The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, June 26, 1913, Image 6

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Sr+ THE MANI) umpIRE \\.• __\\t nesami ssien ' essidlinweessualeitersiiesaga na . June 26tia, 1913. Wa.n.t Ads O 0 0 0 o o G o 0 o 0 0 o 'o The following list Of Want O ads should be 'read over care - o fully as they may suggest some - o thing you want or can supply. O 000000000000 0 0 0 0 For Sale' For Sale—Thirty acres grain hay. Gam .Chandewea, Moore, Mont. 44 Good 14x20 house, plastened, two 60 It. lots, partly fenced, chicken house, garden, good location, Nob Hill. Very easy terms. Price only 4300. Lost -3-A Eastman Kodak in case between this city and Coffee Creek. Film in it (With two ex- posures. Return to Dr. L. P. Sharp, e Moore, for reward. -43-tf Desirable 160 acre homestead re- linqudshment in Flatwillow country. Good land and location. Reasonable. Address Drarwer 4, Moore, Mont. For Sale Cheap. Fraser 15 tree stock saddle, etraight swell. En- quire at this office. 4-24tf-ltp YOU READ THESE ADS—Others will read yours. Try one. FOR SALE—Olifver tYlPeivaltar• good as new; a bargain. Enquire at this office. 14t1. PROFESSIONAL CARDS Belden & DeKalb, Attorneys at Law, Offices—Bank of Fergus County Bldg., Lewistown, Mont. 6-20-tf. Edward C. Russell. Attorney at Law. Empire Bldg., Lewistown, Mont.. \Tel. 509.\. tf. E. G. Worden, Lawyer, First Na- tional Bank block, Lewistown, Mont. Both phones 127. tf It Paws to SAY The saving islabit snakes You careful [in the things nou do. lit teaches the usefulness cflustonelY, and the redationehip of principal and interest. • But at the same time you are ) forming an excentionally good habit, you are aocuanuilating a fund Ilea' future use. - Life is worth 'living wheas you have money in the hank—It gets mon- otonous I when you are broke. Start a Savings Account today,. First National Bank of Moore United States Depository for Postal Savings ? P. O. News Stand ONLY los Cream; Parlor In Town&IP Every thing in Up -To -Date Coefeetionory, Cigars and To- bacco. Fresh Fruits. Ice Cream in any Quantity. PHONE US YOUR ORDERS. r A GREAT Continued Story of the World's lra Progress which you may begin reading at any time, and which will hold your interest forever. is running in THE a , Magazine that makes Fact more fascinating than FiCtion \mums so YOU CAN uNDEPOTTAND TT* , Popular Mechanics Magazine Are you reading it? Two millions of your neighbors are, and it is the favorite magazine in thousands ofthe best American homes. It appeals to all classes—old and young—men and women—those who know and those who want to know. SOO MANES SACS MONTH SOO INcTURES 200 ARTMLIM-Or onotRAL NITERrsT The \Shop Notes\ Department (20 pages) gives easy ways to do things—how to make useful articles for home and shop, repairs, etc. \Astrataer Meelterdes \ (10 pages) tells how to II make Mission furniture, wireless outfits, boats. * magic, and sil the things ahoy loves. epee trzurt .;04. ; me maa tt i taztate .„4„.. at mutts Weave PON MIMI TOMPlyt ‘ilry ToDAY iiiimminuitst OA M.W•dispoo al. CO. Largest Crater on the Earth. The volcano Aso-sau. 'in southern Japan. on theisland of Klushu, pos- sesses the largest crater known on the earth. It is about fourteen miles across in one direction by ten or eleven in the other and Is surrounded by walls of an average height of 200 feet. Although the volcano Is still ac- tive, its eruptions consist only of ashes and dust. Indeed, a range of volcanic mountains, evidently of subsequent formation, extends directly across the old crater. In these particulars Aso- san resembles some of the craters of the moon, where a long history of suc- cessive and gradually enfeebled out- breaks of volcanic force is graphically represented. NOTICE FOIl PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land bffice it Lewistown, Mont. Jane 24th, 