWTHORNE was thoroughly aroused to the situation by this time. He knew full well that to run away would merely be playing into the hands of the prince. He knew, too, that if he had any good cards to play he would have to play them fast. The king's advisers were persistent in their urg- ing that he depart from the palace and turn it over to the mob. Hawthorne was equally determined that the king shouldn't do It. Be felt now that it was his persona. right against the prince, and he was going to win it if he had to spend every cent in his pos- session. Then, too, there was a suspicion per- haps harboring somewhere in his brain that if he saved the kingdom for the 014 \king I maylle the pOncess might thikk pretty well at him.' He did not dare fancy that she would think well of a marriage -but she might. That very thought put all the courage that an American could muster into his system. , If the king left he palace it would' ne Over his dead body, Hawthorne told himself. \I'll go,\ said the kidg. \Yon must do nothing of the sort!\ fiercely contradicted Hawthorne, step- ping In front of the king. \That would 11 the last and worst of all your blunders. It would wind yos up for good.\ \Sir?' mildly expostulated the king. - \it is far better' to run away than to nese. \Why?\ besent away, especially when one is \Because.\ i the chancellor a'nswered, not certain' where they will send him.\ Is rather a pity we did not know It. ey on . re wrong r den i e d Hawthorne. amount of this iko mmik i r tihu cv I se - F To r - rT7 y aTi d face the music. If we'd runs away at Bunker 'Hill. and Lexington /and Get- tysburg and Santiago, where would the united States be today? We'd be running yet.\ \But.\ expostulated De Witz. \it is his majesty's only chance. To stay Nunid be fatal.. Escape is the only pots s \There is bile thing,\ said Hawthorne gravely. \that your majesty cannot run away from,\ \Eli?\ ejaculated the king. \History!\ retorted Isla wthorne. \You can't run away from ! ! history ; \It will brand you through all ages as the cow- ardly king who let himself be bluffed off his throne.\ \You are right, Mr. Hawthorne,\ an- swered the ltivg in sudden decision, wohile his drooping shoulders squared themselves and his wontedly listless manneAtook on a strangely royal dig- nity. \You are the best of our advis- ers. De Witz,, We have changed our decision. We shall remain.\ -silly exclaimed the chancellor from the window. \the square is black with people. Some one is haranguing them.\ \Of course some one - is,\ sneered Hawthorne. \A. Anob must always be told what to do.\ \A mob!\ muttered the king. \I fear a mob above all things.\ \Bah!\ sniffed Hawthorne. \A mob is nothing. The only thing to fear is the mind that does the mob's thinking. That's the thing to fear -and to heat. And I'm going to' beat it. Your majesc ty will give orders to have my friend Blake admitted? He is at the gate. I can use him just now in my business,\ At a nod from the king the chancel- lor hurried to the door, gave an, order to an attendant in the inaterooth and returned. - ! \Yes went on Hawthorne. \Once ! let me get a strangle hold on the mind that's doing the thinking for that mob out there and I'll send this silly revolu- tion screeching up a tree.\ \You have plenty of confidenct, Mr. Hawthorne.\ commented the king in half admiring irony., - \Sure I have. That's what I'm* here for. And I guess I've got a corner on the local confidence market. • A revolu- tion is nothing but politics, and politics Is my -middle name. Hello, there,\ as a distant clock struck, ! \midnight! Time for our guests to drop in.\ \Your majesty,\ exclaimed a life guard officer, at the door, \a crowd Is at the gates! Regiments of the army are with it. General Hohenloe is at their head, and he demands admittance In the name of the nation!\ \Then drawled Hawthorne, \let the nation in.\ \No no!\ cried the king. \Hold the gates! Hold\ - \No nothing of the sort,\ snapped Hawthorne. \Let 'ern' in. Let in the \Stop!\ ordered Hawthorne, whole shooting match. Your majesty, \it's your one best chance -the only chance you'll get\ \Captain I ordecyou to hold the gates,\ rem s ated the king, and the of- ficer, saluting, ran back to his post \Oh your majesty,\ complained Hawthorne as if correcting a stupid child; \you're scribbling 0. K. on your own death warrant! Why can't you leave this thing to me? Don't butt in. I'll see you through. I told you I would.\ \There is nothing you can do,\ re- plied the king. \If the mob were al- lowed to enter the palace we should all be butchered like dogs.\ \We're not sausage yet Sire, I beg of you\ - \You cannot understand, sir,\ said the king. \You do not know what it means when the blood of Borrovina Is up.\ \The blood of Borrovina has nothing on the blood of any other burg. The netion's knoeking at the gate, and your majesty bars it out.\ There was a confused roar from out- side that shook the window casings, then a 86ries of shots and yells. \Irma screamed the king, \come! We must fly! We\ - \Stop!\ ordered Hawthorne, blockifrg the frantic monarch's progress from the room. \You've got to steed your ground. Why, even the most arrant cowards will dars to shoot at a man that's running.\ \Let me pass!\... wailed the king. S . joontlase. /Mt Mehl Paiots\ Builder's Hardware Cement Brick Sash and Doors Montana Lumber Co. 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The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 26 June 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.