1913. Notice is hereby given Abaft Marie . Weidenlxuner, of Moore, Montana, who, on February 9th, 1912, l: made Hcanestead Entry No. 16584, tor S% SE 1 / 4 , Section 2; N NE 1/4, Sec. 11, Twp. 12 N„ Rge. 16 E, 'Montana Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make Flnal Commuta- tion Proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before the 'Register and Receiver. at Lewistown, Montana, on. the 29th day of July, .1913. Claimants name as witnesses: William It Barney, Roger W. Clifford, David M. Michelson, and Richard O'Brien, aR of ,Moore, Mon- tana. I '&26-7-24. C. E. McKOIN, Register. The FAVORITE FLOUR With Thousands of Montana Housewives Good news spreads quickly and housewlies have told each other of the meats of our product until all over the tate* the demand for it has grown to such an extent that the mills are running to full ca- pacity. • Loo/ For That TRADE MARK It is on the back of the sack and is a guarantee that you are obtaining the best flour milled. First choice, Montana .hand wheat, scoured before lit tie milled. If you could see the dirt that col- lects in the crack of the wheat You would *ant to be sure that you are getting flour that is milled from scoured ‘beat. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR \IT'S THE WHEAT\ And You Will Be Certain of Having Clean, Sweet Bread MONTANA FLOUR MILLS CO. LEWISTOWN - HARLOwTON WIIMAMON HAFFINDR CO THE GOSPEL OF THE SUGAR BEET Dr. Harvey W. Why Preaches It to Farmers. AWONDERFUL TRANSFORMER \Wherever the Sugar Beet Is Cultivat- ed,\ Dr. Wiley Declares, \the Farm- ers Are All Prosperous\—Ameries Fully Fifty Years Behind Europa. \Farming practices in vegue upon a great majority of the cultivated trade in America are obsolete,\ declares Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, former chief chem- ist of the Department of Agriculture. \In agriculture we are fully fifty years behind Europe, and the better utilization of our farm resources is one of the most infportant problems before the country. \Old fashioned, slipshod methods of producing wheat and cotton and corn are still in vogue in over 95 per cent of the country devoted to these indus- tries,\ said Dr. Wiley, continuing his Impeachment of our lax farming methods:' \The growing of these crops until within a few years could not have been ranked as agriculture, put should have been described as highway robbery of the soil. As a re- sult the average production per acre of these crops has fallen to a minimum. \Farming for one thing, must be made more attractive. It should be made more profitable. This wilt be done as our farmers learn more thor- oughly the principles of intensive culti- vation and get a knowledge of the methods of feeding the soil and of the rotation cog crops. 'To this end I have been preaching for the past thirty years the gospel of the sugar beet. \'The production of the sugar beet requires the highest style of intensive culture that science has been able to DB.. KLEMM W. mute suggest. The principles of feeding the sugar crops, the methods of culture and handling, the attention and skill of the workers, are such as to create in every field and factory devoted to eager culture an agricultural experi- ment station of the highest type. The soil and climatic conditions in the great- er part of the United States are thor- oughly favorable to beet culture, and America Is the greatest sugar market In the world. \In the case of the sugar beet the crops which are grown in rotation with It yield very much larger returns than When the old fashioned system of agri- culture prevailed. The reflex action of this influence becomes a benefit to American agriculture the value of Which it would be difficult to measure la dollars and cents. 'Wherever the sugar beet is culti- vated the farmers are all prosperous, .no matter what kind of other crops they raise.' The beet generally im- proves the productiveness of the soil in all kinds of agriculture. It cameo the employment of more labor and indi- irsetlY benefits commerce and transpor- tation and produces in every commu- nity conditions of prosperity in agri- culture Which it would be difficult to bring about in any other way. \The culture of the beet brings into the neighborhood the large sugar fac- tory using fuel and other raw mate- rial, with Its complement of laborers and experts, thus giving a better and more ',rentable market to the surround- ing farmers for all their produces. ,\While there has been a general tend- ency toward the reduction of tariff du- ties, this tendency has not reached in many cases the extent of the abolition of import duties altogether. In any cbaxiges of this sort let as much as pos- sible be saved to the farmer. In view dr the great importance of domestic Nagar production to the prosperity of the American farmer, if tariff adjust- ments are to be- made, I believe that this should be the last rather than the first pond at which to remove the cus- toms duty. \One of the best things about sugar beet culture from the point of view of agricultural improvement la that it fits in so perfectly with dairying and stock growing. It is, of course, one of the elementary facts of practical dairying that the rearing and Went of Bre Nock afford the easkst, ehaetast sad most astimd mesas of asvolass await, dirthipage LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Lewistown, Montaua, June 7,1913. Notice is hereby givet that 'Thomas W. J. Neel, of Moore, Montana, who. on August .25, 1909, made H. E. No. 06747, for IN% NE 1 / 4 , N% NW',., Sec. 21, Tp. 1614., Rg. 16E., Montana Meridian, tuts filed notice of intention to make final 'Three Year Proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before the Register and Receiver, at, Montana, on the 16th day of July, 1913. Claimant names as witnesses: William E. Deer, Enoch M. Neel Eugene C. Leap and - Frank/M. Bailey all of Moore, Montana. 6-12-7-10. C. E. hicKoin, Register NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Lewistown, Montana, June 4, 1913 Notice la hereby given that Cornelius Auwen, of Buffalo, Fergus County, Montana, who, on May 14, 1908, made H. E. No 6029 serial No. 04553, for N% SE 1 / 4 „ section. 6, township 12 N., range 14 EL, Mont. Meridian, has filed notice of intention' to make final five year proof to establish claim to the land above described, before W. H. Peck, U. S. Commissioner, at Garneill, Montana, on the 7th day of Juiy,1913. Claimant names as witnesses: Claude Phillips, John A. Dover, Titus Spoon and Ysbrand Anwen all of Buffalo, Montana. 6-5-7-3 C. E. MeKoin Register. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. v • Notice is hereby given that the co - ;partnership heretofore existing ' be- tween Clyde P. TilzeY and George W. Belcher, and doing business under !Belcher, and doing business in Moore, !Fergus County, Montana, under the firm name and style of the \Elx- rhange Bar\ has this day been dis- solved by mutual, consent, the said George W. Belcher retiring and the said Clyde P. Tilzey continuing the business under the said name. The said Clyde P. Tilzey -will pay all 'liabilities of the firm and will ciM- 'lect accounts and money due the 'firm. Dated at Moore, Fergus - 0Otinty, Montana, this 11th day of June, 1913. CLYDE P. TILZEY,, GEORGE W. BELCHER. 6-19-7-10. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Lewistown,. Montana. June 23, 1913. Notice is hereby given that LOUIS B. MUTER, of Buffalo, Fergua County, Mont., who on Feby. 17th, 1910, made Homestead Entry No. 08436 for' 13.% NW 1 / 4 ; NW %, SW 1 / 4 , Section, 28 Township 12 N, Range 14 E., Mont Meridian, has flied notice if intentoin to make Final 'Three Year proof to establish claim' to the land above described be- fore W. H. Peek, U. S. Commissioster, at Garneill, Mont., on the 26th day of July, 1913. Claimant names as witnesses: John, M. Falter; Clarence N. Fair- banks, Theron Mc Say, Herbert Woodruff, all of Buffalo, Montana. 6-26-7-24. C. Register. 1 1 4 4 , - ADO .. .M.nommounnomy_ 1111, _ t e niese , v- . \' • ' •roe\ I 1 I ; I L 110 yr -4 • A 4 1 ' \Where the Fighting Trout Leap High\ Glacier National Park -You fishermen who like to watch the trout walk around on his -tail on top of the water and beat him at his own game — the many rivers, lakes and streams in Glacier , National Park offer you an abundance of sport—some of the finest Hirer and lake trout fishing here that can be found anywhere in the United States. You don't know what real fishing is until you have fished the waters of this wonderful region. NEW GLACIER PARK. HOTEL A magnificent new hotel has been erected at Glacier Park Station, the eastern gateway, opened for the first time to the traveling public on d j a u t n io e ns 1 . 5th. A chain of Swiss Chalets, throughout the Park, oper- ated in connection with this modern hotel, affords excellent accommo- . Low 'Round Trip Fares Every Day until September 30 to Belton and Glacier Park Station; Mont., gateways to the Park. All fishingpoints can be reached from these gateways. Write for information and booklets giving experiences of fishermen who have fished this region Any Great Northern representative will be glad to furnish you with information. .1. T. &GANNET, Asst. Gal Frt. and Inn. Agent, HELENA, MONTANA Anii•t•ico. F . ; GREA T N I RI 1. it nr/I • A DISCOVERY IN DENTRIFRICE Preserves, clean - Polishes and Whitens the Teeth Prevents Decay, Tartar and Acid Mouth 'Heals and Hardens the Gums Healthful Contains Nothing Harmful Leaves a Clean Taste) No Grit Makes Fillings Last ' Geireesmi roan the toed sad Dees Ats.. Auks 30.1506 Serial Ks 5057k PREVENTS DECAY MFRD. BY CA PITA L. HYGIENIC MFG.CO. PRICE 25 CENTS, 'Pronounced the Best By All Wk. - Have Used It: From your dealer, or direct from Capital Hygienic Manufacturing Co.. Washington, D. C., for 25 Cents, NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Iaerier U. S. Land Office et Lewistown, Montana, June 20, 1913 -Notice is hereby given that JOHN GUOTAIL, of Buffalo, Fergts County, Mont, who on. April 26, 1912 made homestead entry No 017267 for NEW 5min 1 / 4 Sec - Con 13, Tcrwnithip 12, N, Range 14 EL !Mont. Meridian, has flied notice of in. tention to Make Final Three Year Proof as a discharged soldier of man 1862 to estabildth claim to the tend above described, befcce W. H. Peck, U. S. Coanmissioner, at Gar - coin, Mont., on the 26th day of July, 1913. Claimant names as withesses: James Long, . Aiwa W. Dennis, Theron McSay, John Stempfle, all of Buffalo, Montana. 646-7-24. C. JO, MOKOIN. Register.' PICNIC CONCESSIONS. Concessions will be let Saturday July 5th for serving lunches, refresh - infants, furnishing music, amusements, ute, ebe., at the Annual Farmers' pie - 'ale to be held July 18th at Experi- ment Station, 'near Mocoasin, No fakes; no ecolusive privileges; pub . loot to 93w:cation. Certified check meet accompany bid. The right to ',lent bids reserved. Addrease- S. ge. PETTERSONa Secretary, Moore. Montana. \Concession Bid.\ It you hove onythkts In Your borne You vitah to lea or orehange, try am , ed ID The Weed Ilhaolme—the Paper that tomato the oapplA' as, isow.11 If You Wish To Sell roar FARM I f At Reasonable Prices and Terms LIST IT WITH US! WE HAVE A NUMBER OF LAND - SEEKERS COMING TO , ° MOORE FROM THE EAST AND WE WANT MORE GOOD FARMS TO SHOW SEND YOUR DESCRIPTION, PRICE AND TERMS—OR CALL AT THE OFFICE AND GIVE US THE IN- FORMATION. : P ' , f Eir PETERSON FARM LANDO, F R , , M LOAN e, FIRE Mad HAIL INSURANCE Clary Bldg. Moore, Mont. • -

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 26 June 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.